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  1. Wow-sex sells lots of things, but cigarettes have a special place in the retinue. That guy in the Camel ad is a Mark Spitz look-alike.

    Print ads sure used to have a lot of copy.

  2. i’ve never been a smoker, don’t get it at all. is that camel dude tom selleck, cuz i thought he did a cig commerical back in my day?

  3. haha! “I’d never smoke a BORING cigarette!” So much awesomeness packed into one post.

  4. I like: Newport, Alive With Pleasure.
    You know, as opposed to dead with cancer.

  5. I did go through a brief phase, at age twenty or so, when I smoked Tiparillo-like cigars (this was in France, and I can’t recall the brand name. I was basically a Gauloises/Gitanes smoker. I quit years ago.)

    There is, of course, something highly sexual about the act of smoking (there’s got to be some scholarly stuff on that somewhere.) I had never seen anything like that last ad for the Tiparillos – weird portrayal of a sexually liberated woman who is still being used as a sex object (with “no strings attached.”)

    And, of course, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  6. Wow, that last one! Whoa!

    I’ve never smoked. I think it’s horrid. Smells bad and everything. yuck.

  7. Cigarettes? Huh? I’m still stuck on that Democrat’s unibrow!

  8. Is there really such a thing as a boring cigarette? Because I’ve never met one.

  9. Too funny. And I will let you know that if you smoke a cigarette just right, guys will buy you drinks. At least that has worked for me in the past.

  10. What kind of whorey violinist is that?

  11. I wonder if she could even play violin with those long nails…

  12. Camel man needs to do something about his toe. C’mon now, do men really think that’s sexy??? Ew!

  13. “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” for those us who like the eat our way into lung cancer.

  14. And here’s the difference between men and women: I didn’t even notice the “violinist” had fingers, let alone fingernails.

  15. nothing like some outright phallic symbolism to sell cancer sticks. i especially liked the viceroy “super longs.”

    though the copy on the tiparillo ad is totally great. “after a tough evening with the beethoven crowd…listen to folk-rock records. preferably on your stereo…musicshe’s open minded…and, you dog, you’ve got both kinds in hand…”

    they don’t write ad copy like that anymore. too bad.

  16. I love those old cigarette ads. I remember a billboard by our house in Phoenix changed every month to either cigarette or alcohol ads. We got to check it out every day on our way to school. what an education.

  17. I thought the last one with the violinist was a ha ha, doctored-up one for the grand finish. It’s for REAL?

  18. Where can I get a pair of lumberjack hot pants like the woman in the Camel ad? Those are sex-ay!

  19. This is an example of how nostalgia works. Back then, these ads were disgusting. Now, they are incredibly cool, right?

  20. I too love those old ads. I love sifting through old issues of Life just to see the advertisements.

    And is that violinist Beverly D’Angelo?

  21. “where excitement is now a flavor”

    i think I could use that line in my daily life. Yea!

    i am with joe on sifting through old life mags to see the ads. fun stuff.

  22. That’s the violinist I want for my next birthday party.

  23. What. The. Hell? That last ad is freaking me out! Also, I love how the Surgeon General’s warning is so general, “cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” And Kools taste good “even when you have a cold?” Wow. Just wow. Smoking sucks.

  24. I’d leave a better comment, but I have to go smoke now….

  25. I think that I am in the “WTF?” confusion of the last ad. However, the porn stash that the guy is sporting in the Camel is just HAWT!

  26. Can’t we go back to a time when we were stupid and smoke all we want without the guilt and fear? I’ve got some of these too. : )

  27. Cigarette ads are like no other….

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

  28. Those old ads are awesome! Great finds.

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