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Recent Conversation:

Woman:  So, do you know Danny from work?

Neil:  No, I met him through my blog.   And did you work with Danny?

Woman:  No, no.  I work at UCLA.  I manage their career center.

Neil:  Oh, really?  So, how’s the job market this year?

Woman:  Really good.  But I’m always talking to the students about their blogs.

Neil:  Why’s that?

Woman:  Well, several companies have rescinded their offers of employment because they Googled some students’ names and found all sorts of salacious and immature material on their blogs. 

Neil:  Well, they’re just young students!  That doesn’t seem fair…

Woman:  Even so.  Companies want responsible employees.  They consider the employee to be the "face of the company."   You can’t imagine some of the ridiculous stuff these students publish on their blogs.  And then these kids put their REAL NAME out there.  Don’t they realize that every HUMAN RESOUCE department Googles a prospective employee’s name?!

Neil:  Hmmm…  (thinking:  This woman has small, but nicely-shaped tits).

Woman:  …but these are mostly stupid blogs of kids, not intelligent material like Danny’s… and yours.  What did you say your blog was named again?  I’d like to take a look…?

Neil:  Arts and Letters Daily


  1. Yeah, but has anyone lost a job due to their blodge? I think not.

  2. Haha. A friend and I laugh about those folks who use their real names. No real name = not as much need to edit.

  3. Pfft. I had to explain to my boss what a blog was in the first place. I prefer “myspace” and “facebook” for all of my net-stalking needs.

  4. You should get some prominent web sites to link to a porn site with your name as the anchor text. That’ll raise a few eyebrows when they Google your name. =)

  5. Rut Roh. You are SO Busted!!!

  6. It’s a good thing that you can turn a phrase or two.

  7. So much Tequila. So little Neil. Sadness. Sadness.

  8. I wandered into my boss’s office the other day to ask a simple question. All of a sudden she says, “Let’s see if Rabbit is on the Internet!” and Googles me. THANK GOD I don’t use my real name for my blog, or my employer and the two co-workers in the office would have had one entertaining afternoon.

  9. Whenever anybody asks me for my blog URL, I give them yours.

    It’s fun to be Citizen of the Month… if only for a little while, even if it is a total lie.

  10. I like Dave2’s idea…whenever I want someone to think I’m really funny, clever, intelligent, and just plain sexy…I’ll give them your URL (hopefully they won’t notice that it’s written by a man)

  11. I just give them the URL to my grandma’s blog.

  12. That’s funny that Dave2 mentioned he gives out your URL when potential companies ask for his blog URL. Because I do the same thing.

    Thanks, Neil. Do I have to tithe you any of the money from the gigs I’ve gotten off my (i mean, your) writing?

  13. S’ok, I save all my really nasty stuff for my other blog.

  14. that’s why i don’t use my real name. it’s problematic. and even then, i keep the real racy stuff for the hidden blog.

  15. Melissa, Sizzle — you have secret blogs? And who exactly reads these blogs if they are so secret? But it is another good gimmick for me to use. I can always tell someone that my “real” blog — the intelligent one that deals with important issues and current events — is the one I like to keep “hidden.”

    Pauly — Money from writing? Hah! Who gets that? I did try to use my blog as a calling card for a gig on the CBS sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” but unfortunately, Charlie Sheen has it in his contract that he won’t do any more “penis jokes” next season.

  16. yeah, but we’re promoting our “writing” Neil. I mean no one’s going to hire us because we’re boring.

  17. This is one problem I’ll never have to worry about…my boss has crashed two computers already by downloading too much porn. Blogging isn’t even on his radar.

  18. Maybe I should go all anonymous. But you seem to be doing just fine.

  19. Thus why alias’ are so prevalant in the blog-world.

  20. I dare an employer to google away. When you hire me you get the whole package, so you might as well know the attitudes you’re getting, too : )

  21. Didn’t Dooce lose her job because of blogging? And some guy who got a job at Google lost it as well due to blogging (maybe he wasn’t using Blogger? heh).

  22. There have been a few news reports of people being fired because of the content of their blog.

  23. I’ll sometimes google a guy before going out with him… I would have reservation about going out if I found his blog… yeah I know it’s a double standard, but you also can’t find my blog by using my real name.

  24. LMAO! Thank god you can’t find my blog by googling my name, although, we do live in LA, people do a lot worse here. Doncha think?

  25. That would have been a nice time to tell her that your penis writes a lot.

  26. And here I’ve been worrying that my blog content isn’t salacious enough.

  27. I thought I was paranoid. At least now, I know I have good reason to be.

  28. As far as I can tell no one who can hire or fire me is capable of reading so I’m not worried.

  29. The Moviequill

    April 25, 2006 at 6:07 am

    more details on the “nicely shaped tits” please… am I shallow? I think not

  30. Had to verify it but now dooce is a verb.

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