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Cheeseburgers in Hospitals

Thanks to everyone who inquired or sent messages and prayers about my in-laws being in the hospital at the same time. It was a very odd and tiring experience. They are both home now. That doesn’t mean that health rules the day for them, just that they aren’t at the hospital.

My FIL is still being attended by a live-in aide.

If you’ve been on Twitter during the last few weeks, you might have heard me praising the cheeseburgers at the Cedars-Sinai cafeteria, recommending that locals even go there for the culinary experience.

I just received my lab results for my yearly check-up. My cholesterol is high DESPITE already taking cholesterol medication. Hmmm… how did that happen?

I better get start controlling my stress better. Now that I know what hospitals are like, I never want to spend time there as a patient.


  1. schmutzie

    Hospitals are terrible. They are not built for anything aside from the basic physical aspect of health and then counteract that by depressing the mind and spirit. Yuck.

    I’m so glad that everyone is at home now.

    Now get your cholesterol down!

  2. Heather

    Take care of yourself, Neil.

    And the prayers will continue…always.

  3. Danny

    Ick. But try the Katharine Hepburn cheeseburger at the restaurant on the Plaza Level. Not bad. Except they spell Katharine wrong on the menu and a Jewish hospital has no business serving cheeseburgers to begin with. Just sayin. Hoping things are settling down and that the in-laws are doing well.

  4. Gwen

    This is so totally unrelated to your plight, it’s exactly the kind of comment a narcissist should leave: the beef over here tastes …. weird (to be kind). And I don’t even like cheeseburgers. But that picture has ignited all sorts of terrible cravings.


  5. Becky

    I just heard this song last night. Musta been thinking about you. 😉

  6. Emily

    Just catching up. Wow. You’ve had a hell of a time.

  7. teahouseblossom

    Great, thanks for making that old song stick in my head!

    I read somewhere that Jimmy Buffet is one of the wealthiest musicians around. It’s because he gets all of those royalties from songs like this and Margaritaville..and he’s also written something like 10 books.

  8. Meredith

    I’m right there with ya with the in-laws. Hang in there.

    When my nephew was in kindergarten he took one of his toy instruments to show-and-tell and sang the entire Cheeseburger In Paradise for the class. The teacher got a good laugh

  9. Karl

    My most recent cholesterol came back as 106. I haven’t had numbers below 200 since I was, I don’t know, in my 20’s? Not sure what I did. Maybe all this taking care of myself is finally working?

  10. Slow Panic

    i’m glad they are back home. it’s exhausting when a family member is in the hospital.

    take care of yourself.

  11. Quadelle

    I hope things improve. As for looking after yourself, I’d agree wholeheartedly. Easier said than done, but you can totally do it.

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  13. C...

    Try the Belly Fat Cure diet – my co-worker lost 50 pounds and reduced his blood pressure. He’s barely going to be 30 so he was stressing too much at work and had really bad eating habits.

  14. Annie

    So sorry for all the health troubles for the in laws. Take care of yourself Neil. xoxo

  15. Blaiser

    Brother Neil — do you own a bike? We could do some laps in the park when your back on the Right Coast.

  16. Blaiser

    Ack Ack Ack!!!! you’re you’re you’re….. not your.

    I cannot bileve eye just did thet.

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