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The Christmahanukwanzaakah Holiday Concert Program

Christahanukwanzaakah Blogger Poster Girl
Jamelah from 

The First Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert  is coming together.   Since the concert is on December 20th, you need to have your song either in my hands or published by that day (and you need to give me the link).  If you want to include a photo of your tree or menorah, try to get it to me by  December 18th.  

If you would like to perform, just add your name and song in the comments or email me.

As of now, our concert includes some of the most talented blogger/performers in the international blogging community. (this is called publicity!)   Never have so many top bloggers/recording artists graced the stage/blog post at one time!  These include such superstars as:

Hilly — “Adeste Fideles”
Nelumbo — “Up on the House Top”
Becky — “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman”
Leezer — “The Little Town of Bethelehem”
Erin — “Santa Baby”
Dagny — “Christmas Time is Here”
Non-Highlighted Heather — “Silent Night”
Elisabeth — “French Carol”
Ellen Bloom — “Jingle Bell Rock”
Mo — “Blue Christmas”
Tiff — “Chestnuts on an Open Fire”
Buzzgirl — something in French!
Femme D’espoir  — “Virgin’s Cradle Song”
Caryn — the Chipmunks Christmas song
Pam – “Santa Baby”
Wendy — “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
Maitresse — “Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas”
Fitena – “Silent Night”
Paintergirl – “Rockin the Night Away”
SJ – “Let in Snow”
Orieyenta –”Oh Chanukah”
Sophia — “Ocho Kandelikas”
Scarlet — Klezmer
Linda — “Dovid Melech Yisrael”
Psychotoddler – “Sevivon”
Sarah and daughter — “Hanukkah Song”
Sheana – “Dreidel, Dreidel.”
Chana – Hanukkah Song
Certifiable Princess – “8 Crazy Nights”
Priss – self-written Hanukkah song
Hila – “Mi Y’Malel”

Doris – ?
Heather B – ?
Edgy Mama and husband – ?
Dana – ?
Francesca – ?
NSC – ?
RDL — ?
Patry — ?


  1. jamelah

    I feel so famous! I guess this will have to count as my contribution to your holiday concert, since I’m pretty much the most non-musical person on earth.

  2. rdl

    rdl – ?

  3. Sarah

    sounds like it will be a fabulous concert!

    i’m not a singer but i’ll see what i can do about a photo of some sort 🙂

  4. ms. sizzle

    i would totally participate but i don’t think i have the recording capabilities. so sad. sigh.

  5. Leesa

    I don’t have any instruments, but I’ll include photos!
    I’ll even try to leave kittens out of it if I have too ;P

  6. Churlita

    Yea! It will be so fun to hear it all performed. Now, for the most important question, who’s bringing the rum and eggnog?

  7. lizardek

    No microphone. I have recordings on cassette but no way to get them on to the PC. 🙁

  8. pam

    Santa Baby, on the uke. Where do you, um, want it? On the rooftop? I see Erin is ALSO doing Santa Baby, is there going to have to be some sort of smackdown?

  9. femme d'espoir

    🙁 was my song title not acceptable? hmmph.

  10. buzzgirl

    Sign me up, too! It’ll be me and my kid…probably something in French. TBA…

  11. Edgy Mama

    O, did I sign up? Okay. How about E-spouse playing the guitar and the kids singing “Daddy, don’t get drunk again this Christmas”?

  12. tiff

    Anybody claimed The “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” song yet (I’m lame, I don’t even know the title!).

    If not, then MEMEMEMEMEEEE!!

  13. V-Grrrl

    I will send a special Christmas photo….

  14. Caryn

    First, I’m not sure why that inserted such a large trackback … how rude of me.

    Secondly, I love the poster girl.

    Thirdly, I love this idea and think it will be a concert that will live on well beyond the holidays. Looking forward to the big day!

  15. Mo

    I wanna do “Blue Christmas”

  16. Ari (Baking and Books)

    Aw this sounds like fun!

  17. Neil

    Lizardek — I haven’t given up on you yet. All you need is a cord that goes from your tape player output to your computer input. Email me if you want help…

    Pam — female mud-wrestling

    Edgy — I will ban your song UNLESS you are doing something on it. Can’t you at least clap?

  18. Mr. Fabulous

    Wow…I hope I can still get tickets for the show…

  19. 2nd Pearl Past the Post

    Sounds festive. 🙂

    If we decorate a tree before then, I’ll send a shot.

  20. pam

    Mud wrestling while playing Santa Baby. I think this requires an “Adult Situations” rating.

