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“Free” Round-Trip Flight From Dockers

… or why I probably won’t make BlogHer this year.

I wrote a long, creative piece to tell this story, but sometimes I think it is best to just write things in a boring, just-the-facts manner.  So, here it goes:

A year ago, Sophia read about this Father’s Day promotion online:

“Buy $125 dollars worth of Dockers pants from JCPenney and receive a “free round-trip ticket within the U.S.”

So, off we went to JCPenney, where I spent two hour trying on different Dockers pants, each time parading in front of Sophia like a male runway model, waiting for her sign of approval.  Did it fit in the back?  Was it the right color?  Finally, we made our choices, mailed in our reciepts, and received the official brochure in the mail.

 From the brochure sent to me by

TLC Marketing
c/o Dockers/JCPenney
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109

“This complimentary round-trip airfare allows you to visit one of these ten exciting cities:  Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando, or Dallas.  Name your destination; we just named your price:  FREE.”

The promotion had some odd stipulations.  You had to choose —

“Different first, second, and third choice destinations.”

“Different first, second, and third choice date preferences for both outbound and return travel.”

“That’s weird,” I thought.  “This free ticket is not very useful if you really need to get somewhere important, like for business.  It’s a bit of a crap shoot.”

I decided to try to use it to go to BlogHer in San Francisco this year.  I joked with some of you that I might end up in Chicago or Dallas during BlogHer, but I was fairly confident that I would get tickets to San Francisco.  After all, there are dozens of flights from the New York area to San Francisco/Oakland.  Surely, there was room in one of them during the days I gave them, even if I had to do a stop-over.

The brochure gave further instructions:

“A Representative from TLC Marketing will contact you within 14 days of receipt to book and confirm travel itinerary.”

A few weeks ago, I received two automated voice messages.  One said that my completed form was in order and to expect a call.  The next offered me other options besides the free ticket.  I could receive a $125 rebate or $150 in “restaurant coupons.”  It was a bad deal.  Coupons to what — Olive Garden?  I took the flight.   Still, a red light went on in my head.  It was sneaky of them, because in the brochure they clearly write:

“TLC Marketing may substitute another reward of equal or greater value if promotional availability runs out.”

Free ticket to SF does not equal Olive Garden coupons.

Time passed.  It was now two weeks before BlogHer.  I called the TLC Marketing “Dockers Concierge” number to find out what was going on.  A few months ago, I had spoken to a woman in India at this number who helped me correctly fill out my form.  Now, there was no one to talk to.  All that was left was a message that participants would get a call by “July 3rd.”  It is now July 9th.  I already missed BlogHer registraion. 

I was as if the promotion has been taken off of TLC Marketing’s agenda. 

I googled this promotion online and quickly found out why.  This promotion was an ongoing PR mess for TLC Marketing.  There were already 500 complaints issued with the Better Business Bureau of Massachusetts against TLC Marketing and their company president, Walter Osterman.

There were problems from the get-go, even from those customers who received their flights.    Their free flights ended up costing them $90 in taxes and and processing fees, which might be considered legitimate if the airlines themselves didn’t charge $50 in taxes and fees.  Why were customers being charged this extra money?

Now, customers couldn’t  get flights.  Was the promotion defunct?  Why would Dockers offer a promotion that they can’t fulfill?   To get customers to buy $125 dollars of Dockers pants at a time? 

And who needs so many Dockers anyway?

I sent emails to Dockers (owned by the Levi Strauss co. of San Francisco) and JCPenney, but received useless automated responses.  I phoned them and received more run-arounds.  The customer service woman at Dockers said she would ‘present my information to upper management.”  The woman at JCPenney gave me some phone number in Florida to call.

“Who is this that I am calling?

“It is the number that can help you with this promotion?”

“And who is it?

“Just call them?

“Do they have a name? Is this someone at JC Penney.’

“I can JUST give you this number.”

I called the number and no one answered.

Both JC Penney and Docker seemed to point the finger at  TLC Marketing  I’ve seen this before – a corporation not taking responsibility because they chose to deal with a incompetent company.

The moral of this story is the same as the one about my cheap, useless, not-Vista compatible web-cam from a few days ago.

You get what you pay for. 

So, unless someone at Dockers or JCPenney reads this and is embarrassed by this post, I won’t be at BlogHer, even if I was mostly going just to flirt with girls at the parties.

