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Muslims Hate Denmark


Flags burned and protesters chanted as outrage spread over the Middle East, with Denmark being the brunt of the storm.   Trouble started brewing when Frederik Anders, a 12 year old boy from Copenhagen, posted a photo on his blog of the Egyptian pyramid he built from materials created by the Denmark-based company LEGO. 


His blog, "I Love LEGO" was bombarded with messages threatening him with death.   Islamic leaders demanded an apology from the Danish government, or predicted more violence.

At a demonstration organized by Hamas, tens of thousands of protesters marched in the streets, some of them chanting: "Those responsible should have their hands cut off."

"We are a religion of peace," said a cleric.

Oops, wrong story.  Oh, yes, the satirical cartoons published in the Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten.   One of the cartoons shows Muhammad as a jihad warrior wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. 

I wouldn’t dare publish the cartoons here, in fear of my life.   But as a newly self-actualized Jewish blogger, I can publish this lovely "satirical" cartoon  from today’s Bahrain’s newspaper, Akhbar al-Khalij, explaining how this Danish situation was really caused  BY THE JEWS!  


The text reads "The Penetration of Zionism to Denmark."  Notice the "Star of David"- shaped cheese and the worms.

That’s it! — this weekend I am boycotting all shish-kabobs!

Update:  You can see the "offensive" Danish cartoons here,  here, and here.

Update #2:   The burning of the Danish Embassy in Syria.


Update #3:  Burning the Danish Consulate in Beirut — all because of cartoons…


UPDATE 4:  I’ve decided to "publish" the photos as well, in support of the Danish publisher.

(stolen from TWM)


  1. Yasmiin

    Oh that is funny, yeah buddy please do boycotting all shishkabab loool

  2. Michael

    As an amateur cartoonist, that Danish guy is my new hero! I mean, to think, a silly little doodle enraging millions of morons — I mean, fanatical muslims, sorry… Take that, Doonesbury! Did Charles Schultz ever have to take down Peanuts and hide inside the doghouse, instead of sleeping atop it like Snoopy? Good grief!

    (if Mohammed had a bomb in his turban, did it make him look like a blockhead?)

  3. Ray Charles Istre

    Given the uproar about the Muslim cartoons, I wanted to invite you to see “Ugly” Jesus… he’s not “Pretty” or “GQ”… Does Jesus care how he was depicted, or even that he was depicted in art?

    Ray Charles Istre

  4. Neil

    Michael — Charles Schultz made a mint mocking psychiatry with the way that that two-faced Lucy would charge for her shitty psychiatric advice. Lucy was also an insult to women by the way she was portrayed as a “feminist bitch” (taking football away from Charlie Brown), a “slut and ho” (throwing herself repeatedly at Schroeder, almost ruining his classical music career), and “emotionally unstable with PMS” (constantly breaking Schroeder’s bust of Beethoven). Why was there no protest by women in the media?

  5. Sophia

    What about your “Family Circus” post? That was insulting to families everywhere.

  6. Spirit Of Owl

    That Frederick fucking Anders. Again? Tuh.

  7. Spirit Of Owl

    Oh yeah, let the cartoons freeeeee!

  8. He's Dead, Jim!

    This whole situation is downright scary. Mohammed was truly a great man. And Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world.

    If nothing else, let this issue be a reason for at least ONE PERSON to read about Islam and to understand what it really means. It’s a lovely philosophy in its true form. But, as with anything that has been pushed to its extreme, it has become wildly disfigured by politics.

    I was raised Catholic but identify more with Buddhism than anything. A while back I decided to read on the World’s major religions and realize that we are essentially the same.

    What a shame not more people realize this. Bloggers…. your assignment should you choose to accept it: Read about the origins of three religions this weekend. Let’s make the world a better place one person at a time.


  9. Just Lil Ole Daisy Mae

    I would say I am surprised but come on, are any of us surprised by what the Muslims do while chanting the whole while “we are peaceful people”. There now, I thought not.

  10. Neil

    Daisy Mae — I really don’t think either of us should include the entire Muslim world in one swoop. Now that I think about it, my title was probably inflammatory, and I apologize for it.

    That said, let me turn to my friend, HDJ.

    HDJ, this is what you said —

    “If nothing else, let this issue be a reason for at least ONE PERSON to read about Islam and to understand what it really means. ”

    HDJ, I know you’re a peace-loving person and we need more of you in this world. I really do mean that, especially in a world where there is so much hate. But the first question that comes to my mind in response to your comment is, “Why?” What does that have to do with the situation? We’re not really talking about Mohammed, are we? We’re talking about some members of a group threatening violence for nonsensical reasons in the year 2006. If you were a teacher in the second grade and there was a bratty kid in the room throwing things at others and going into tantrums when he didn’t get his way, making racist and false accusations at the boy in front of him, and threatening others with violence, what would be your response? Would you give a homework assignment to the REST OF THE CLASS requiring them to go home and do a paper on this kid’s family heritage so they can understand him better? Or would you send him to detention?

  11. Aviva

    I applaud the surprising existence of an intelligent political post. here i was wasting time, reading mostly stupid blogs, when i wandered across a post that made me smile while introducing, if not addressing, some pressing points.

