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Barbra Streisand Ain’t No Cheap Date


According to the BBC:

Barbra Streisand’s concert in Rome next month should be cancelled because of excessively high ticket prices, consumer groups in Italy have said.

The Adusbef and Codacons groups urged the city and the Italian Olympic Committee to deny Streisand use of the Stadio Flaminio on 15 June.

Prices, ranging from 150 euros (£100) to more than 900 euros (£600), were “absurd and shameful”, the groups said.

Streisand’s Rome concert will kick off her European tour.

The consumer groups said that the use of the stadium for such an “immoral deal” is “shameful for a civilized country.”

Of course — now on sale — Italian designed Rene Caovilla Beaded Slingbacks –  only $1,250 at Bergdorf Goodman! 


Where’s our consumer groups?

(And I’m sure Barbra owns a pair)

(And my second gay post in a week!  At least it wasn’t about ABBA)

(Elsewhere — my latest post on Poetry Thursday — a somewhat uncomfortable piece about anger)

(In other music news, Sophia Lansky votes for Blake twenty times, calling American Idol a farce and starting a conspiracy theory that the producers picked a final song they knew that Jordin could sing well and Blake would suck at)

(And that was the best song in a nationwide American Idol contest?  My song about latkes at the Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert concert was better)

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  1. Churlita

    I don’t get any of it – literally or figuratively. I can’t imagine paying that much for concert tickets or shoes. I’m a smiple girl with simple tastes, I guess.

  2. Finn

    It’s getting to the point where you can’t go to a concert anymore because it’s too damn expensive. Somebody should take a stand.

    And while you do have a point about the shoes, you can find a reasonable copy for much, much less.

    Then again, there are Barbara impersonators…

  3. Dana

    No words. Honestly. 1) My car is worth only slightly more than those shoes. I’d rather drive, frankly. 2) When your kid asks to go to a concert (mine wants to see Roger Waters at the Hollywood Bowl or The Police here in CT) and your answer has to be, “Well, you can choose between the concert and your first car and a year of college,” you know there’s something really wrong.

  4. heather anne

    Neil, you are my American Idol.

  5. princess extraordinaire

    I an’t imagine ever paying that much for a ticket to see her but I have to admit I do pay a lot for shoes..but those shoes are WAY outta my league!!! I agree….it was riggged for Jordan!

  6. Kyra

    I have never really understood the whole shoe-empire thing. Maybe it’s because I share the gene pool with a sasquach, but I’d rather be barefoot, and listen to my iPod than see Barbara. I’m so uncouth.

  7. Not Fainthearted

    I don’t/won’t watch AI, but Neil, I would totally vote 20 times for YOU and your latkes song.
    Rock on, dude!

  8. Danny

    Okay, maybe you need to change the name of your blog to the one I was considering a while back: “Straight Man, Gay Blog.” Your recent topics are sending the gaydar meters deep into the red. But I should talk. And in the interest of total disclosure, while I share the Italians’ disgust at the INSANE prices for Babs’ new tour (didn’t she swear years ago that she’d never perform live again?), I took my first wife to see her in 1995 at $400 a pop. It was a great show and I don’t regret it but I would never pay that kind of money again for a show, it seems indecent. To continue my disclosure, my wife and I are going to Vegas this weekend for our anniversary to see Liza Minnelli, God help us. But the tickets are practically free by comparison. Poor Liza, for her to charge that kind of dough she’d have to exhume her mother and all of the munchkins and pass out free ruby slippers.

    Hurry, Neil, I’ll meet you at Hooters this afternoon for some brewskis before it’s too late.

  9. Blitz Krieg

    I say more ABBA, especially photos Neil!

  10. Finn

    Did you add the AI stuff later? I don’t recall reading it before. Unless I just didn’t want to see it. My eyes glaze over everytime someone mentions it.

  11. The Cynical Girl

    I’m with Sophia on Blake, if only because he wears argyle.

  12. Neil

    Finn, yes I did add the AI stuff later. I didn’t think this post was “meaty” enough, so I crammed some more info into it, giving it the appearance of being a better post.

  13. Neil

    We also watched “Dancing with the Stars.”
    But really — who cares who wins that? Is Apollo Ono now going to become a dancing star? The only thing impressive about that show was seeing Heather Mills dance with the artificial leg. That was inspiring. She should have won, even though my mother hates her and calls her a “golddigger” and said “she certainly wasn’t a Linda McCartney.”

  14. psychomom

    In her prime, Babs was amazing but why pay that much when you can buy her entire collection for a fraction of the cost.

    Heather Mills has nothing on this guy.

  15. srah

    I hope Blake loses. He is too good for American Idol!

  16. Neil

    Srah — With all the third and fourth place finishers getting better careers than the winners, the show has lost some of its drama. I think you are right. It might be better if he loses. In the real world, it probably should have been LaKisha vs. Melinda.

    PsychoMom — That was cool.  Now that’s not letting a disability stop someone from dancing!

  17. Karl

    Geez, how many times has Barbra given her FINAL Farewell Tour? 12? Nobody is worth that kind of money. Nobody.

    And the shoes? Crazy. I feel like I got ripped off if I spend $50 on a pair of shoes.

  18. Bre

    Oh man. You shouldn’t have posted a picture of those shoes – because I find them lovely and delightful and they would be perfect with my butter colored work slacks. And with my silver dresss. And now I want them.


  19. wendy

    All concerts are crazy. I got Michael Police tickets and…I can’t even admit to you how much I spent. This week we went to WICKED…and brought my inlaws (a belated Christmas gift. Again, while I LOVED this musical…the whole time I couldn’t help think that I was a big imperialist pig…By the way, my inlaws SLEPT through most of it. They were almost ROAST PIG..or old goats..sorry..I digress. American Idol..yawn, you peasant you. Can you say pedestrian??

    PS..Left you a response at PT.

  20. better safe than sorry

    sorry, but i have a thing for shoes and those look amazing, wish i had the money to buy them, i frequent payless and the outlet centres. i rarely spend over $50 on shoes for myself, my kids on the other hand…

  21. Two Roads

    Apollo Ono – hot, hot, hot and such a sexy dancer!

    As for Babs – while she may be an amazing singer I don’t like my concerts filled with political rants. I go to political rallies (which are free) to hear that crap.

    I think Jordin should have been in third place. Melinda should have been the winner. But between Jordin and Blake, Blake is a much more versatile dynamic singer.

    Just saying….

  22. Sam

    Ugh, I gave up watching Australian Idol (pretty much the same show) halfway through the second series.

    And Neil, your latest posts may be gay, but they’re also very cosmopolitan and metrosexual, too – and apparently the ladies love that kind of thing.

  23. MichelleV

    Melinda should have won. Blake has a cool vibe thing going though. My DVR cut me off 7 minutes before the big announcement. Serves me right for caring.

  24. Bryna

    Jordin is a “one trick pony”… how many ballads can you hear before you want to slit your wrists?!?!?!

    Shoes… gorg! I wish I was Oprah (or babs)… I would own them.

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