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My Week According to Me, 9/16/11

As sure as a Republican candidate saying something stupid during a nationwide debate, summer changes to fall, and I just took out out a sweater stored in the back of my closet.  I am currently in New York until — I think — November 1st, when — I think — I will return to Los Angeles.  Maybe.  It depends on work.  And money.

As a quick recap, just in case you missed a few episodes of the soap opera,  Sophia and I filed for divorce.  There are still some loose ends to figure out, like moving out of the house, and joint auto and medical insurance.   Maybe California is smart to have a six month waiting period before it is all final because it takes six months just to unravel the ties that bind.  Sophia and I are on good terms, except for the times that we discuss subjects like moving out of the house, and joint auto and medical insurance.   For now, it is healthier that we are 3000 miles away from each other.

On Monday, I attended my once-yearly game of the New York Mets with my friend Rob.  The Mets lost, even though they played the Washington Nationals, a team that is worse than the Mets.

But it was fun to just sit in a half-empty stadium, drinking overpriced beer and eating hot dogs, watching a game where the only importance was to see who which team was going to be eliminated from the pennant race first.

It was Taiwanese Heritage Night at Citifield.   Fans came waving Taiwan’s flag, director Ang Lee threw out the first pitch, and a terrible Taiwanese rock band performed during the seventh inning stretch.

I was proud to see another new immigrant group disappointed by the New York team that is not the Yankees.  Bring your huddled masses to our shores, oh Miss Liberty, where the Jews, the Italians, the Greeks, the Germans, the Cubans, the Taiwanese, can all have Heritage Nights at Citifield and watch a crappy baseball team lose another game.

I love this old Pepsi sign at Citifield.

When I posted it on Twitter, I was immediately followed by @pepsico.   Today, as I was walking in the Village, I noticed this:

I think I might also send this to @pepsico on Twitter, so we become buddies.  Don’t tell me that I don’t have any kickass networking skills?  If I keep up this pandering, I might be a Pepsi Blogger Ambassador any day, annoying you with Pepsi tweets all day.   Note:  please don’t tell @pepsico that I still ask for a “Coke” at ALL fast food joints, forcing the cashier to say for the 100th time that day, “We only have Pepsi,” with my inevitable reply being, “OK, fine. Pepsi. Whatever.”

On Tuesday, I met an old friend visiting from Montreal, and we ended up making out in a parked car at a Holiday Inn near JFK.   It was an eye-opening experience, since I had never made out in a car before, not owning one until I moved to Los Angeles and bought an old Toyota Corona.   Alas, things are too complicated.   Life is complicated.

One friend told me that I should wait six months before dating.  Another said to have as much sex as possible as soon as possible.  Can I compromise and go for three months waiting period with just a little sex?

On Wednesday, I met Marinka at her favorite bar/restaurant in the village.  While she insists that she loves this restaurant because the food is good, I have a feeling she is fond of it because they refill her wine glass with her having to ask.  We were joined by the delightful Margaret from Nanny Goat in Panties, who regaled us with stories of her glamorous life now that she is officially CBS Sacramento’s Most Valuable Blogger of 2011!

You also might notice that after a two and half year hiatus, I have reemployed my Blog Crush of the Day into action.  You can see it both on my sidebar and my links page.

My intention is simple:  to remind myself about all the special people in blogosphere, and how they have enhanced my life through their writing, friendship, or kindness.

My first three “Blog Crushes” are Schmutzie, V-Grrrl, and Slouchy.


  1. Diana

    I really like this weekly update format, Neil. I think you should do it every Friday.

  2. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Aw shucks, Sugar Cake. You made my day. XO

  3. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    P.S. That guy in the blue t-shirt is following you. Pepsi doesn’t just follow you on Twitter, they follow you in real life too!

  4. Bon

    i like that Pepsi shirt. it feels comfortingly old and familar.

    i liked this post, too…maybe for the same reasons.

    yet i wonder – given all that’s going on in your life – how many posts were started that will never see the light of day? and what they said?

    take care, you. and yes, i give you permission. three months. a little sex. go.

  5. Heather

    You could always ask for a cola. That way you’re not favoring one brand over another. The real bonus is the look of confusion on their face when you ask for it. People forget that Pepsi was Pepsi-cola and Coke was Coca-cola. Cola = not clear or rootbeer.

  6. slouchy

    i, too, am fond of this post. you reveal yourself so honestly, in multiple ways. i like that in a blogger. in fact, it’s what i look for in a blogger.

    and gee! thank you!

  7. Megan

    Love that your Blog Crush is back. You have excellent taste in blogs. I also like the weekly recap since we don’t “talk” much anymore. 🙁

  8. Varda (SquashedMom)

    Hey I was at a Mets game too last week, on Saturday the 10th when they went down like dogs before the mighty Cubs. Yeah, the Cubs, another sucky team. There was a brief rally in the 8th but then disaster. After the game my husband reflected on the “truly lackluster and disinterested fielding” that had been going on that day.

    But our boys? They were in heaven. Jake had been begging to go to a Mets game for more than a month. We let them sugar themselves up but good. Since the tickets were ridiculously cheap (2nd to last row up in heaven, purchased on StubHub for well below face value) we didn’t feel too bad about the insanely over priced food and drink.

    And? It was “bring your dog day” which explained why there had been so many doggies sporting Mets jerseys and blue & orange hair bows on the train ride out (we’d been puzzled).

    Also? I love the weekly re-cap, makes me feel like I sat down for a drink with you…. speaking of which, now that the kiddos are in school, next time you find yourself in Manhattan on a weekday with some time to kill, give me a buzz/tweet/text and we can meet for coffee.

  9. Marinka

    I was happy to see you, even though you’re not CBS’s Most Influential Blogger.

  10. Shona

    I am glad the Blog crush is back, no reason why I will not get back here.

  11. flutter

    your first three crushes? Excellent choices

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