  12. Aviva

    the part detailing my two cents was deleted. to sum it up, the moslem point would appear more valid were jews, rabbis and other religious figures not depicted so despicably in their media…

    yes, depicting the prophet is extremely offensive to moslems. however, it’s impossible to eliminate all offences without eliminating the freedoms of speech and press that we so value in western society.

    today a qassam rocket hit a home in kibbutz karmiya, injuring an infant.

    the hamas charter calls for the death of israel and all of the jewish people.

    and their most pressing concern is a cartoon?

  13. Neil

    Aviva, I don’t think we need to turn this discussion into an Israel vs. Palestinian one. For once, Israel really has nothing to do with this, despite what the Bahrainian cartoon says to rev up the hatred (if you really want to see some offensive politcial cartoons, it’s absolutely scary the ones that the Arab media publish about the Jews).

    The main issue here is repressive Middle Eastern countries that keep their populace living with religious and political ideologies that are 500 years behind the times. The “Western world” is not perfect. It is a society that created Mozart, but also the Nazis. But many in the Muslim world could learn from the West. The West is not all McDonald’s and pornography. There are some great accomplishments to be proud of, such as democracy, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

  14. Wotm

    Hi thanks for the cartoons and an interesting website.

    As far as I know not one Muslim has actually left Denmark even though they hate this country so much.

    I wonder why?

    Could it have something with Denmark’s generosity – social help, free education and health care to everybody?

  15. better safe than sorry


  16. Tatyana

    Neil, I’m afraid after reading this you’ll stop eating altogether.

    HDJ, why don’t you go hug a tree?

  17. TWM

    What the heck is a “shish-kabob” asks this Southerner.

  18. My Life is God's Comic Strip

    Hey Neil, when I saw that you linked to the cartoons on my site, I posted all twelve. Maybe we (along with many others) can show how utterly ridiculous this whole thing is.

  19. Neil

    Tatyana — I’m sure HDJ doesn’t advocate hatred of anybody. I’m certain she is hoping that the Muslim world would be as understanding of us, as we should be of them. Like I said before, we need people like HDJ and John Lennon and Ganhdi in this world, to remind us of idealism.

    (By the way, I know other women find it very sexy when a man defends a woman’s honor — so please take note of this, female bloggers)

    To be honest, I feel very similar to HDJ myself. But the last thing I want is for people like us actually making public policy. Since I hear stories from teacher-bloggers all the time, I thought I used a pretty good analogy before. A lot of teachers go into the field very idealistic, but they quickly learn that rules need to be established before there is chaos, like what happens when a substitute teacher comes in. Do we really want a large group of people in this world threatening to kill and blow things up because of a stupid CARTOON? I’m not sure you want to “cave in” to that.

    TWM — Do you seriously not know what a shish-kabob is? You must be joking. And by the way, just for my own understanding, if I were categorizing you geographically, would I consider Tennessee as being in the same “South” as Georgia and Virginia? As for shish-kabob — here’s someplace to take the wife out to tonight:

    Morroco Cafe
    786 Echles St
    Memphis, TN 38111

    Here’s a review:

  20. Phil

    Check out these “Jew-Loving” Muslim cartoons:

    and this:

    or this:

  21. Neil

    Here’s where I’m always torn between traditional progressive and conservative values:

    Progressives rightly want to “to understand the ‘anger’ of the masses.” There’s a lot of truth to that, but also a bit of condescension. Shouldn’t the ACLU be 100% behind the right of the Danish publisher? They’re always behind the right of Nazis to march through towns? Do we really expect less of the Arab world in terms of social responsibility because they are Muslim? It almost sounds insulting.

    Conservative like to emphasize personal responsibility and equal “moral standards.” But we live in very different countries. And we are partly responsible for turning our eyes away from repressive regimes because of oil. Most of those crazy people in the street are being used by religious and political leaders to keep themselves in power. It is a distorted way of thinking that is involved, not a specific people. Look how different most Germans are 60 years after World War 2. But they had to be pushed into changing. And we should be pushing the Arab religious leaders into joining the 21st Century.

  22. Jack

    Until the Muslim world cleans up the cartoons that their newspapers publish they have no credibility.

    This behavior is shameful. I don’t that all Muslims are bad or terrorists, but I also think that they have been way too quiet.

    Nonviolent protests are legitimate, but threats of violence over a cartoon are nothing more than infantile actions that should be denounced.

  23. TWM

    Oh, all I know is it is meat and veggies on a stick? LOL But is a “real” one a special kind of meat with special seasoning? These things I need to know.

    While we are all Southerners the people of the various states in the South can be almost as different as they are the same. Heck, the people in north Georgia or Atlanta are different from the ones in south Georgia. What I mean is I can’t really say if I am like the people in Georgia or Virginia. I am probably like some and unlike others.

    Not sure I can explain it better than that.

  24. Neil

    TWM —

    I just give up with categorizing anyone. It’s just too complicated.