I take responsibility for my dumb mistakes — of being cheap and trying to use a free ticket.  I wish some companies would take responsibility for their own stupid mistakes, like offering promotions with tons of restrictions, and then not keeping their part of the bargain. 

If I don’t make it to BlogHer, I blame myself AND —

DOCKERS  (R. John Anderson, CEO Levi Strauss)

JCPENNEY  (Myron E. (Mike) Ullman III CEO)

TLC MARKETING (Walter Osterman, President)

Hey, Consumerist — here are some links of others who are pissed at TLC Marketing, Dockers, and JCPenney.

Fat Wallet

Flyer Talk



  1. Whit

    Just one more reason I’ll never buy Dockers, or shop at JCPenny’s, or call that number.

  2. sizzle

    That sucks! And you are right, no one needs that many Dockers.

    I’m gonna miss you at BlogHer. Who will pinch my toosh?

  3. Finn

    I wish you’d told me about that… I could have told you it was bogus.

    I used to work for a company that did similiar promotions. We actually gave you the tickets, but you had to book the hotel through us.

  4. wendy

    Free ticket PLUS possibility of getting laid in SF…..seems a little too much like a wet dream to me.

    An educated guy like you should have known better!!!!

    BOOO! I just say BOO!

    PS… I keep several cloth bags in both cars to shop..and STILL forget them..

    and, sadly, I so shop ALMOST everyday….

  5. ingrid

    Yay you for standing up about this.

    I hope this post sees some results and that you will get to flirt with your bevy of beauties at BlogHer after all.

  6. Donna

    I dunno, Neil. SF isn’t that far from LA. You could drive. You could see if you can get in on a carpool. You could just go ahead and pay for a flight (tax deduction if you view your blog at all as a biz expense). You’ve already bought your registration and have a hotel res. The ex-therapy patient in me is thinking maybe you’re afraid to meet all those BlogHer women to flirt with and this is an excuse NOT to go.

  7. Amy [Taste Like Crazy]

    Dude! You’re running Vista?!

    That sucks that you’re not going to be at Blogher but I won’t be there either so you really won’t be missing that much. 😉

  8. Dagny

    I see stuff like that and think, “It sounds too good to be true.”

    Your presence will be missed in SF.

  9. Poppy

    At least you got some Dockers!

  10. anymommy

    How are those Dockers holding up? That sucks, truly. Myron and RJ ought to get together an buy you the ticket. I bet they can afford it.

  11. wil

    At least you got pants man.

    These promos are supposed to be difficult to redeem. The point of these offers is to have fewer redemption of the offer than products sold. While this one seems especially difficult it’s not unusual for airline related promos to be restrictive.

  12. Neil

    The restrictions I can live with. I followed everything by the book. They haven’t followed their own rules. I didn’t get called two weeks prior to the flight. I can’t get through to anyone. Why should I have to go through a million loopholes — or risk losing my free ticket — when they can change the rules whenever they want?

  13. Neil

    Donna — I’m afraid I screwed up all around. I never got registered or got hotels cause I was waiting for the phone call which never came… and I can’t seem to contact them and get any answers.

  14. Caitlinator

    Since I work in advertising law, you probably have a real lawsuit here, should you wish to pursue it. Probably a class-action suit, too, from the sounds of it. If you are really interested in pursuing it, I recommend registering a complaint with the DOT and FTC. Charging undisclosed fees on air travel is quite simply against DOT regulation, for one. False and misleading advertising goes against FTC regulations. Reading stories like this pisses me off, particularly when there are folks like me who spend hours upon hours making sure actual and legitimate promotions are run according to code. Sorry you’re going to miss BlogHer, but at the very least they should give you the money for the flight.

  15. kenju

    I hope that someone from each of those sites routinely googles themselves and sees your rant. They should be made to honor the offer and pay for the airline fees as well!

  16. chantel

    Neil, if things change and you get a flight call me. You can stay with me in North Beach which is super close to downtown. The air mattress is awesome and Dr. B won’t mind if you have sex in our living room.

  17. miguelina

    I say you come to Boston and picket their offices.

  18. schmutzie

    Boo. I hope you find a way to come.

  19. Neil

    If I don’t make it, I have one request. That someone bring a pair of men’s Dockers pants to one of the wild parties, and later that night, someone take the pants back to her hotel room with her.

