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Buy Handmade This Holiday Season!

Long-Time Blogger Friend/ Sexy Poster Girl Saucy Britches, Photo by Peek Photo

The Second Annual Blogger Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair will be held on Saturday, November 22, 2008.

I love that so many of you are creative and talented people who can MAKE THINGS.  I suck at it.  One day, if I can ever find it in my closet, I will show the wooden “duck” note-holder that I made in woodshop in the seventh grade.  One afternoon in class, while sanding it down, I accidentally shaved off the duck’s head, leaving only the clothespin as “the beak” attached to a misshapen body.  After it was shellacked (poorly), it should have won an award as the ugliest object ever produced by a human being.  I think I gave it to my mother as a mother’s day gift.  Going to woodshop was like a prison sentence to me.

But you — you have talent!

Last year, right before the annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert, I took the Homemade Pledge and decided to honor those of you who make cool stuff with a special First Annual Blogger Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair.  It was a lot of fun.

The Second Annual Blogger Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair will be held on Saturday, November 22, 2008.

Any blogger who wants to sell his wares on that day’s is welcome to submit.  It can be your painting, jewelry, knitting, or photography, or whatever.  All you have to do is email me a JPG of ONE SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK, and a LINK to your Etsy account or webpage where you sell your work.  It is up to you to set up your own prices and sales.  I am just the showman, who dazzles the customers with lights and music, like a 21st Century Pink Floyd, while you convince them to buy the over-priced concert t-shirt.

Buy Handmade this Holiday Season.

(coming next week — information about the Third Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert)


  1. Mama Ginger Tree

    I have zero crafty talent. Zero. I make some unbelievable holiday spiced nuts though. People are always begging me for the secret recipe.

    I look forward to seeing other’s stuff though. And the concert may just be the highlight of my holiday season.

  2. Nancy

    Awesome idea, I’ll be sure to check back and “support” fellow bloggers.

    Cuz mah skillz aren’t for sale [wink], I be a looker and buyer =)

  3. sassy

    This is so fun ! Anyone want to buy a half-finished painting? (I don’t think I’d have any finished for the 22nd and I’ve actually already given away everything that I’ve completed up until this point. Hmm… maybe I can try… which may invilve calling in sick this week !

  4. Neil

    Mama Ginger Tree – although that does give me an idea for next year — the ultimate virtual Holiday spiced nuts recipe cookoff!

  5. Fancy

    I plan on giving photo calendars away to my friends and family featuring my mad photography skillz, but I seriously doubt any one would spend good money on them!

  6. Annie

    Neil, you are so sweet to do this for us. Blessings on your head :-). Do we send this info now or the day of or day before the event?

  7. Neil

    Annie — the day before is fine…

  8. Joy aka goddessjoy

    Thanks for this info! Handmade rocks 🙂

  9. Heather

    It is so wonderful for you to be supporting us hardworking crafters. It is such and incredible joy to create something you love and that other people love too. Although I believe everyone who creates is an artist. Whether it be with a product, design, food or words. Taking things and putting them together to make something better is so rewarding.

  10. Heather

    ..and Happy Holidays

  11. Winter

    I’ll send you a graphic of two shirts I’m selling at Cafepress, one shirt was inspired by Snackiepoo and the other is one I gave to Secondhand Karl for his birthday!

  12. Dana

    I will definitely check back and have a looksee, but due to my ambitious Christmas kitting for family, I doubt I’ll be able to submit this year. Stupid ambition!

  13. PiratePixieCrew

    YAY! Handmade rocks my socks!

    I hand make Pirate Pixie Crew goodies for people to buy, be they young or old. If you have an imagination and want to come and Join the crew, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

  14. Brandi

    What a cool idea! I it isn’t too late to submit!

  15. BackwoodsCreations

    Sorry I missed the fair. Guess I will have to mark my calender for next year.

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