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“Make Your Own Super Bowl Commercial” Day


  1. Sandi

    I love it! You crack me up!

  2. Suebob

    Ya big goof!

  3. Angela

    If I had three million dollars, I would pay to put this up during the Super Bowl. Nice work, Neil.

  4. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    This is really going to spike readership. Way to monetize your blog, baby!

    (P.S. Be prepared for an angry backlash from Green BAY Packers fans.)

  5. Jenn

    Your accent SLAYS me. And: “Green Packers.” Sounds like the lowest paid employees at Wild Oats Co-op.

    • GrandeMocha

      “Green Packers.” Funny and it annoyed my husband who was watching the game. Two thumbs up!

  6. Danny

    Love it! But again with the open kitchen cabinets? Your mother is going to ban your video camera from the house!

    • Pearl

      Danny, the first thing I noticed too…again! I assumed Elaine is still in Florida, so Neil hasn’t closed the cupboard doors — yet! (also noticed the can of Canada Dry in the background)

  7. Jennifer

    What, no nip slip? 🙂

    Loved this.

  8. Erika

    awesome! it’s nice to see and hear you. you have quite the accent. lol

    • Neil

      What accent?

  9. 3b1m

    Go Daddy is shaking in their boots!

  10. Lauren

    Um, I think I just fell in love.

  11. denise

    Love it Neil!

  12. Alison

    I loved it so much I saved it in my Google Reader and I watched it again. 🙂

  13. unmitigated me

    I feel like the poor schmuck who didn’t watch the game, and only got to hear about the great stuff from everyone the next morning. Yours and the Detroit/Chrysler 200 commercial are my favorites. Mostly yours, though.

  14. Chris

    Was there some kind of game yesterday? It’s always fun seeing/hearing bloggers and tweeters!

  15. Megan

    I loved that you had to look at your notes to remember the Packers and still said it wrong.

    Perhaps we should bestow an honorary vagina on you, a la Avitable.

  16. Slow Panic

    I heart this.

  17. Missives From Suburbia

    I think everyone has to cut you slack on that Green Packers thing. After all, it’s just one word. Christina Aguilera screwed up an entire line of the national anthem! AND you weren’t wearing a matronly business suit. Bonus.

  18. subWOW

    Ok, the moment you had to look at your cheat sheet to remember WHO was playing against the Steelers. Very funny bit. I am sure you wrote that bit in for maximum comic effect. Well played. 😉

  19. Jane Gassner

    I’m still laughing.

  20. Quadelle

    Neil, you are the best kind of dag. Thanks for making me laugh, even though that made me cough. 🙂

  21. Deer Baby

    Loved the barely suppressed laughter in your voice and the way you had to glance down at your notes. Maybe Christina Aguilera should have had notes so she remembered the words.

  22. Amanda Hoving

    I would buy whatever you are selling. Anytime. Anyplace.

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