    Or a group of bra-less woman burning a pair of dockers in effigy in front of the Levi Strauss Co. HQ in SF.

  20. melanie


    a lot of phone calls and aggravations for some lousy fitting pants. sorry.

  21. Neil

    Melanie — Actually, one of the khaki Dockers makes my ass look pretty good. I’ll give them that.

  22. Memarie Lane

    I’ve been boycotting JC Penney for years, but now I’ll never buy Dockers again! Of course I never have bought Dockers, but they’ll never get my business now for sure!

  23. Neil

    I also find it annoying that they are JCPenney and not JC Penney.

  24. Noelle

    But what are you going to do with all those unnecessary pants?

  25. Iron Fist

    On the plus side, now you can focus all your attention on this year’s BlogHim.

  26. Chag

    I bet you end up with 2 free trips soon.

  27. PMJG

    “The moral of this story is […] you get what you pay for.”

    Right. In this case, you paid $125. I’d be furious.

  28. Florencia

    But Neil, I was even gonna shave my legs for you!

  29. Poppy Buxom

    Damn! That sucks so much it’s positively succulent.

    But I’ll bet you’ll hear from JCPenney or Dockers or somebody. I heard from Stonyfield Farms the day after I blogged that eating their YoKids yogurt left me with my head in the toilet. They were all ready to send me a ton of coupons. Yet for some reason, I’ve lost my appetite for their fine cultured milk products (Now! With Live Cultures!)

    Still, I wouldn’t turn down a free plane ticket. Here’s hoping SOMEBODY grows some integrity and hands one over.

  30. Poppy Buxom

    Whoops! Sorry about all the bold. I’m not really that emphatic.

  31. 180/360

    Well, if you can hitch a ride to Vegas…

    BlogWhore ’08 is still on!

    You won’t need to buy any pants. Men and women are welcomed equally. And there will be at least 2 hot girls there for you to flirt with. 😉

  32. better safe than sorry

    i think there is one word that these big companies listen to, it’s boycott. hope somebody is reading.

  33. brenda

    I purchased the same dockers air fare promotion. I have followed all requirements and yes there are only pre-recorded messages. Ironically there is never a manager available from the Kohl’s same type of promotion and they stated the manager cannot take calls. The direct number for TLC is only voice mail. Caution – TLC MArketing in Boston MA – is it a real company or only misleading the consumers! Very disappointing for 2 large companies to be associated with and not stand behind in any way.
    Brenda – KC

  34. Neil

    Worse news. I just remember that we bought $250 worth of pants. Sophia got a ticket too. I have Dockers for the rest of my life.

  35. Robb

    As someone who works at a reputable and global ad agency, it angers me when anyone gets taken like this. I agree with Caitlinator and feel you should take some serious action. It is up to the agencies and clients involved to ensure that the customer is always treated with respect. If I found out someone on my team did something like this intentionally, I would fire them and anyone involved as well as potentially dropping the client… Something that we have actually done when we feel the client isn’t acting in the best interest of their consumers.

  36. Assertagirl

    Can you return the Dockers, at least? Did you keep the receipt? I mean, if they don’t come through and honour their promises.

  37. Sucker in Wisconsin

    I got duped, too, by this scandal! At least Visa credited my account–I had been promised an e-confirmation for my flight, which of course never arrived despite MY conversations with Menual as well. Also filed a report with Boston’s Better Business Bureau. I guess if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

  38. Bruce

    I think the scariest thing about this is the ability of Dockers and JC Penneys to not do anything about this issue and not have any real Public Relations and financial problems due to lack of assistance. Also TLC Marketing will not have any legal or financial liabilities also. People can complain on Internet message boards until they are blue in the face but nothing bad will happen.

    I have been reading a variety of message boards and blogs talking about the Dockers Free Flight issue and most people no matter how many letters they write, phone calls they make or complaints to the better business bureau they make, nothing will happen. The average person just seems so helpless now days unless they have deep pockets for an Attorney!

  39. Davis

    If anyone wants to try talking to the President of TLC (Mr. Walter Osterman), this is his direct dial number: 617 788-9696. His email is

    I am sure he would love to talk to the customers of the DOCKERS FREE FLIGHT PROMOTION

  40. Lauraine Danforth

    What a disappointment!! I mailed in completed form and was left a message that I would be receiving a phone call to confirm booking and to date there has been no response. This was going to be my Kid’s summer vacation……..this is unfair and definitely not right……maybe not legal either…

  41. Barbara

    I, too, got caught up in this “deal”, but have not yet given up. I just filed a complaint with the BBB and suggested them to send us the cash instead of the ticket.

