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Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Los Angeles Times Ad

As long time readers of this blog know, I’m a stick-in-the-mud about certain things, such as advertising.  I have no problem promoting you or your photography, but it really bugs me to think of myself as advocating something I don’t believe in or know, just because I’m being paid.  Every few weeks, I’m writing another meandering post about putting up advertising, blah blah blah.  I know, it’s getting boring.  It’s just that I consider what’s on the page as ON THE PAGE, and I find it difficult not connecting the two.  A few weeks ago, I made fun of a huge Burger King advertisement on all of the blogs with BlogHer ads.  I like Burger King.  And maybe you do, too.  I just don’t want to see you complaining about the obesity of America when you are pocketing from the promotion. 

There was a lot of buzz yesterday about these photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt that showed up on TMZ, mocking her because the now size 2 actress was supposedly “fat.”  Here’s a photo of her ass. 


Frankly, I would have no problem holding that ass. 

Most of the buzz about this non-topic revolved around the nasty reader comments on the site, like “Looks like somebody needs to do some jogging….BADLY!!” or sleazy TMZ’s sarcastic headlines, making jokes about “I Know Where She ATE last summer.”  Of course, being me, what I most noticed on the site were all the advertisements on the sidebar– from ATT, the Los Angeles Times, and others.   It’s a free country, TMZ is very successful, and it is owned by Time Warner.  It is smart to advertise with TMZ.  However, I now consider ATT and the Los Angeles Times as advocates of unhealhy body images for women, and the mocking of anyone over a size 0.  Hey, they are the ones PAYING for this type of crap to be put on the internet.

So, I don’t feel bad at all saying that the Los Angeles Times hates people with bigger than size zero asses.  “That’s ridiculous!” you might say.  I don’t.  You wanted me to notice your advertisment, LA Times.  And I did.  So, I consider this an endorsement of the content on the page.  I bet you that your ass isn’t as nice as Jennifer’s anyway.

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  1. TRO

    Frankly, I would have no problem spending some time with that ass.

    You and me both, friend, you and me both. Not at the same time though. That would be icky.

    Oh yes, she is a beautiful, normal woman and to hell with those who expect perfection (as defined by them) when they no doubt aren’t perfect themselves.

    By the way, I would give her a very high score on the Spank-O-Meter.

  2. TRO

    Neil, I don’t know how that second comment got made to your blog. WordPress does some kind of automatic link when I post on some things. Feel free to delete it. Sorry.

  3. Hilly

    I think she’s more attractive than a lot of the stick insect women out there…she has curves! And anyway, it’s not like they are GIANT curves. She’s a size 2! I didn’t know they made clothes that small ;).

  4. Finn

    Are we sure it even IS Love’s ass?

    And even if it is, I RL it’s a lot smaller, I assure you.

    I hate the thought of her having to know that people are out there making fun of her ass/weight. I’m sure she flogs herself enough for it because she’s an actress (she shouldn’t). And I’m willing to bet my paycheck that those who are dissing her have twice the ass she does.

    Why is the LA Times whoring itself out on TMZ anyway?

  5. sizzle

    she’s always had more curve on her bottom half. who in the hell would look good shot from that angle anyhow?? i feel bad for her getting such things said about her when she’s perfectly fine … and i don’t even like her!

  6. Atomic Bombshell

    I wish you could hear my applause right now. Great post. As a marketing professional, I know exactly where you’re coming from and I counsel my clients against making risky moves like that.

  7. gorillabuns

    size 2 is not a normal size, though she looks normal to me.

    i do believe the media is quite cruel to women. if you don’t look like a pornstar, you are not worthy.

  8. psychomom

    She only looks a little big from the back, when she turns around her top balances her out.
    Yeah for real women, although I don’t know if her top is real but we know her ass is.

  9. LVGurl

    Heh. J-Love has nice boobs to match her booty, but nobody complains about big boobs. In natural human beings, usually you get one with the other.