    By the way, TWM, I guess I should thank you for the tolerance you’ve shown me and your good humor, despite the fact that I’ve repeatedly made fun of JESUS — here and here and here and here and here.

    Isn’t that what makes America great? Persecuted for a thousand years, Jews have finally found a home where they can make Jesus jokes and get Christians to put up with it.

    Just don’t make any gefilte fish jokes, Christians. Hands off. That’s for Jews alone.

    Tonight I’m eating some apple pie.

    Tatyana — I’m not sure “hating” is a term I feel comfortable with, but I fear you are right.

  25. Tatyana

    Neil, “doesn’t advocate hatred of anybody” is exactly what pisses me off.

    Hating someone who wants to eliminate your entire nation is not only rightful, it’s mandatory if you want to call yourself a moral person. If you don’t know whom to hate, you’re not even considered mentally sound in the court of law since you’re unable to differentiate between Right and Wrong.

    I think the current situation reminds us of idealism (how it is the root and cause of it, to be specific) enough, w/o new Gandhi or Lennon surfacing in the near future. Toothless idealists (not in literal sense, I’m sure they use all achievements of Western dentistry to keep their molars in good repair) can go sit on the most fashionable Yoga rug of the moment and keep omming their aria of universal love until them, not someone unknown and his kid in Israel will be blown to pieces by peace-loving muslim.

  26. jaime

    Great post Neil. I really like what you have to say. Thanks for writing it.

  27. Doctor Bean

    Great post Neil. I’m delighted to see you dip a toe in political waters.

  28. Neil

    Thank you, Dr. Bean. But it was my left toe.

  29. cruisin-mom

    Wow, Neil, this whole post just proves one thing…not only are you Jewish and sexy, you’re smart too. (can you cook?)

  30. Neil

    I can make shish-kabobs.

  31. helen

    🙂 I know Iknow. I was following CNN and I don’t believe it!! The cartoon would be in bad taste IF the artist was talking about religion… but, he is not. He’s not poking fun at the religion, he’s poking fun at the terrorists who love to put everything onto the prophet’s tab. If anyone is giving the prophet or the faith a bad name, it’s those terrorists who uses His name in vain.

    I love Danish cookies…. but they are made in Indonesia.

    Good post.

  32. Neil

    There’s one thing everyone can agree on. Those Danish make excellent cookies! And are danishes Danish?

  33. Sophia

    No, they are not.

    “Danish pastry is in its origin an Austrian (Viennese) bread type which was brought to Denmark by Danish backers who had worked in Vienna…”

  34. Aviva

    you wish this didn’t have anything to do with israel…

    “political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its website in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many Muslims.

    The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League’s site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth. (AP)”

    israel shouldn’t be pulled into this but unfortunately we don’t live in a normal world.

    and my comment pertained to the priorities of a morality-based moslem world.

    they’re rioting over cartoons. perhaps they should worry about many other, more sizable problems before focusing on something of this size.

    that’s my opinion and i’m sticking to it. ciao

  35. TWM

    What’s a gefilte fish? I know catfish, but I don’t know from gefilte fish.

    I don’t mind when people make fun of Jesus or Christianity or Catholicism. Heck, sometimes they beg to be made fun of. It’s when they put baby Jesus in piss that I get annoyed. But the thing is, annoyed is all I get. I don’t break out the AK, make a bomb and start storming embassies.

    Oh, and Neil, I appreciate your open-mindedness too, since I am pretty sure you don’t agree with my conservative views much of the time. Of course, if I understand correctly, I got Sophia on my conservative side – he he.

  36. Neil

    TWM — Once you go out for that Morrocan shish-kabob, the next week you can go to:

    Nosh-A-Rye Kosher Deli
    36 Bazeberry Rd
    Cordova, TN 38018-7754

    After that, you’ll be ready to personally solve all problems between Israel and the Arab countries.

  37. Tatyana

    Cruising, how strange: I’m Jewish, sexy and can cook (oh definitely can cook) – but nobody finds the combination unusual or rare…you’re first!

    Neil, one of my LJournal friends, living in London, posted a roundup in her journal this morning – and she says (translation from Russian)

    …”Kipling is a poet contemporary England is ashamed of. But nobody said it better” .

    Here’s the link.

    One of the commenters rightfully notes that only one person from Times’ interviewees, A.C. Grayling, has the stones to say it as it is:

    “Free speech is the fundamental civil liberty. Without it none of the others is possible. I applaud the newspapers in Europe that have shown solidarity with Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper by reprinting the cartoons, and regard our own Foreign Secretary as pusillanimous in buckling to the artificially inflated hysteria of those who think that feeling offended gives them a licence to censor other people’s freedom to criticise and satirise whomever they wish.”

  38. Pearl

    Neil, our kitchen is open to your culinary, cultural self.

    You and my hubby can have a cook-off and a bake-off. And I have to tell you, he makes a mean shish-ka-bob, which has more of a Thai flavoring, mixed in with the Middle-Eastern spices.

    And may the better man…clean up the kitchen after himself!