    I wish both of us good luck in getting something back.

  42. Jason

    I finally got what is basically a form letter rejecting my request and stating that the promotion is over yesterday with no phone number to contact.

    So I went to the internet and have found a multitude of complaints. Now I’m trying to find the proper ways to register my complaint for both the flight and the sister promotion for 2 nights in a hotel.

    I will boycott all parties involved and tell others to do the same until this issue is resolved.

  43. Melissa

    I got my call today, and I am going to have to say that I will just take the money and get out with some sort of dignity, I just can’t see waiting for a flight that will never come! my hubby also bought the dockers and so we have about 250.00 coming back to us!

  44. Erin

    This was such a scam, and I am sorry to say that both my husband and myself fell into it.
    “the President of TLC (Mr. Walter
    Osterman), this is his direct dial number: 617 788-9696. His email is

  45. nancy

    If someone is looking for a legal action, we would be part of it. It is very upsetting and frustrating. Thanks for Mr. Osterman’s direct number.

  46. Jane

    A number of approaches may work:

    If anyone wants to try talking to the President of TLC (Mr. Walter Osterman), this is his direct dial number: 617 788-9696. His email is He is the President of the company who is running this program.

    I understand that others have got an attorney to write a letter to TLC and that got a phone call pretty fast.

    Other people who can get to Boston have sued via small claims court.

    I myself wrote JC Penney and Dockers a letter and eventually got a call from someone from Dockers who called TLC on my behalf. I eventually got a call from Lindsey at JC Penney Fulfillment Center Phone 866 578-7517 ext 62304 email:

    Give this a try

  47. Debby McLain

    Four people from my office responded to this promotion. All comments made previously are right on track with our experiences. However, one of my co-workers DID finally get a “free” flight that cost her $90, after her first request being for February 2008. Well, she got a “free” flight for February 2009 from Dallas to Las Vegas, BUT, they routed her through ATLANTA! Does this make sense? The dumb travel agent she spoke with couldn’t believe there was a problem since she only had a layover of one hour in Atlanta. Has she ever had a geography lesson? Does she have a map? (Yes, they had her flying 2 hours to the east coast to Atlanta, change planes, then 4 hours west to Las Vegas. Yes, these are really bright people we are dealing with!
    Does anyone know anything about the “dining certificates”? How stupid of them to not even mention “where” the certificates can be used. Probably only for Boston restaurants! I, too, have had it with this company. They have ruined 2 potential trips I was going to have this summer.

  48. robert

    I will talk to an attorney and check on a class action against the three parties. We had two vouchers and have had the same expirience as the rest of you– run around and no action.

  49. Cindy

    I am soooooooooo glad to read this and to know that I wasnt the only one with this EXACT same story. I did almost everything Neil did and got so frustrated along the way. I then concluded the same thing…”that’s what I get for trying to get a free ticket from buying only $125 worth of Dockers and thinking it was a real deal.” I cant believe this guys just wont fess up and admit they cant accommodate all the requests. Then none of would be sitting here hoping and wishing someone actually might call and book that FREE flight we REALLY want to take to get away from all the other stress in our lives.
    If there is any kind of legal action that can be taken, count me in as a member of the team to fight this.

  50. Ali

    Ok Everyone, THIS IS GOOD. I am so glad that we have someone with this blog to see how many people out there fell for this scam. I Just sent an email to Levi Strauss Co. and asked them to forward it their CEO and requested a reply back from him. Does anyone know how to find his email? I think everyone should get together and file a big law suit against Dockers. This is totally wrong and misuse of peoples trust.

  51. Mark

    Same deal here, but mine was for a Hotel Stay if you buy Dockers. They were supposed to call within 14 days of getting my requests, but I got no call and my three requested dates have now come and gone. And, the 800-number that initially offered help is just a recording now.
    TLC did a very poor job on this ‘campaign’ as they call them.
    I think a class action lawsuit is certainly in order.

  52. Chris Anderson

    I got the same scam!! Dockers and JC Penney need to make good on this crap!!