    Ads catch your eyes like bad grammar on ads catch mine.

  10. Marilyn

    I’d like to look like that.

  11. MammaLoves

    And we love you Neil because you love real women.

  12. di


  13. Neil's Penis

    Mammaloves — Real woman? I don’t even understand what that means. You can’t f**k a fake woman, can you? Well, I guess you can, but then you would get paper cuts from the cardboard.

  14. Rattling The Kettle

    I’m no fan of stick figures, but feel the need to point out the obvious: JLH is no Size 2. She’s still hot, don’t get me wrong, but 2? Come on.

  15. OMSH

    I love that you’re a purist.

    Now, off to cash my advertisement checks to buy Christmas gifts.


  16. Danny

    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s butt aside (and I’m betting that’s not even her rear in that photo), I just have some belated judgment for the bloggers hawking Burger King. Frankly, any blog that contained such an ad would lose ALL credibility for me, I just don’t think I could get past it. DON’T DO IT, NEIL, the measly bucks you could earn by using your blog as a billboard for that slop just isn’t worth it!

    P.S. I love a good burger, I’m no vegan activist. But McDonald’s and Burger King are not companies I would support in any way, much less on my blog.

  17. Caron

    Money is a hard game. No matter what you do to attain it, you sacrifice a part of yourself in one way or another.

  18. churlita

    Good for you. I support all body types in people. Why do we have to make people feel badly about what they look like.

  19. Jennifer

    Thank you for this, Neil.

  20. Michele

    That is an awesome ass. In a bikini, it looks a bit excessive, but in a pair of Gap jeans? Men Would Drool. Nothing like an ass worth a good grab, right?

  21. sassy

    She makes my size eight arse look like a boat.

  22. Alice

    good for you, neil. it’s so exceptional – and fantastic – to see someone who sticks to their morals. both about ads and about asses 🙂

  23. Joefish

    I happen to think my ass is much nicer than hers, though admittedly we’re on different scales.

    Nice post, Neil.

  24. Inarticulate Fumblings

    Brilliant posting, Neil. As a gay man even I would be happy to hold that ass… or have my ass look like that… thank you for calling out all of the bullshit.

  25. orieyenta

    Perhaps those who care to criticize her would be more happy if she looked like Isabelle Caro. Jerks.

  26. Dagny

    One of the DJs on a morning radio show up here was discussing this photo. Apparently he had gotten a lot of flak for posting the photo. His argument was that while he liked JLH’s body just fine, that the swimsuit was not the most flattering for her. Of course, he then went on to add that bikinis are not necessarily flattering on the vast majority of women. But that most men didn’t want a woman who looked good in a bikini anyway.

    And I could make a crack about the comment about size 2 not being “normal” but I’m just don’t have enough energy for it today.

  27. Bec

    When an arse still looks that good even with the just been in the water saggy bikini brief thing going on, anyone who doesn’t want to take a bite out of it is in need of some help.

  28. TRO

    Amazing, Neil. You have all these gals applauding your sensitive and gentlemanly support for JLH’s ass, when in fact it’s just part of your master plan to draw them in so you can “support” their respective asses.

    As the commercial says . . . Brilliant!!

  29. scarlet hip

    Very. Nicely. Done.

  30. Eileen

    I can’t tell if you are honestly a great guy or smart enough to know that this comment is enough to get you pretty much all the nookie you want. Either way cheers.

  31. Tuck

    I get drunk on junk in the trunk. Cute tush.

  32. Pants

    You’re my favorite.

  33. Matt Maddox

    I agree with everything you said, but I do feel slightly traumatized. Nobody should be put on display like that, and in a sense by putting the picture up, she was. No other way to talk about it I suppose, than to show us. Do they get a royalty off the pic?

  34. cookiebitch

    I would love to follow every single one of those people who commented she was fat around and take a picture of THEIR ass and post it for everyone to see. I’m guessing that REALLY wouldn’t be pretty. And it may shut them up.

