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Sunday Afternoon WTF Music Video Contest

The winner of this contest is the one who writes the best description of what the artists are trying to communicate in this music video.   

The winner wins nothing.



  1. Keyruh

    “We’re intergalactic worshippers of Lincoln! Free mah city of rock & roll!”

  2. Five Husbands

    Soaring harmonies and big hair render both zombies and golems harmless, as well as make skyscrapers secure for rooftop concerts.

  3. sizzle

    I think they are saying they like drugs.

    And thanks- cuz now this song will be stuck in my head for at least a week.

  4. Neil

    Holy crap — I saw this video today and found it funny. I didn’t realize that it was voted the worst song EVER!

  5. Nat

    Oh now I have to cleanse…. again!

    We need a “Not safe for human ears tag.”

  6. Memarie Lane

    I think I’ve got it. They’re alluding to the founding of our country, the philosophies of which (freedom of religion and speech and all that)were considered very radical (i.e. rock and roll) at the time. But since then we keep rolling farther and farther back,through soft rock and disco and Motown and so on until “we just lost the beat.” So basically they’re saying we need to vote for Ron Paul.

  7. natalie

    and once again i miss out because youtube is still banned in turkey. dadgum. i so wanted that prize!

  8. Shiny

    Wow — I have an answer in my head, but I can’t quite transcribe it right now as I’m knee deep in hoopla. So sorry…

    — S

  9. Neil

    Youtube is banned in Turkey?!

  10. Kathy

    Sizzle took my answer.

    Believe it or not, this was my 7th grade “theme song.” I have no idea why we felt we needed a theme song, and surprisingly we chose it ourselves, not an aging hippy teacher.

  11. scarlet hip

    Just say “NO”.

  12. Alison

    Geez, Neil, a little warning would have been nice! You know, like “Turn down the volume on the computer because this is the worst song ever, and you will be singing it in your head for the rest of the day or until you stick a skewer into your eardrum.”

    That said, I don’t know.

  13. Joe Crawford

    “We are a mediocre band, playing a mediocre song, and we are not ashamed.”

  14. AnnieH

    There is nothing good to be derived from watching TeleTubbies for young children. The initial background landscape is dead on TeleTubbies. Avert your eyes or behold your future. It’s very, very sad indeed.

  15. Dagny

    To take Sizzle’s comment a bit further, this is what happens when you take too many drugs in your youth. I do not think there are enough words for my extreme dislike of this song. *sigh* Remember when they were “Jefferson Airplane” and they were cool?

  16. Janet

    I think its a bad combo of patriotism and rebellion. I think they’re a little confused.

    This is fabulous. Now I need to blast Pandora for the next hour until the song leaves my brain.

  17. Nedra

    They’re clearly saying, “Once we were relevant and wrote songs that defined our generation. Now we’re desperately trying to prove we’re relevant. Look: We have big hair and made a music video! With highbrow references to Abraham Lincoln and the dangers of gambling. So there!”

  18. kristen

    I think they’re saying commerce, bad music and compulsive gambling have caused us to lose sight of what makes America great — electric guitars and wife-beater t-shirts.

  19. piglet

    nothing, they are trying to communicate nothing. i think this is a true example of what really goes into the art of writing songs.

  20. Jane

    I can’t watch it, Neillochka. I remember it too well, and it still pains me. How did Grace go from the poetry of Go Ask Alice to drivel like this?

    It scares me. One day, I might have to go back to ad copy and finding 1001 ways to say “new and improved.” Kill me now. And take this song with you.

  21. wendy

    I agree with the rebel/establishment spin.

    If Honest Abe lived now, what would he be hawking?How many millions/billions would he rake in on his auto biography..

    The Rat ack ruled vegas…and now it is disneyland..

    And the SF of Airplane has been replaced with a GAP on Haight/Ashbury…

    Rock all I can say..ROCK ON!

  22. TRO

    They are trying to communicate their hope for renewed relevance as musical artists?

  23. better safe than sorry

    it’s time for a bit of pat benatar and joan jett right about now.

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