  39. Tatyana

    Shish-kabob in the urban kitchen is an abomination. After night of marinating the meat on skewers should be barbequed over hot coals (not flame!) in the outdoors, preferably in the a href=”wood clearing somewhere in the mountains, accompanied in the process by fresh air, lively conversation and lots and lots of red wine.

    Speaking of Thai: Pearl, I was just getting my battery of ingredients ready for the piece of eye roast, poked with garlic, marinated in Thai Nong Khai Mountain Sauce and roasted with pomegpanate.

  40. Sandra

    My god. I am searching for something clever to say but am coming up short. It’s fucking awful, incredibly ridiculous, and a frightening (and fiery) symbol of a much larger problem. So I’m going to go with: awful, awful, awful.

  41. Wendy

    I had something really pithy to say, but after reading all the comments, now I’m too hungry! (off to get a snack – maybe a Belgian waffle?) Great post. Thanks, Neil.

  42. Elvira Black

    I dunno….Jewish star or not, that cheese doesn’t look kosher–mixing milk with worm meat is a no no!

  43. Elvira Black

    PS: What’s more offensive: publishing political/satrical cartoons or claiming the Holocaust is a myth?

  44. Spirit Of Owl

    Neil! Shush! I’m watching the Super Bowl.

  45. Neil

    Spirit — You watch the Super Bowl in the UK? You’re more American than I am. I Tivo it and skip the game to watch the stupid beer commercials. So far, nothing too memorable.

    Just say the burning of consulate in Beirut. This is just plain scary.

  46. Tatyana

    Scary? I thought you welcome danger, Neil; if things will develop in the similar scenarios here (and I don’t see many reasons why not) as in Europe, you’ll have your wish, the one you had when missed witnessing 9/11, come true.

    As Avva said, the whole bruhaha is an example of characteristic upside-down logic: let’s say you’re a Muslim offended that your religion is associated with terrorists in some contry’s newspaper. What do you do to repel this accusation? You burn flags of offending country, you’re physically treatening citizens of said countries, you burn their embassies and you (Iran’s president), declared boycott on all products manufactured in those countries [which is in itself a very very good idea says I: they impose sunctions upon themselves w/o the UN battles!], you will treaten the enemy with death, terrorist acts and destruction until they back up and refuse to call your religion terrorist!

    I keep repeating all day, after one of the commenters @Samizdata, Mr.Burn’s’ “Ex-cel-lent!”

  47. Sedulia

    It looks as if only a minority of those arrested in Beirut for attacking the Danish mission were actually Lebanese. Most of those arrested were Palestinians and Syrians. I strongly suspect that certain governments are encouraging the action. Demonstrations against Danes are safe for those governments!

    I wish every newspaper in the free world (while that still means something) would publish those cartoons on the same day.

  48. Neil

    Me, too. And I agree about Syria. This way, it keeps the focus off their own corrupt government.

  49. Fitèna

    Hi Neil,

    Am glad you didn’t publish the cartoon here. This is a situation we would have done without. I believe that your rights stop where somebody else’s start. Imagine what would the world have been like if we’d do whatever we wished in the name of freedom of this or freedom of that. I was pleasantly surprised the Vatican took a stand on this issue. Whatever anyone would say, Islam is a religion of Peace. Just read what the Quran says about other Prophets. We just are not permitted to represent ANY Prophet in any form whatsover. We belives that it leads to cult of the personality, ultimately Polytheism. This whole situation is tragic, more so, since it could have been avoided so easily.


  50. Wotm

    They have a strange way of showing Islam as the religion of peace….

  51. Tatyana

    please read the comments above and stop repeating failed argument re: religion of peace etc, it doesn’t show your intelligence in favorable light.

    As to prohibition on images of Mohammad, here’s the history of images of him that existed in muslim or christian sources/publications for centuries – and no burning of embassies were involved.

  52. Neil

    Fitena, I’m really glad you wrote because this issue is so much more interesting hearing the other side of the view. I can perfectly understand being outraged at a sacred religious leader being put in a cartoon. But I think what is most scary is the reaction to the cartoon. The Western world has worked very hard to get to the point where people are free to express themselves, even in ways that I hate. Do we really want to live in a world where a stupid cartoon can get you death threats? So, the argument isn’t whether of not the newspaper was right to publish the cartoon, it is whether or not the Arab Muslim clerics can bring their followers to live in a world that has grown up a lot since the 15th Century.

    Again, don’t be scared off by Tatyana! I’d love to hear more of your opinion.

    • Julia Simmons

      recently photos of afghani woman with nose cut off. please come to Santa Cruz California and see children whose parents burn them with cigarettes and worse and then rant that Christian americans do that all the time. use some logic. In an average computer science course in california if you make a joke about a japanese person you may be attacked and beaten ….. i have seen it happen. jokes against ethnic groups are not allowed. but you say anything you want about the Irish for example and nobody complains. Apparently there is somebody over there in Denmark who wants to test the waters and rant about islam’s faults and evils. please look at yourself. look around you. how is everybody treated where you are or are you used to ignoring that. children and women are beaten and maimed everywhere in every country. i get so tired of all these western people preaching about saving the savage countries of middle east. has it ever occurred to you that there is a lot of evidence that your own country is as bad or even worse. look at the statistics. look at the beaten and missing women and children all over world. figure it out: the mean dominate everywhere and are all the same everywhere.