  35. Bre

    You’re great, Neil. Just absolutely great! It makes me really angry when people fuss at “stars” for their bodies. Who decided size 2 was the only definition of beautiful?

  36. wendy

    I would snap. If I turned around on a beach..and found some idiot taking a picture of my bootie.

    I feel sorry for her, and at the same time, think she’s done us all a great service.

    An ass..sometimes looks like an ass..all human.

    I appreciate her curves.

  37. Neil

    Wow, this is the first time I checked in today. I didn’t expect so many accolades for saying very little. There’s nothing really special here. I just like asses. My point was really to make fun of the advertisers who only care about selling to the masses and have no clue what content they are indirectly “advocating.” If the LA Times can advertise on this crappy site, why not put ads on porno sites?

  38. Jennifer

    I know MY ass doesn’t look that good! I felt the same way when people were making fun of Brittney Spears at the MTV thingy….ok, maybe it wasn’t the best thing for HER image to show up on live television less than toned, but she still looks a hell of a lot better than me. It’s a great world when my 95 pound twelve year old daughter thinks she’s fat because she doesn’t look like Twiggy.

  39. mrs mogul

    wow, I didn’t know Neil’s penis read this! Yeah she’s a bloater! LOL Nah,really that’s not really her, it’s TYRA!

  40. brettdl

    I must be getting old; I’m more interested in the advertising rant issue. Perhaps it’s because I’m considering advertising on my site.

    Here’s my problem: If the Los Angeles Times didn’t take advertising, it simply wouldn’t exist. The same is true of most major publications.

    That’s because publishers have long known that customers will not pay fair value for the reporting, editing and production that goes into a newspaper.

    Americans cancel subscriptions over 5 cent increases for goodness sakes. Can you imagine what a daily newspaper would cost today if the price kept up with inflation over the last 100 years?

    No one wants to pay for content – even me. I’ve been reading papers online since the mid-1990s.

    But at the moment, the only known way to offset the cost of production is advertising. Moving to the Internet does not solve this problem.

    Reporters need health benefits and enough cash to feed their kids. Publishers have to pay for hardware, software, hosting, bandwidth, etc. If free websites don’t offer advertising to raise funding, how else will the information cycle continue?

    On the other hand, I dislike certain kinds of ads as much as you do. I would have freaked seeing a Burger King ad on my site since I regularly blast fast food. The problem with the advertising network you mentioned is no control over ad content.

    But these ad networks are poised to replace the mishmash of advertising sites out there right now. Why? Because advertisers can’t keep going go to 500 blogs to place one ad. Instead, they want to buy from one or two sources.

    I don’t know what the solution is. If I find it, I’ll invite you to my new house in Santa Barbara.

  41. Kyra

    I don’t understand why anyone cares about what she looks like on vacation from that angle anyway. Real women are varied in a million different ways, why is that such a bad thing?

    Kudos Neil 😉 (and a HUGE thank-you for the art fair, I just paid for Christmas!)

  42. Ash

    Neil, you are welcome to come and hold my ass any time you like 🙂

  43. Christopha!

    That broad, JLH, has a great ass, and I mean that in the most respectful way ‘broad with a great ass’ can be conveyed. Guys who like girls built like 10 year old boys probably don’t like girls.

  44. ...deb

    I love you, man.

  45. Kathy

    That’s an unflattering angle for anyone, size 2 and beyond. And it’s totally normal for women to have cellulite. I’m small, and my thighs still dimple. It’s called having a woman’s body.

  46. Unknown

    She is so beautiful! She has a beautiful face! Very beautiful eyes and fantastic smile! She had also a nice body! But now she lost her sexy body! Now his ass is wider than his shoulders! A very beautiful face with an ugly body!

  47. Michael

    Oh,everybody knows,a ass says more than thousend words 🙂

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