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Herman Melville, Eat Your Heart Out


A Year Ago on Citizen of the Month:  Intellectual Gangs of Los Angeles


  1. brando

    wow. big catch. you sure you’re in the Berkshires? last time i saw a trout that size was fishing Love Canal. of course, the fish asked me to let him go. in english.

  2. modigli

    Yeah, but did you skin it and cook it up for dinner over a fire you started yourself by rubbing two sticks together?!

  3. idighootchandcootch

    holy f***!! What kind of whale is that?

  4. Carly

    And caught bare-handed, no less. Impressive. (Less so if it were real.)

  5. ChickyBabe

    Is it real??

  6. The Retropolitan

    Neil didn’t need a bigger boat.

  7. Painterbeachgirl

    photoshop is an amazing thing

  8. femme_despoir

    Neil, dahlink, I’m not so sure that after only a few weeks at the gym that you could hold such a large, uh, fish, up with one hand like that. hmmmm.

  9. Pearl

    So….Neil…apparentely you know what to do with that Photoshop — um, I mean FISHING equipment, after all!

  10. Dustin

    I’m, too sexy for my fish, too sexy for my fish…

  11. Alison

    Look at those biceps!

  12. Alissa

    Hmmmm…. it looks like that fish is about to get revenge.

  13. scott

    Wait a minute, are you trying to tell us that you caught a giant fish but then got held up at gunpoint/camera-point by one of the roving photo-gangtas of the Berkshires?

    Wow. That happened to me once. It makes for quite the fish story.

    Hello, Neil.

  14. V-Grrrl

    All you need is a slice of lemon–for your bellybutton.

  15. Kevin

    Hey look! A river runs through him!

  16. better safe than sorry


  17. Margaret

    I’m so totally impressed I don’t know what to say.

  18. lizardek

    Emily is crying in her bouillabaisse now.

  19. cruisin-mom

    that’s quite a catch…is that you walking on water, too?

  20. M.A.

    You captured the talking fish from spongebob squarepants!

  21. pam

    I think I’m just going to link to this for Fish Wednesday.

  22. eeekat

    is that really you??

  23. Neil

    That’s me, with my pants rolled up, standing in the middle of the rugged Green River. And the fish made an excellent dinner, especially with the almondine sauce I created from the organic vegetables and nuts I grew myself in the backyard.

  24. Roberta

    Damn. Big. Fish.

    (and you’re adorable!)

  25. Brooke

    Photoshop rules!

  26. Dustin

    Backyard organic veggies my ass, now I know it’s a fish story.

  27. Edgy Mama

    Cool. You’re learning Photoshop!

  28. Scarlet

    Ummm, congrats?

  29. kristen

    Now what are you going to do with it?

  30. justrun

    You know what they say about a man with a big fish…

  31. Tuck

    …yeah, like a jewish boy from Queens knows how to fish.

  32. Neil

    Tuck, that is such an old stereotype. Who do you think catches all the gefilte fishes?

  33. Melissa

    Mmmmm half naked Neil. How about putting some of that in my frying pan.

  34. Karl

    Wow, you’re officially the studliest dude I know.

  35. Heather B.

    Nice job, he who photoshops a lot.

  36. Neil

    What is the problem with you people? The first photo of me without my shirt on and ONLY Melissa is having a spontaneous orgasm? Melissa, that wins you “Blog Crush of the Day” for two days straight!

  37. Dustin

    I never said I wasn’t having a spontaneous orgasm…

  38. kimananda

    I am speechless at your fishing prowess. Not sure what you are fishing for, of course.

  39. chantel

    boy the gym seems to have paid off.

  40. akaky

    Organic vegetables you grew yourself in the backyard? In a week? Did you feed them veggies steroids or what?

  41. schrodinger

    You DO look like Kirk!

  42. Sandra

    My, that’s a big fish you have there…

  43. jules

    Are you sure this picture hasn’t been altered…that fish looks a little, shall we say, FISHY. btw – it’s your intellecutal glasses that are the turn on

  44. Tara

    My! It’s so big! I had no idea. If only it could talk…

  45. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T )

    Is it just me, or does that photo look photoshopped?

    Grear catch, Neil…???


  46. Leah

    I can only reiterate what everyone has already said. Nice catch. It’s interesting what we can do with ourselves with photoshop. I’d like to see you photoshop yourself into the new Superman role. Now Go!

  47. sarah

    that’s hawt in so many ways i just can’t express myself in words.

  48. Paris Parfait

    Ah, Neil – you keep revealing these hidden talents…

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