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Off to New York


I’m off to New York.  I’m very excited because I will finally have the opportunity to see IN PERSON the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Can you believe I grew up in New York and never went to that amazing fun-filled parade? 

A Chorus Line!  Diana Degarmo!  Al Roker!  Santa Claus ho-ho-ho-ing and handing out Macy’s credit cards!

What?  The parade was YESTERDAY?  OY! 

Well, I guess I’ll just spend my time in New York standing in line for a bagel.


(normally, I wouldn’t have written such a stupid post, but I’m doing that damn NamBloPoMo, and had to write something just to impress the girls.) 

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  1. better safe than sorry

    i’ve never seen your parade but i have lined up for bagels, at tim hortons (a fine canadian establishment).

  2. Lynnster, yeah

    Have a great trip! Mmmm… bagels.

  3. hootch

    I thought I once saw Al Roker’s fat ass in NY… turns out however that was just a Macy’s day parade float. HEEEEYYOOOOO!!!!

    Oh, and for the lady who asked you if it was okay for Jews to have sex during Hanukkah? You should have told her “yes, but only anal”.

    Happy Holidays, brother.

  4. Zoely

    Fussy’s pretty funny, much better than the dreaded D—. I even advertise for her by wearing a shirt: Writing well is the best revenge.
    ps this is really Felicity but I have a new home.

  5. kristen

    Safe travels!

  6. Eileen

    We fully expect to be amused about your travel experiences when you return.

  7. Churlita

    And all the girls are sufficiently impressed now. I can’t wait to read your posts from NY.

  8. momentary academic

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hooray!

  9. Caron

    A few years back, we in the upper midwest had a wonderful department store chain called Dayton’s. We were despondent when our beloved shopping mecca was bought by Marshall Field’s, but somehow we grudgingly adjusted to the change. Now, Marshall Field’s was bought by Macy’s. We’re all pissed again.
    I so wish I was a better actress. I really wanted to show up at Macy’s in my little central Minnesota town Irate that there was no Thanksgiving day parade! My rant could go something like this (if only I could control the giggle factor,) ” First you take away my beloved Dayton’s, but I told the kids it would be ok because there would be a fantastic parade with big balloons. I dragged those kids out of bed at 6:00 am yesterday, and we waited, and we waited, and we waited. I tried to convince them that the plastic grocery bag floating in the breeze was something special, but they are too smart for that. Not even a lousy Santa with a latex balloon. Dayton’s never wolud have disappointed like this.” A girl can dream.

  10. Mist 1

    Bagels and balloons always impress the chicks.

  11. ms. sizzle

    safe travels! happy bageling!

  12. s@bd

    I’m a girl.

    I’m not that impressed.

    Maybe I’m gay?

  13. Joan

    Neil, hold my beer, I’ll be right back!

  14. Bre

    I’m a big fan of parades… except in person! I prefer to enjoy them from my sofa! Enjoy the city today!

  15. Janet

    It’s because NYC makes the best bagels yo! Besides, the Macy’s parade involved standing out in the rain, while in the warm living rooms above you, the TVs were blaring that provided up cinamatic close-up of all the balloons and rockettes.

  16. bella

    Be careful of lines today, I hear all sorts of horror stories about people beating each other up for the last ___(whatever the hot new toy is)

  17. Amy K

    Glad you are coming to this neck of the woods! Enjoy la cite and dammit get yourself to Batali’s and Bastianich’s OTTO Vino bar and restaurant!

  18. The Cynical Girl

    I’ll be back to work in midtown on Tuesday. I’m having dinner at Olives on Tuesday night so that should be worth the stinky subway, the tourists, the baby strollers on the overcrowded sidewalks. Ah, I love the city during the holidays.

  19. Danny

    Have a wonderful trip! I trust you’ll be blogging often from NYC, how long will you be there? And who the heck is Diana Degarmo?

  20. Serena

    Call me cheesy, but I’ve always wanted to watch that damned parade live. Sadly, I’d probably be bored out of my skull.

  21. Mr. Fabulous

    Now, now, it was a lovely post!

  22. Jakob

    I think parades must the the silliest thing in the world.

  23. Violet

    Macy’s were giving out credit cards? We didn’t get any credit cards at OUR parade…

  24. V-Grrrl

    Must.Stop. Talking. About. Bagels. YOu’re breaking my heart. Belgian bagels are few and far between and let me just say that Jews are the Chosen People because they gave the world bagels and not croissants.

  25. ACG

    my little brother was in that parade for 4 years… each year i’d be on a train to nyc at 4am so i could get a spot up front. luckily his group was almost always first. it was aways cold and rainy or snowy every year he was in it.
    I am much happier to visit him in FLA this time of year now.

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