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Very Vague Dispatch from L.A. – #5

Welcome to the Hotel California.


  1. 3boys1mommy

    AWESOME! The performance… that the you’re in a hotel part.

  2. 3boys1mommy

    Let’s try that again…

    AWESOME! The performance… not the you’re in a hotel part.

  3. better safe than sorry

    maybe you’ll meet that rebound woman there.

  4. Nancy

    “this could be heaven, this could be hell”

    (sending good vibes your way Neil)

  5. lucy

    Was this a one-way ticket?

  6. Laura

    Love the video…maybe he should move to the lobby.

  7. plain jane

    You’re breaking my heart–so melancholy.

  8. stacy elaine

    i turn my head for one minute and your living in nyc! goodness. hope all is well.

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