  21. patry

    It’s not very often that a person who loves to sing, but who has the worst singing voice ever gets invited to belt one out, so I’m there. Now I just have to find a song that’s not too beloved so I can butcher it without hurting anyone’s feelings…

  22. psychotoddler

    We’re doing a cover of “Sevivon”

  23. Sarah

    My daughter and I are in, but not sure what we’ll sing yet. We may write our very own Hannuukah song, since there are so few to choose from. Is that allowed? And of course…photos.

  24. tiff

    Hi – would you like to know how lame I am? I am so lame that I left the WRONG URL for my blog site. That’s some kinda rocket-fueled lame right there.


  25. Neil

    Sarah — Allowed? That would be the coolest thing! And then you should mrket it. We need more good Hanukkah songs!

  26. Michelle

    Put me on the list for the Decoration Committee.

  27. wendy

    Only for you, Neil…Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

  28. Sheana

    Ahoy there! Found you via the NaBloPoMo randomizer, and I’ve quite enjoyed reading!

    While I’m here, I suppose I’ll sign up for your concert… if nobody’s claimed the Dreidl song, I’ll do that – as long as they can be a cappela (yes?)!

  29. Heather B.

    Oh boy, I forgot about this. It means I need to find music and new reeds and officially come out of the closet as a complete band geek. Will let you know what I’ll be playing with in the next two days.

  30. Akaky

    I wanna hear the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah played on kazoos and chainsaws, with vocals by winos and drowning cats.

  31. fringes

    Alright, the kids and I have decided on “Children, Go Where I Send Thee” since it’s known both as a Christmas and Hanukkah song. At least that’s what the cute Jewish girl playing acoustic guitar at the library story hour told us. We’ll buy our mic this weekend and get started.

    My first choice was actually the silly and fun song about the Lord telling Noah to build an arky-arky out of hickory barky-barky, but I figured God drowning most of the Earth’s inhabitants in a fit of rage didn’t sound very Christmahanukwanzaakah-y.

  32. Fitena

    Ok! I’ve thought it over and it goes not matter if anyone’s PC explodes when they play it but am gonna do something. I thought Silent Nite but its taken… can I still do it? Plse!!


  33. Edgy Mama

    Come on, Neil, I’m the Mom, so I train and conduct.

    Though I kind of like the idea of being banned…

  34. M.A.

    Sorry Neil for replying so late. I wrote my own, but am having trouble recording it. I’ll try to have it to you soon.

  35. Neil

    M.A. — If you have problems, ask away. I’m sure someone knows the answer.

  36. Leesa

    Ok, I may have a Christmas song on the banjo for ya 🙂

  37. Priss

    Here’s a link to an original Priss Chanukah song.

  38. Hila

    Oooh this is so exciting! I’d love to do a Chanukah song. I was thinking of doing “Mi Y’Malel” but that’s sung in a round so I’d have to get some people to help me. Otherwise, uh…well, PT already took Sevivon, so, um…I guess I’ll have to get back to you. I’ll let you know within the next day or so.

  39. paintergirl

    I want to sing-“Rockin the Night Away”. Who knows who it will turn out.

  40. Roberta

    I really don’t know how to do this. I’m still struggling with iTunes. I’m a little behind the times.
    And Neil, I’m a singer. A really good singer.

  41. CP

    Ooooooh. I wanna do the Adam Sandler “8 Crazy Nights” Channukah song. I promise to do the “PG” version as opposed to the “R”. Please please please?


  42. Chana

    Hi Neil! I don’t know if I can get it together, but if so, it won’t be on the bassoon, but hopefully it will be with the kinderlach!

  43. Linda Freedman

    Looks like the guys are doing a DIFFERENT song! It’s Dovid Melech Yisrael (the rock & roll version, what else) with Sim’in Sim’in Mazal Tov.

  44. SJ

    Oh, what the hell, I’m game for some public humiliation. Sign me up for “Let It Snow.”

  45. Mo

    I’m sorry, I have to back out. Had a death in the family and everything here is haywire.

  46. Neil

    Mo, I read. My condolences to you and your family.

  47. Mo

    Thanks, Neil. I hope you do this next year and I can come play along. Right now I just don’t have the heart for it. Picking that damned Blue Christmas was like f*ing foreshadowing.

  48. Danny

    Is it too late to join in? I hate to miss any holiday party and it seems that there’s an appalling lack of Jews on your JewBlog. I just wheezed the only Chanukah song I know into my built-in mic (I still have a bad cold) and I think it may be the same one PsychoToddler is doing but I’ll send it to you and you can use it as you see fit.

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