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My First Day On Twitter


(I feel bad that I never join those online applications like MySpace and Facebook.    So I decided to join the newly popular Twitter to see what it is all about.   I’m still trying to figure it out.  I’ll probably stop using it by Monday.)

My Proposed Twitterings

I just woke up.  It is morning.  Sophia is sleeping.  7:00AM

Drank a cup of coffee. 7:12AM

Think about calling my mother.  7:19AM

Decide against it.  7:20AM

Think about going to the gym. 7:21AM

Decide against it. 7:22AM

Wondering who will be the final two in American Idol. 7:23AM

Going back to sleep.  7:30AM


  1. Irina

    LOL, but Facebook is way better!

  2. Not Fainthearted

    Think you’ll make to Monday, really?

  3. Hilly

    LOL, the one day I used it, I was much less descriptive. Generally it said, “Hilly is silently judging Twitter” all day long ;).

  4. Neil

    I also joined MyBlogLog, but I’m not too sure what to do there either.

    Irina, should Facebook be next? What can we do there? Can’t we already chat on IM?

  5. Neil

    Does anyone join the Elks Club or Shriners Club anymore, where you meet real people?

  6. Sizzle

    i joined facebook but never go on there.

    as for AI- my bet is blake and melinda.

  7. JanePoe (aka Deborah)

    What a weird site! Like Sizzle said I think Melinda and Blake will make the final two on Idol. ~JP

  8. Neil

    This is a tough American Idol. For the first time, I would be happy if any of the four won. But probably Blake vs. Melinda.

  9. Jenn

    and what about MySpace. I SO don’t get it. I mean is it really that hard to create a blog?? all those stupid flashing ads on myspace. and no one knows how to customize a decent profile. yuck. as for twitter. it should be called drivel.

  10. question girl

    um…. my MOM joined the Elks…. but that was cause she is involed in local politics and THEY invited her

  11. Irina

    Facebook is actually very good for photo-sharing, and connections with friends from all over the place. It also has the same function as Twitter, but also is a good place to get people to read your blog, since you can export the notes from the Blog… and turn people you know, who haven’t previously read any of your entries to read.

    Thanks for the link!

  12. Kyra

    I couldn’t quite figure out what twitter was either… I didn’t try it though, you brave soul! I’m not on anything else like facebook or other things either. Everyone says they’re good for people from your past to track you down… I think that’s a major drawback!

    So… um… is Twitter a feed for your stalkers?

  13. Neil

    Irina, sure. I didn’t even know there was such an extensive “Jewish” blogosphere. I saw Psychotoddler was nominated too. How come there are all blogging groups out there that I don’t even know existed? Since the mommy and daddy bloggers won’t let me join their prestigious ranks, at least I should have some coffee and cake with some of the Jewish bloggers.

    I think when I re-do my template, I’ll become more of a joiner. I’ll even add banners for Poetry Tuesday (later edit — I meant Thursday), Indie Bloggers, and maybe some Jewish thing. What else can I join? Is there some Los Angeles bloggers? Bloggers who once played right field in Little League?

    Kyra — I read a little bit more about Twitter, and I can see some uses for it if I were more of a social butterfly. Make believe it’s 8PM and I’m hanging at out a bar. I could text message my Twitter and say I’m at Joe’s Bar, and maybe one of my friends, who subscribes to my Twitter, might be nearby and show up. But considering that I would absolutely HATE IT if one of my friends showed up unannounced as I sit somewhere trying to read the newspaper, I’m never going to use Twitter to tell anyone where I am. What am I — always on call like a neurosurgeon? I already had Sophia and my mother once call the police because I left my cell phone home and they thought I was kidnapped. Sometimes, it is good just to be left alone.

  14. Finn

    An hour ago – Having stomach cramps. Going to the bathroom.

    You know what? I agree with you, Neil. Sometimes it is good just to be left alone. 😉

  15. plain jane

    Riveting! I breathlessly await the next fascinating installment.

  16. wendy

    POETRY TUESDAY!!!!I’m telling Dana on you…oh thats when your column runs…It’s always all about you..huh neil..THURSDAY..POERTY THURSDAY!!!!

  17. Irina

    The great thing about being a J-blogger is that there are no rules! You can be anything you want (I guess unless you’re a rabid anti-Semite/anti-Zionist)… so you can be in a million different groups at once! : )

  18. Blitz Krieg

    I belong to the American Legion. 60 cent drafts every single day.

  19. Bre

    Twitter seems like a big time commitment to me… I can barely keep a plant alive, let alone remember to update folks on what I’m up to!

  20. MichelleV

    Melinda and Jordan or Lakisha. Blake is good, and last week rocked, but I think he’s out next.

  21. Neil

    Blitz Kreig — do you really? I’ve always wondered — what goes on at those meetings?

    Wendy — hmm, let she who makes no mistakes throw the first stone… POERTY THURSDAY? But thanks, I better change it before Dana see it.

  22. V-Grrrl

    I love a guy who can have a cup of coffee and then crawl back into bed.

    True confessions–some days I do the whole morning mom routine, walk my kids to the bus stop, walk a few miles for exercise, get back to the house, collapse on the sofa and take a long nap–at 9 a.m.

  23. better safe than sorry

    6:35 am, having a cup of tea while reading your blog
    i’ve had two different people send me an invite to facebook, which my oldest daughter has, but i’m still not sure if i want to join. it just seems like one more thing i have to look after and i’d rather be out walking the dog.
    get a dog, you’ll meet all sorts of new people, in real life
    6:37 taking my tea and walking the dog

  24. Marilyn

    I don’t know… I’m not into joining stuff yet. I’m a mommy but I don’t want to be a mommy blogger. Is that wrong?

  25. leese

    I don’t tweet on a regular basis but here are ways that I have found twitter useful.

    1) During the web2.0 expo and wifi wasn’t working. I didn’t want to get up during Eric Schmidt’s thing to go and tell the help desk so I twittered it…which then appeared on the widescreen outside…and it was addressed really fast.

    2) Again during the Web2.0 expo. The speaker from one of the workshops I went to twittered that he was bored and wanted to go to coffee and was wondering who wanted to come. So I went. Otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get introduced.

    3) When that fire happened and the connector to the Bay Bridge collapsed last Sunday…it was twittered before it was out on the news.

    4) How some of my friends use it: if they’re running late for a meeting, they twitter it and their co-workers get the notification. Much easier than having to call all 10 people who will be at the meeting.

    Hey. If you make it to Monday…add me.


  26. kapgar

    Okay, my turn to ask now… what the bloody heck is Twitter?

  27. Neil

    Ha Ha, Kevin, I love it when I’m hipper than you!

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