  53. Tatyana

    Sorry to piss on your consiliatory parade, Neil.
    You’ve made your bed.

  54. Neil

    Tatyana, don’t you think it is important to make rational Muslims see how crazy their “brothers” are, burning buildings over a cartoon? Maybe if they speak out against this, it will have more effect than you or I, who are mostly preaching to the converted.

    But I added the gallery of cartoons to the post. Tatyana does have a point. My apologies, Fitena, if I offend you. It is not really my intention. But I’ve made jokes about Jews, Christians, and Mormons. Muslims should be able to accept nonsense such as this without it destroying the fabric of their religion.

  55. jacob

    From the Danish PM:
    I want to emphasise that in Denmark we attach fundamental importance to the freedom of expression, which is a vital and indispensable part of a democratic society.

    This being said I would like to stress as my personal opinion that I deeply respect the religious feelings of other people. Consequently, I would never myself have chosen to depict religious symbols in this way. Likewise I am deeply distressed by the fact that these drawings by many Muslims have been seen as a defamation of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam as a religion. I hope that the apology of the independent newspaper Jyllands-Posten will contribute to comfort those that have been hurt.

    I am pleased to note that this apology has been received positively by Muslim communities in Denmark and that they have pledged support for our efforts.

    I want to emphasise that the Danish Government condemns any expression, action or indication that attempts to demonise groups of people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background. It is the sort of thing that does not belong in a society that is based on respect for the individual human being.

    On this basis I call on all parties to abstain from any statement or action that will create further tension. In Denmark as well as in other countries we must do our utmost to get back to the dialogue and build on the friendship that has always characterized the relations between Denmark and the Muslim world

  56. Neil

    Frankly, it’s pretty pathetic that the Danish government even has to come out with a statement, although I understand why they are doing it.

    But I certainly wouldn’t want the United States Government having to step in to speak for some controversial article in the Los Angeles Times. The newspaper could basically tell the government to “fuck off” if it wanted to, and they couldn’t do much about it. I’m not even sure why there is a boycott on Denmark — as if they are representatives of their country’s newspaper. I think the New York Post is a shitty newspaper, but I’m not going to blame the City of New York.

  57. Jack

    This whole situation is tragic, more so, since it could have been avoided so easily.

    Yes, if they behaved like mature people and engaged in nonviolent protests we wouldn’t have people reacting because they are afraid of terrorist threats.

  58. Sophia

    Tatyana, this reminds me of a very old Russian joke:
    Nixon comes to visit Brezhnev and says: We respect freedom of speech in America. Anyone can stand in front of The White House and scream “Nixon is an idiot.” To which Brezhnev replies: Hah, we respect freedom of speech here no less than you do. Anyone can stand in front of Kremlin and yell: “Nixon is an idiot.”

  59. Fitèna

    Neil, Tatyana,
    You notice I said nothing about the the “reaction to the cartoons”? Tatyana, I’ve seen the site you linked, I still say its a prohibition to show imageries of ANY prophet. Still, do the pictures in the site you linked look like cartoons to you?

    Second, we are not just used to laughing at any religion. That’s the reason why these cartoons are seen as a provocation, not just the radicals, but from the average muslims like me. To take a critical distance and not respond to provocation would have been the ideal reaction but how do you go about taking a critical distance when emotion is involved?

    Am sad when I realise how this issue is doing as absolutely no favour on two sides: the radicals are handed substance to fuel their politics and non-muslims look at us and say, “stop repeating failed argument re: religion of peace”.

    Thank you Neil, “on your consiliatory parade.” To be open minded at this point is refreshing!


  60. Neil

    Fitena — The one big question you ask — “how do you go about taking a critical distance when emotion is involved?”

    And the answer is, “You just do. That’s part of what being an adult is all about.” No one can live in a world where the “provocations” of cartoons equals the burning down of buildings. Even if mocking a prophet is a prohibition in your religion, you just have to accept the fact that other people are jerks and that’s life. You can call him a jerk. You can refuse to be his friend. But you can’t threaten him with violence. Once you do that, you become a mobster. I think it’s your job Fitena — and other reasonable Muslims — to tell the more radical members that they need to start living in the world with other people. Part of being a grown up human is learning to be critical and not letting emotions rule. It’s the mind that distinguishes humans from animals.

    There are plenty of cartoons out there that are insulting to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. But only Muslims seem to react this way — using violence as a tool. That’s why so many of us have problems with this concept of Islam being a “religion of peace.” We’d like to see it in action once in a while, rather than just talked about.

  61. Fitèna

    Its hard being an adult 🙂 Am with you here, 100%.

    Peace, is no myth in Islam. Its the Islam I’m living and millions of others like me who you never hear out, we’re so peaceful there’s nothing interesting about us to be talked about.

    We condemn violence, its sad to admit but Cynicism, irony and indeed blasphemy are part of culture. Since voltaire.

    The cartoons are no justification for this violence. But then Neil, isn’t it other’s civic responsibility not to offend others in anyway whatsover?

