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Mundane, Mundane


Two Roads sent me a photo of her brand new couch. Why? I’m not really sure. I once asked other bloggers for photos of their beds, but never of their couches.

But do I mind that she send me a photo of her beautiful new couch?

Not at all. I’m flattered.

I mean I’d rather have a photo of her jumping on a trampoline while naked, but a photo of her new couch is my second choice. I find the photo interesting exactly because it is so mundane. It’s a couch. To me, the mundane is the stuff of life. In the mundane are the seeds of drama and romance. Who knows what this couch will bring Two Roads in the future? Maybe she will be on it next week kissing with some new boyfriend. Or making love with an old flame. Or watching TV as the President makes some important announcement. Maybe she’ll be blogging while SITTING on this couch. Maybe she is reading this RIGHT NOW as she sits on her new couch. Whatever she does, this new couch is now an integral part of her life. What secrets this couch can soon tell!

I don’t pooh-pooh the mundane, because the mundane is fascinating. The trip to the supermarket. Being stuck in traffic. Playing Monopoly with your child. Rushing out to buy that condom before the big date.

If you love the mundane as much as I do, I invite you to participate in “The Carnival of the Mundane XXX” (that is XXX meaning thirty). For more info, go here. The gala event will be held right here on Citizen of the Month, this Friday, March 2nd. All you have to do is send me a link to one of your posts. Try to think of the theme… the carnival of the mundane. I read your blogs. I know many of you are very boring people. This is perfect for you!

I’m leaving for Portland on Saturday, so Sophia will KILL ME if I spend all day Friday working on this, so PLEASE send me your links by Thursday at noon, March 1st. You want to keep me alive, right? Sophia driving off to Portland without me would NOT be mundane.

Remember — BE MUNDANE, M-U-N-D-A-N-E

My email is neilochka at yahoo dot com.


  1. Finn

    Only one condom for the big date? Talk about lowered expectations…

  2. Mo

    I prefer Carnival of the Mundane XXX (XXX not meaning thirty)

  3. Churlita

    Everyday is carnival of the mundane at my blog. Except for this past weekend with the ice storm and the lack of electricity…Wait, that may have made us even MORE mundane.

    As soon as I get a working computer, I’ll be able to participate in your carnival. Unfortunately, it sounds like it might be too late.

  4. Mist 1

    Wait…I’m boring?

  5. psychomom

    It’s not easy to be boring and some of us kind of like it.

  6. Not Faint Hearted

    If a curse is: “may you live in interesting times” then I’ll take boring any day.

  7. Postmodern Sass

    Just a note to Neil’s readers and possible contributors to the Carnival of the Mundane: You don’t have to write a new post especially for the Carnival. Any old mundane story you’ve told previously is just fine. Have a look at the Carnival guidelines. And the word mundane does not mean boring. Look it up. 🙂

  8. Sara

    You know, I used to have an interesting life, but what did that get me? A terrifyingly bad marriage, a few burnt brain cells, and an artificial leg, that’s what. Oh sure, there was also adventure, mind expansion, life experience, blah, blah, blah, not to mention one or two interesting photographs.

    But now, it’s true; for the moment, anyway, pretty much all I have to blog about is true love, muffin baking and cleaning the bathroom.

    I wish other adventurers the same joy — and more adventures, too, of course. All in due course. 🙂

  9. deannie

    I know I am mundane. I should celebrate this now?!?

  10. Dana

    I like that the couch is red. That would never happen in our house. We’re too mundane for red. And, Neil, “. . . as the president makes some important announcement”???! You are too droll.

  11. fringes

    I refuse to look up the word mundane just to potentially find out I’ve been using it incorrectly all these years. I’m ignorant like that.

  12. Nics

    Mundane? that’s my non existent middle name!

  13. Two Roads

    Ok let me clear up a few things – yes I blog (or at least comment on blogs) from my sofa; this sofa is about 3 inches higher than my last sofa which is great since I am tall so I don’t have too far to go before I can sit down; there will never be any watching the president from the sofa – I can’t bear to hear him speak nor look at him; love making on the sofa has some potential once the “newness” has worn off; making out has a high potential and has already been tested out and I give it a thumbs up; last, I sent you the photo because I knew you could make a column out of the mundane better than I could. Great job!

  14. Edgy Mama

    Who are you calling mundane?

    Okay, okay…

  15. tiff

    heh – I think I was supposed to be XXIX, but totally dropped the ball…as did our luscious hostess….so I am off the hook for the ball droppage, right?

    Good luck with the pseudo-30!

    My link forthcoming, because, really, who DOESN’T want to read about a middle-aged WASP caulking?

  16. Hilly

    Oh I’ve got a dentist appointment this week and um, some tv to watch.

    I think I will join but let me read the rules.

  17. Neil

    Postmodern Sass is right — Mundane is NOT boring. It is mundane.

  18. Bre

    I suppose the real question is, would she tote your dead body to portland to make the crime seem more random?

  19. Dagny

    Hmmmm. Why do I think that what you might find mundane and what I might find such are completely different things? This should be very interesting.

    And I can’t stop laughing at Bre’s comment.

  20. Rabbit

    That looks like a nice sized couch. I only have a loveseat. I don’t know why they call it that. There’s not enough room for anything of that sort on it.

  21. Dagny

    Lovely couch and all. But oh crap! Which post is the most mundane (for me)? I guess that I will not know that answer until tomorrow.

  22. Bice

    There is magic in the mundane and feet in my shoes so I may send you a picture of my shoes.

  23. V-Grrrl

    I too have a red sofa though it’s less the hot tomato (like two roads) and more a New England cranberry. After years of khaki-colored neutrality, it was a relief to show people my passion.

    Oh wait, you wanted a link to a mundane POST, not a mundane comment.

    I have a VERY mundane post up right now.

  24. Michael

    Hope this doesn’t sound jerky, but 98% of blogs are mundane. It’s not that people aren’t interesting, but their writing often is, when they give a account of what and where they had lunch this week (“crabcakes! yummy!”) and how they got a great bargain at Target (“jock-itch cream at 50% off! yay!”)… But they’re perhaps keeping diary-blogs, just to put something down, even if it is mundane. I wrote an essay for film school called “entertain with the mundane”, about finding the humor or irony or drama in everyday affairs. Which I don’t know if I did in this long-winded comment. But ck out my post today; it’s how I made the news… mundane or insane…

  25. better safe than sorry

    crabcakes and jock itch cream. i’m finding humor and irony in that combination, but it’s probably just the mundane side of me peeking through.
    i read those rules and if i can figure something out i’ll try and join in. so many rules.

  26. littlepurplecow

    Hmmmm, send a mundane post from a boring blogger to a carni host. Count me in.

  27. AscenderRisesAbove

    sounds like fun.
    makes me want to run out and take a picture of my even more mundane sofa

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