  53. Arcady

    Same thing is happening to me right now! I can’t get in touch with TLC at all, and the Dockers concierge number is useless (have called numerous times and they give no information whatsoever).

  54. wally

    I got same scam.
    I called Docker at 1-800-362-5377, hope you could do so. Let us give more pressure to them.
    Checking Boston BBB, you will find that TLC is rated “Unsatisfactoy” company. Here is the link:

  55. HSBC customer

    HSBC Bank (USA) also had simialar promotion through TLC Marketing in Boston, except the free round trip was internation. Other choices of free gift were a sony ultra-thin series Cyber Shot 8 MP 3X digi-zoom camera (which they switched to a inferior model on the redemption card), Bose headphone, or $150 HSBC Msatercard gift card. TLC made every effort to discourage eligible HSBC account holder to redeem the ticket successfully, by zero availability to some destinations, and by travelling on 9/11 to Frankfurt on Air India (no thanks!) They would not substitute unavailable roundtrip tickets for even $150 gift card. To me, it was a scam and TLC’s partner HSBC Bank has knowledge about the discouragement all the way… Dockers. On top of it, HSBC Bank’s promotional leaflet misled customers by phrasing wordings in such a way that made them to believe a free camera, Bose headphone, or $150 gift card to “accompany you on your adventures”, even its representative was selling the promotion in such manner!

  56. HSBC customer

    Let me know if and when you guys are filing a class action/lawsuit against TLC Marketing/JC Penny/Dockers, as there will be many HSBC customers throughout US (especially on the east coast) who may join you!!! Sorry for the typos in my last message!

  57. Jane

    Yes, please let us know about any class action lawsuit. We never heard back from TLC at all, despite our follow-up calls and e-mails. I have copies of the postmarked certified mail receipt showing I mailed the materials on 6/30/08, copies of the completed form I mailed, and a signed certified mail card showing TL’s 7/3/08 receipt of said materials. D’ya think I anticipated a there’d be a problem with the promotion?

  58. claire

    count me in, I was taken too. Would love to join a class action.

  59. Robert

    If anyone has the original JC Penney ad that had the promo, it would help in pursuing the class action case. I will check our local library for the ad. Thanks

  60. Charlotte

    I, too, have spent countless hours and energy on this Dockers promo. My family managed to spend over $600 on dockers clothing in hopes of this promo. I mailed letters last week in hope of some honest reply, at least. JCP and Dockers should make this offer good if TLC doesn’t (and that doesn’t look likely). Bummer

  61. Charlotte

    The original ad’s for the two Docker promo’s are still on the internet, just google the Docker Free flight and Docker Hotelbreak. Are you wanting the ad’s from the paper?

  62. Robert

    The ads on the internet I found were related to TLC. I would like the actual JCP ad insert from a newspaper. That is what my attorney has requested.

  63. Eugene

    I hate TLC Marketing! I can’t find anyway to get through to them. I’ve called Dockers 2 days ago at the number above and was told I would get a response. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but not for too long. Class action suit, I’m there.

  64. Donna Destadio

    I have called over and over also. I am now being told I will receive my $125 monetary reimbursement. I too did everything the instructions requested. I think they never thought they would have such a response. Ah come on now why would you not buy $125 Dockers to receive a free airline ticket. I am waiting to see if I get my money. My son is also waiting. Dockers was very nice when I called. Let’s see if this works. People are filing lawsuits? Good Luck let us know how it turns out.. Probably not worth the aggrevation…

  65. bobby

    I sent a letter to JC Penney and Levi Strauss

  66. Kentown

    Rip-off. They waited until may of 2008 to tell me the price of airfare had gone up so high it made the deal too expensive. Well, I filed the darn paperwork many months before the price of airline tickets soared. Looks like a bait & switch to me.

  67. Richard Cook

    I’m with the rest of you. It would be nice to see a lawsuit and some publicity. The word should get out to the public that Dockers has run this scam on more than one promotion and will probably run a new one with the holiday season coming up. TLC marketing was contracted to assist with the promotions by Dockers knowing full well what the outcome would be. Dockers should be publicly berated for its poor if not illegal marketing. If anyone knows of a lawsuit, please let me know. I will spend the time, energy and even some money to see this issue resolved to the consumers’ satisfaction.

  68. JoAnn Jobin

    I had the same experience. I finallly settled today for the cash out just because they didn’t honor the dates I’d requested to fly this past spring. It’s too hard for a working person to just take off anytime they want you to. Has anyone contact legal services about a class action suit?