    I forgot, there are jerks who don’t give a heck about civic or any responsibility whatsover. You’re right.


  62. Fitèna

    BTW, check out my last post.

    Thank you Neil,


  63. Neil

    Thanks, Fitena, for helping me remember not to stereotype any group. I agree that it would be nice if the media would focus more on the everyday people rather than the overly-dramatic ones. The U.S. media in particular is always forgetting that not all Muslims are Arabs, and vice versa.

    By the way, your mention of Voltaire clearly sets up the inclusion of his most famous quotes:

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to
    say it.”

  64. Tatyana

    Fatma (or Fitena, I’m not sure which one you prefer),

    you’re making a mistake in saying “Mohammed imagery is forbidden”: whatever or prohibitions or directives you voluntarily accepted in your religion, it applies to you as a practitioner, not to other people who are not. Be it depiction of Mohammed for you, celebrating Sabbath for Jews or having seafood-only Xmas dinner for Roman Catholics.

    You’re free to practice your beliefs as long as you don’t extend them as obligations upon others: this is the general rule in civilized society.

    As to difference between cartoons and complimentary portraits – all I can say, some like it hot. It’s their right.

    Am I right in thinking you can read French? Here’s an article on the topic from Le Figaro. (thanks, J.Cassian!)

  65. Suley

    Thanks for posting this Neil. We shouldn’t have to fear for our lives when it comes to cartoons. It’s absurd. Part of freedom of speech is being able to look someone, or something, straight in the eye and say: “Go to hell.”

    I love the Danes. They make great beer. Carlsberg is excellent. Hamlet was a Dane.

    I think the big problem here is that in those countries where the really violent protests are taking place, the governments are looking to deflect attention away from internal problems. So they encourage the masses to go out and burn european embassies. Hey, better the Danish embassy than the palace where the autocrat/mullah/king lives.


  66. Fitèna


    Thanks for the link. Be reading it.


  67. no name cause they may kill me !!

    You see muslims are so angry cause of these cartoons but want to ask a question .. in iraq Shia muslims bomb Suni muslims mosques and burn there Korans also vice versa.. why they want the world to respect there prphet if they do nt love or respect themselves ? bombing a mosque and burning the koran is much bad than the cartoons

  68. john richmond

    I hate Denmark. It is full of small minded stupid idiots. I can,t wait to leave this hell hole.

    • christian

      dear John.

      “Can’t” is spelled with an apostrophe (like so ” ‘ “) and not with a comma ( as you did )

  69. proud to be a muslim

    we r so lucky to have a prophet like mohamud (( peace be upon him)) .. i will not say anything because u will not affect us .. draw what u want and write what u want .. (( WE LOVE ALLAH AND MOHAMMUD THE MOST ))..

    and do u know that our prophet tell us not to kill each other .. and islam =peace .. and muslims when meet each other say : peace be upon u .. and that show how great is islam !!

  70. Proud to be Dane

    Greetings from Denmark!
    I am proud of Denmark being the worlds largest producer of Muhammed Cartoons!
    Finaly we found something we are good at:)

  71. Pernille From Denmark

    You have not even bin there?

  72. Hassan Abduhl Muhammed

    Fuck all danish citizens!
    They are all a piece of shit, and should go to hell!
    Allah! Allah! Allah! Allah!

  73. Alan

    John Richmond is right. Denmark is an awful country to live. You’d only love it here if you can sponge off the benefits system. Self-motivated and hard workers need not apply…

  74. JeghaderDK

    its Denmark’s own fault whats happened, i am Dane, and i feel no pity for that fucked up country. The Danish goverment invited the muslims to come here to work in the 60’ers. Now they must learn from their mistakes

  75. basse

    I have lived in that fucking country more that 30 years, its an awful awful horrible place to live. The Danes are a bunch of faggots and idiots, and no one cares about others than themselves. The Climate is so fucked up too, always cold and dark!! Anything is extremely expensive and the whole country is full of muslims, why not rename it BAGDAD, IRAQ II. I hate this fucking hole, and if i had the possibility i would NEVER EVER come back to there again.

    Im NOT supporting muslims, i just hate Denmark and all it stands for. Fuck off!!!

  76. Kamran

    No one have the right to make fun of any realigen i am muslim but i respect all others

    Denmark should review its freedom
    99.5 freedom .5 sensor

    I hate the newpaper and all who support

  77. muss

    Hey, im danish. and i just want to say, that all this about those cartoons are blowed up!
    we have the rights to draw what ever we want to, yes i find the second time they where posted as an insult but serusly? we as a country has to stand up, and not say “sorry” just becuse other pepolpe all over teh world is insulted. i am proud of being a dane, and for what we stand for. but i think that its sad, to see all these pepople all over the world, hate a houl country because some cartoons. and i think that you all should think abot what they are doing, i mean pepole around the world think that denmark is a racist land, as its NOT! its the totally oppisits! in my country there is muslims who are politicks and so on, and we are not a racist land!

  78. muss

    All you people who says you hate denmark should really be ashamed of yourself! there is nothing to hate it for! its a beutiful, non-racist country! and everyone is welcome there, included muslims!

