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Back Next Week

Why haven’t I been writing on this blog?

I can give you the professional answer.  I am busy with work.

I can give you the artistic answer. I have been focusing my energies on taking photographs for Instagram rather than writing online.

Or I can give you the real reason.  I am scared.  I promised myself to fly to Los Angeles by July and make some big decisions on a number of topics.  And I just don’t feel in a safe place in the blogging world at this moment to explore this with you.  Because I don’t think you like to read about people being scared.

Give me another week.  Maybe I’ll start small.  For now, I’m just going to work on a script while playing with these Instagram photos for a little bit longer.  It amuses me, despite the fact that I am the laziest photographer to ever hold an iPhone.  Out of the 159 photos that I have published in the last two weeks, 98% of them have either been taken in a three block radius from 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, a two block radius from my apartment building in Queens, or a twenty foot radius from my kitchen.

Like I said, I said small.


  1. Ann

    Scared is good b/c it means you’re venturing out of your three block comfort zone. Good luck, Neil!

    • Neil

      Going to go four blocks today.

  2. All Adither

    You underestimate us. We want to read about it.

  3. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Anyone willing to get on a Sky Express bus in Chinatown has already shown tremendous courage and taken his life into his own hands! You’re braver than you think.

    • Neil

      When I saw that on TV, I immediately thought about you. I’m sticking with Amtrak.

      • V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

        It was front page news here, with two full pages inside the newspaper devoted to the story as well. Many of those injured in that bus crash were taken to my local hospital, and, as you know, the driver was from Flushing.

  4. Irish Gumbo

    Ann, All and V-Grrrl said it all., so, yeah!

  5. The Honourable Husband

    I agree with you, Neil. Writing can help you work out many things. But so can talking, in private, with those close to you.

    Writers trick themselves, I suspect. If a thought earns an audience of a million readers, one might think that it’s twice as profound as the thought which earns an audience of a mere half-million.

    But the most precious things we can write or say, have an audience of one. A demanding audience, which deserves words just as much of your heart and soul and sweat as a vast public does. Perhaps moreso. Much moreso.

    I don’t want to spook you with the word “closure” again. But fix what you must. Your online pals wish you only the best, even if it hurts.

    And BTW, “busy with work” soulds like an awfully good thing to be.

  6. Jane Gassner

    The examined life must be examined in detail, which can’t be done with the whole world (or a part of it) shouting, “tell me.”

  7. sizzle

    I am the queen of being sad. Why not be the king?

    I think you have a great photographic eye. Who cares if they are in a 2 block radius? They could all be from the comfort of your home and if they are good, that’s what matters.

    Hang in there. I know things are rough.

    • Neil

      I don’t find you the queen of sad. I find you the queen of neurotic. Be proud!

  8. Tracy

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos this week, & many thanks for the likes on my photos, as well 🙂

    Even though I was born in raised in Alaska, & was surrounded by awe inspiring mountains & glaciers, I am equally intrigued & enthralled by city photos. Or, any photo that gives an insight into someone else’s world, and more importantly, their perpective on it. One can learn much by another’s Instagram feed, no?

    Wishing you well in your sorting-things-out endeavors. I am in the midst of my own bout of life altering decisions & chamges, & one day I hope I feel free to write about them as well.

    • Neil

      I think that is the power of photos. It makes everything — big city, small towns, rural communities — seem interesting. Even if we would never want to live there, we can see the visual beauty in the shot.

  9. Susannah

    I have been thoroughly enjoying your photos. They let me see life that I don’t normally get to see, living in the Amish Country. Keep ’em coming.

    On another note, maybe they’re a good distraction.

  10. Angella

    I, for one, have been loving your photos. You have a really great eye, Neil.

  11. wench

    brother, no fear is small.
    once you’ve recognized it’s there you will never feel safe until you have dealt with it because it will LURK in your back brain waiting for a chance to pounce.
    that’s what fear does.
    we would love to help you beat the crap out of it.

  12. LongStoryLonger

    Hi Neil – I wanted to say that I know I’m quite strange, but all I really want to read about is people being scared. It’s probably turning 40, but I think life is too short to not talk about it. (Ok, fine, I’ve been like this since I was about 6.) Anyway, take some time, focus on anything you want, let things settle in your heart and mind. I think you’re really great and you’re going to figure this shit out.

  13. Chrisy

    I hope you work everything out. You’re brave and smart, and the photos you’ve been taking are great. I’ve enjoyed them.

  14. Stacey

    I like to read about anything I can connect to. Who can’t connect to a post about feeling scared?

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