  69. karen l majka

    I’m joining the club!! Told me they had a flight for me and my husband to Orlando with one stop and I needed to send $90.90 each for “taxes”. Went on Delta’s website where the tax was $42 each. Something is wrong with this picture! Sent e-mails last night but of course will not hear from anyone. Class Action Suit sounds real good to me!

  70. Judith Rickert

    We have just been told by Dockers that our check was in the mail….. If not received, I am very interested in a Class Action suit. Has anyone contacted the Attorney General?

  71. Lisa

    I made sure I followed all directions completely. I also called the concierge service to go over it with them before mailing for 2 (yes 2) flight vouchers. I mailed them by registered mail. I have been fighting this since July 2008. The last phone recorded message I received was on August 22 that they were still working on it. Please include me in any class action suit against this injustice. I have made copies of everything since the beginning. I also have the original entry form.

  72. Ann Marie

    Just received a call from someone from bcdtravel requesting dates for the flight….anyone else have this happen recently…and has anyone really received their flight confirmation>

  73. Maura S.

    I’m there! It’s time to get a class action started. I don’t know how, but please include me in any actions someone takes or tell me how to start and I’ll do it.

  74. Maura S.

    I originally printed off the information from the internet regarding the promotion, will that work instead of the original J.C. Penny ad?

  75. Janice

    Well my story is very much like yours. I still have my message on my cell phone from Kim who tells me to call 617-788-9634/ I have called this number 25 times and left 25 messages. It is a vm for Lisa Mckennon. I have never received a return call even though I did receive my paperwork stating all was in order. I feel my only option is to file a small claims suit. I think this is the only way to get their attention.

  76. Mary

    I have not had any luck getting my free airline ticket. I am going to start a class action suit! That should get their attention.

  77. Bonnie

    Dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s but haven’t received any call yet about arranging airfare. I called back once in the fall to ask if I could switch to the $125. cash choice and was told I had to take the flight which has never materialized.

  78. Debbie

    I like to be in on a class action suit they need to be never alow to do other promation

  79. Scott Simmons

    I too have, to this point, been “stiffed” by TLC Marketing. Many messages left on their voice mail system, no response.

    I cannot complain about JC Penny or Dockers, though. We made our purchases on the last day of the promotion, a Sunday. That weekend JCP was having a big weekend sale and since we went to the store just as it opened, we were able to take advantage of even deeper discounts. For the (just barely over) $250 that we spent, we probably got $400-500 (retail) worth of Dockers.

  80. Cheri

    Like all of you I am fed up with all the run around. Both my husband & I made the purchases as requested, sent in our certificates, even called and left the message when they got bombarded in the fall. Finally I did hear from and agent named Kent Coleman at Only problem was that he could never accomodate my travel requests, whether it was dates or places. RIDICULOUS!! Finally he said there was nothing further he could do and gave me a number to contact TLC Marketing 617-788-9600. Little be known to me that thismust be just a pooled number to unanswered messaged machines. My last contact with Kent was on Dec 22, 2008. I have left message after message since then, I’ve recorded my calls and have made a total of 26 calls. Little to say this is a long distance call, they should reimburse me for all those toll call charges. Finally I wrote an email today to Mr. Walter Osterman hoping to getting a reply. I will blog if anything happens of it, otherwise class action suit…where do I sign up?

  81. Ray

    For those of us who were scammed by Dockers, JC Penny and TLC we filed a class action lawsuit this past July 13, 2009 in Federal Court in Los Angeles.

  82. JUNE


  83. Mark Kulda

    My case goes back to summer 2008 and a promotion that JC Penney and Dockers were running for a free weekend hotel stay with breakfast. But this was being run (or better yet…mismanaged) by TLC Marketing which failed to fulfill their end of the deal.
    I bought the required clothes, sent in the required proof, got the marketing materials in the mail, sent back my list of cities, dates and hotels….but TLC never gave me my free weekend stay. I followed the letter of the agreement but they never followed through.
    I did complain to Levis/Dockers and while it took more than a year for them to respond….they finally did and gave me a refund for part of my clothes purchase. I got the check just last week and cashed it. So I finally got someting back almost two years later and not from TLC. Warning to consumers and business….don’t deal with TLC Marketing!!!

  84. JOHN


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