  79. missaats

    I think that was really wrong of denmark’s newspapers to draw the pics, why just why would u do anything like that if u know its gonna hurt people, the people who havent been there,like me, will obviously think its a freaking racist country. and they should apologise to every muslim country in the whole world and understand not to do this mistakes again and learn, muslim r peaceful but if u start making a of the religion and prophet a fire runs through them so dont try it OK!!!! bie

    • madz

      you people need to get real.

      one guy made some offensive drawings and suddenly everyone believe all danes hate muslims.
      i have to honest with ya, I don’t like that old basterd neither who draw those cartoons. He actualy left his own grandson while he ran for his own safety when a angry muslim guy with an axe tried to attack him in his house, apperantly this old selfish basterd cares more for him self and his huge ego than for the rest his fellow danes who have to live in fear from suicide attackers and angry people where ever we might go.

      because people in many muslim countries are uneducated and live in a undeveloped country ruled by an dictator it is hard for them to understand rich countries who have the right to say what ever they want when ever they want.

      so my point is that, even though we have freedom of speech we are still allowed to use our commen sense before we insult 1 billion muslims.

      another thing:

      I read lot’s of comments about how danish poeple are and there are many negative comments on that subject.
      well, how many of you have actually been to denmark? let me tell you how things work.
      we have the old generation both muslim-danish and just danish people, the old generation seemes to keep hateing each other and tries to make other hate too, while the young generation (which im part of) seems to put all that hatetred behind. I meet a lot of nice people both muslim, asian and so on while traveling to and back from school and work.
      everyone seem to come along very nicely, so all thoset hate comments about us danes arent all true.

      I have been to a couple muslim countries, one was Egypt. at that time when i was in egypt the rage against denmark was at its highest level, but the cool thing was that many people would rather invite us for in for a cup of tea and share our thoughts about each other and the current situation rather than getting angry.

      I’m not a very smart person, i’m unrelegious but i’m not an idiot.

      I hope this will change at least someone’s mind.

      sorry for my awfull spelling, im very tirret.

      thats all for now. LOVE FROM DENMARK!

  80. Sadia

    Every religion has some sacred thing associated with it. Mulims never make fun of any other religion. Then why any other person tries to play with only and only the Muslims’a dearest personality????….Mind it!!!! you people may not be so dedicated to the respect of YOUR sacrede persons and books…But Muslims are Live Nation…We will tell you what this would result…You people are actually DEAD inside…none of you is actually following your religion in true meanings….so y would you care if anybody abuses Jesus?…Only that’s why.only that’s why you cannot ever feel what muslims do feel with such things of like making cartoons and movies against islamic sacred people and Books….You people are shameless and dont know how to respect somethings.. you dont knw the meaning of respect even…Huh!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU DENMARK!!!…..SHAME ON YOU!!! ALLL OF US HATE YOU AND WILL BYCOTT YOUR PRODUCT..WILL BYCOTT YOU ECONOMICALLY AND SOCIALLY….InshAllah.

  81. Farheen

    thank u those who support us muslims and who belive in Allah cause denmarks will soon come to sense and we will be not maken fun out of in news papers

  82. afraidtosay

    Danish people are xenofobic people. They hate everione who doesn’t look like them. Seek 100% but it’s true. I do not look like a Dane and I have dayli experienced racisme. I have been in Denmark more than 17 years and until now I did’nt find a danish friend. Danish hates foriners, and most of all they hates muslims. I’m not muslim but I feel danish hate every day. I’m tired of this and I’m going to leave Denmark for ever. 17 years of my life gone in pain. Danish society is build on lies and hatred. God damn Denmark.

  83. Vinholt

    >> afraidtosay
    If Danish society is build on lies and hatred, how come we societally are the happiest country in the world?

  84. Vinholt

    >> Sadia
    We don’t care if you boycot our products. Our economy is going fine. Apparently yours don’t. Every day people from the Middle East come to Denmark, and beg for our money by seeking asylum. Geesh.
    Oh, and btw – adults with imaginary friends are stupid.

  85. Nick

    I am not a Muslim but I think something wrong with Danish people. They are so selfish and arrogant. They think that they can manage everything. Happiest people??? Kiss my ass. I have been working with Danish people for more than 15 years now. They think that Denmark is the best country, Danish people are the happiest, they know everything etc. Some Danish people are so low educated but they think that they are the master of the universe. How can you explain that?
    Anyway, I think Danes are seriously stupid and I believe that I have very good reasons to think that way.
    Oh, btw; I think because of the same reasons this caricature stuff happened in Denmark. They just want to throw up they sickness.

  86. Nick

    Just a second. I am the same guy (Nick) who wrote the text above. Just now I read the text written by “afraidtosay on 07.10.08 8:30 am”.
    Man, I understand and support you. Leave that sick country as soon as possible. I have never been in Denmark but I know that I can not stand even 1 year.
    People who don’t have such experience can not understand how/why Danish people can be this much sick.
    I wish I have a superpower to change Danes into pigs in a moment because they are already pigs in human shape. Happiest pigs in the world!!!

