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Overheard in New York in December

“Have you seen The Tree in Rockefeller Center?”

“Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?”

“How much do you tip YOUR nanny?”

“I hate all the tourists who come in from Ohio.”

“My parents are taking me skiing in italy! I would never go to Florida.”

“What are you doing with your bonus this year?”

I can’t believe we’re having our Christmas party midtown again!  My wife goes downtown to Ono!”

“I find New York very lonely around now.”






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  1. treespotter

    seee…. i just have to leave comment where there’s a post with a capital T in the first sentence.

    Happy Holiday Neil.

  2. tiff

    New York? Lonely?

    People might think that’s silly, but in a town that large and with the parks abandoned, it can seem to echo.

  3. Bre

    I imagine it would be a bit lonely, even in the big city. Hey, it’s lonely sometimes in these here small towns! Fun pictures too, btw.

  4. kristen

    i love the strand, was just by there last sunday.

  5. V-Grrrl

    Yeah, I hate all the tourists from Ohio too…but I bet those NYers will be driving to Ohio to eat at the Western Sizzlins and get their shot of TRANSFAT.

  6. bookfraud

    there’s nothing better than overheard conversation from nyc. i was wondering what to do with my bonus, too, so i’ll tip my nanny before i kill all the ohioans.

  7. littlepurplecow

    I like the fact that you are posting your own photos. You seem more artsy in NY. Were you cruising in your hip orange coat?

  8. LisaBinDaCity

    I think there are more tourists from Michigan than Ohio, actually 🙂

  9. The Cynical Girl

    I hear that midtown is full of fun and excitement on Tuesdays at Starbucks.

  10. Eileen

    You really have to watch those Ohio tourists. They go wacky in the big city.

  11. CiCi

    Love the beautiful neon photo.

  12. Mist 1

    I tip my nanny very well. It’s so nice to have someone around the house to wipe my a$$.

  13. Elvira Black

    Neil’s back in town? No wonder NYC real estate is going up again.

    Speaking of trans-fat, stay away from the Taco Bells. They’re causing a major e-coli outbreak in NY/NJ right now. And, as my aunt used to say: “Button your neck. It’s cold.”

  14. ms. sizzle

    just the ohio people, huh?

  15. nelumbo

    “What’s round on the ends and high in the middle? It’s O-HI-O !”

    We sing this loudly on time square.

  16. Churlita

    I love the photos. I wish I had dilemmas like how much to tip my imaginary nanny.

  17. Jessica

    When I was in NYC for TequilaCon, I was walking out of a restaurant when two girls passed by me – the only portion of the conversation I caught was, “So my sister said, sleep with him one more time.” I thought that was brilliant.

  18. Jack

    I prefer to do the city on the company expense account. Much more enjoyable that way.

  19. Nance

    I hate all the tourists from Ohio, too.

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