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Farmers Market









  1. Those cherries look yummy. Glad to see Sophias smile!

  2. It looks so summery where you are. Looking at those photos gives me hope, because here it is cool and grey.

  3. Nature and her colors are so beautiful and so is Sophia with those flowers.

    I’ll take some cherries too!

  4. Glad you’re both out and about. Looks delicious! We’re still in bedding plants stage at our market. And early greens. Can’t wait for the bounty.

  5. That place looks incredible.

  6. those are great photos. makes me miss the sun.

  7. Hmm. Those shapes. They remind me of something. Something in the past.

    Oh yeah. Sex. 😉

    Glad to see our girl smiling!

  8. Finn — Even I didn’t make that connection! Hoping your Saturday night takes your mind off of salads.

  9. I especially like Sophia’s big orange flowery boobies.

  10. those look great!!!
    we’re still waiting for summer here, no markets for a few months yet, but we are getting your strawberries and lettuce, thanks cali:)

  11. Did you bring me back those tomatoes I asked for?

    No? You forgot?

    Dammit, Neil!

  12. Oh, you’re making me miss CA all over again. What with the sunshine, spectacular produce (that always tastes as good as it looks) and friendly faces.

    Great pics!

  13. Los Angeles is amazing. Beautiful fruits and vegetables. Even beautiful plastic bins.

  14. Neil, you made this foodie’s morning! Great photos and great eye! 😉 What did you cook?!?

  15. The best thing at the farmers’ market? A smiling Sophia.

  16. I love farmers’ markets – ours don’t begin until the end of June. I love Sophia’s big bundle of orange flowers – orange is the new black this spring.

  17. How beautiful Sophia looks! I am sure everythign is going to be fine. I will be thinking of you….;-)

  18. Heh. Starting with the magic [golden] orbs again, Neil?

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