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Car Stolen

Santa Fe
gone away
to East L.A.
where Jose
will chop away
and ship next day
to Monterrey.

What can I say?
You’re on your way
to those who pay
for parts Hyundai.

I hope and pray
You’ll be OK
Good-bye Hyundai
my Santa Fe!


Two nights ago, Sophia called me from Los Angeles.  Someone broke into our cars in our driveway and ransacked them.  She called the police, who said there was little they could do.  Our insurance card and checkbook were stolen, but we decided that this theft wasn’t the end of the world, even though Sophia felt a bit shaken, especially now that she is living alone.  We figured the matter was closed.  Last night, they returned, broke into our Hyundai SUV, disabled the alarm, and stole the car.  Sophia called the police again, who told her not to be hopeful about seeing the car again.


  1. Natalie

    LOVE the poem! LOVE!

    Oh that’s such a fear of mine because I have a “hot” car too — a Corolla.

  2. deb

    okay, first of all, love the poet in you.

    second (of all), trust me, you don’t want the car back. we actually had two cars stolen at once from in front of our house and they were eventually recovered, but were never the same.

    third, you need to get sophia a dog. or a gun. or both. you probably wouldn’t go for the gun, so maybe just the dog.

  3. jonb

    We’ve had our cars broken into..I can’t tell you how many times in our neighborhood. We also had a car stolen (2002 VW Jetta wagon) from in front of our house a few of years ago.

    To be honest, I’d rather them just take the car than break in and know they touched all of our stuff and leave. The most frustrating part about any break in, is not remembering which cds were in there at the time.

    Good luck with the Sante Fe.

  4. Heather

    Ugh, that’s infuriating. Sorry to hear you have to worry from a distance–sounds very disconcerting.

  5. V-Grrrl

    I didn’t even know you had more than one car. Where is the Prius?

  6. Linda

    Jesus! They came back??! That is scary! I recommend a dog, small, yappy one.

  7. Mad Madge

    Love the poem. So sorry about the theft and the cars. It’s a horrible feeling…

  8. Neil

    V-grrrl – We though it was important, as a show of solidarity, to own both a Prius AND a gas guzzling SUV!

  9. Loralee

    People can be monstrously shitty.

    I am so sorry, Neil. I am sure you are worried about her out there by herself when something like this happens.

    I hope that they stay the eff away and leave her alone.

  10. Neil

    Loralee – We live in a reasonably safe neighborhood, but in the last year there has been a sharp rise in break-ins and car thefts. I think the bad economy is having a domino effect, sadly.

  11. Momo Fali

    Sounds like it’s time to get a really big guard dog. At the very least, it draws attention to trouble. My dogs don’t let anyone get within 50 yards of my house without throwing a complete fit.

  12. sarah

    I agree w/ Loralee’s assessment that people can be “monstrously shitty”. I’m sorry that happened, Neil. it’s so disconcerting and violating.

    but your poem is awesome. 🙂

  13. Jill

    Oh Neil, I’m so sorry! My parents’ car was stolen when my kids and I were visiting them this Spring and we were all shaken! It’s horrible to be violated in that manner, and you never realize how jarring it can be until it happens to you or someone close to you.

  14. melanie

    I blame the economy too… its an ego crushing reality when you can’t even make enough money to feed your family so you take from others suffering the same situation.

    Some people have very little self esteem. To lower yourself, to make life difficult for someone else in order to get what you think you deserve, thats just pathetic.

    sorry about the nuisance. maybe their karma will attack them sooner than later.

    nice poetry!

  15. Ellen B.

    Oh! So sorry for both of you. It’s a terrible feeling. I suggest getting an old, gas guzzling American car that nobody would ever want to steal. Never wash it and never leave anything of value in it.

  16. kristin

    oh, that is so sucky!

  17. Annie

    Oh my! That is awful. If I lived in LA I would follow Ellen B’s advice. xoxo

  18. Chris

    I’m sorry. It’s very unsettling that they returned. I feel badly for Sophia. I would feel shaken too.

  19. carma

    Sounds like the cops are really on the case – not! Sorry to hear about this. What a headache 🙁

    Do you remember those old SNL mock commercials about “the Chameleon” – I’d start looking for one of those about now 😀

  20. Long Story Longer

    That sucks ass, Neil. I’m sincerely sorry 🙁

  21. Jack

    That sucks. I highly recommend a dog. They really help.

  22. Finn

    Your insurance card and checkbook were in the car?! Oh Neil… Never again, OK?

    I’m sorry; I know how sucky this is.

  23. sizzle

    Well fuck. That totally blows.

  24. Twenty Four At Heart

    I live in a GATED community in the OC and we had one car broken into … it was locked on the driveway. The police did nothing. Sorry this happened to Sophia/you. : (

  25. kenju

    Love the poem; hate that the car was stolen.

  26. Jett

    It’s hard to be so far away from somebody you care about when things like this happen.

    I’m sorry that you guys have been encroached upon and I’ll be praying about peace for the both of you.

    (I am wildly unreasonable in times such as these and would be greatly tempted to put up a sign on the lawn: “I HAVE A GUN NOW, SHITBAGS.”)

  27. Swerve

    Some people have got too much balls, the cops suck and the poem was awesome!

    Next time knee cap them!

  28. MommaSunshine

    Ah Geez, Neil, that truly sucks. At least you were able to express your misery with your poetic genius…

  29. better safe than sorry

    i am so sorry this has happened and that the police have basically offered no help or hope. sadly, there really is no such thing as a safe neighborhood. does she have an outside light on overnight, sometimes that does help.

  30. Alissa

    Oh Neil, that’s horrible. I’m so sorry.

  31. churlita

    That sucks. I remember when we went on our road trip to California, I had to keep reminding my girls to lock the car doors. We never do here in Iowa.

  32. lettergirl

    I’m sorry, Neil. We had the house broken into about a year ago, I am still jumpy when I hear sounds I don’t recognize right away.

  33. caron

    My scooter was stolen last summer on my birthday. Sometimes I still expect it to be in it’s parking spot when I leave the house.

    Nothing feels quite like that kind of fear. Strength to Sophia.

  34. 3boys1mommy

    So sorry Neil, that sucks!

    May I recommend your next car be a minivan, nobody steals a stupid minivan.

  35. Diana

    They stole my car, I guess this morning. I am so hurt, was supposed to take my son to school, drive to work for an important weekend. My Toyota Camry, a 2000, RIP. It was not in good condition physically, but I liked it, and to top it off, my birthday is tomorrow.

  36. Michael

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