  87. Sarah James

    This goes deeper then the cartoonist and his lego pictures. Denmark is a very racist country. Danes dont employ any other racegroup at their jobs. I know a guy who got an MBA from Copenhagen business school who speaks danish fluently and who is muslim. Guess what job he is doing??? He is a taxi driver. Its not just one guy i hear from alot of people of colour that they fail to get jobs out here and are treated badly. You need to bring about Cultural diversity this Jantehoven is bullshit practise what u preach.

  88. muslim



    Islam will destroy the west and the freedoms we have. There are to few who will have the character to say that all the political correctness is wrong. We are too weak to fight the greedy traitors who sell us to the muslimer. Gud bless danmark

  90. was

    I belive the problem here is the people that designe these cartoons dont really belive in there own religion them self. Ive noticed alot of christians and few other religions even while classing them self as christians or what ever they dont really belive in god. They belive that its just scince people give birth and they die thats the end. So they dont see any harm in designing cartoons or other people religions. This is what i call being narrow minded because they are just thinking about there own belifes. This is a free world and everyone have there own opions of what they want to do. But i belive its a discrase to abuse other people belifes. People that draw cartoons like these show there own true couler they are no diffrents from terriest because what they do is bring terror to peoples. A terriest put fear into people head they cause disturbance to there life. If i were a cristian or what ever religion and people drew jeuses throwing bombs at incenet people and blowing things up it would bring terror to my heart thinking why would people think of my profit in such outrages way after all they have done for us. I belive if you are drawing such cartoons you should not be treated any diffrents from a person who about to atemth a terror attack…

  91. Amahazi

    I’m not a Muslim, I’m European, I live in Denmark and I just cannot stand it anymore. Hateful people. Noone cares for anyone but themselves, selfish, cold, sad bastards. It’s not only the Middle East that hates Denmark, Swedes don’t like Denmark either. And for all those Danes who think their country is just fine, maybe you should think twice. Racism exists here and a lot. I guess it’s normal that a white blond scandinavian doesn’t sense racism. He/she isn’t victim of racism!

  92. John

    I also live in DK, I can report that this place is a hateful, racist, self-absorbed little nation that loves to to cast its hate on other nationalities, yet is aghast if anyone has anything negative to say about it.

    Free speech is a popular Danish hobby. But get this, Danes only like free speech when it is practiced by fellow Danes.

  93. Melih

    I am an 18 years-old guy, and also a citizen of Türkiye. I must admit that I’m truly stunned by all those hate comments. Lots and lots of ignorance here! Some of thou have plenty of implausible misconteptions about Islam and Muslims. BUT THAT’S ENOUGH, eh? I’m tired, tired of those people calling us terrorists just because we’re Muslims. Loosen up, study what some of these othersights are saying. I had to choke back the laughter at some Danes’ comments about how tolerant Danes are!! Do not judge your citizens by reading their logical comments about their country. I can sympathize with all those rightful feelings of Danes. I am very fond of Swedish people and their culture, and also I have been learning Swedish for 2 years here in Türkiye just because of my geekiness for them. On the very conrary, hate is a strong word but I don’t like them. I have been all around Denmark and Sweden, and personally I think lots of the Danes have been the most racist people in northern Europe. How do you think this anti Muslim bigotry makes Denmark one of the most tolerant and accepting countries on the planet. Are you afraid that someone might just happen to learn the real truth about real racial and religious discrimination to Muslims? Why be afraid of seeing what real Muslims are saying?! You might just learn something like everything you’ve been brought up to believe about Muslims and Islam is actually not true, eh? 🙂 Truth stands alone!! It needs to be defended, but only when you know the facts. Most of the Christians think they know, but they don’t at all. You have been brainwashed, duped, and enslaved in your ignorance. Terrorists ARE NOT real Muslims, they’re just some fucked-up guys who use the religion to justify their crimes with their total assoholic thoughts. It is like some sort of fanatic Nazis. Anywho… Do not generalize all the Muslims. Such lies and smear campaigns hurt those people greatly and deeply. We do not choose the place we were born so the history, common religious believes, traditions, or policy of our society can not reflect us. Further, let’s quit generalizing people according to their race, religion or whatever…

    Greetings from Istanbul. (Sorry for being so long in the comment)

  94. o

    “Sadly some of the most unintelligent people are raised as muslims…” said by a muslim politician.

    How can you say that you hate Denmark? DENMARK did’nt draw those stupid cartoons, the drawers of the newspaper did, that involved 12 people out of a country consisting of 5.000.000 people. This shows how low your intelligense is…

    Muslim countries are the only countries where you see this kind of violence, don’t try to tell me that this has nothing to do with the religion, because it HAS! maybe YOU have brain enough to think with a modern mind when reading the thousands of years old koran, but some obviously don’t.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a racist, I have LOTS of muslim friends that I love, but I’m SICK and TIRED of this muslim violence going on each and everyday both in my country and others. How can the “normal muslims” not stand up and speak their minds instead of letting other muslims disgrace their religion? you damn sure know why, because if you as a good muslim speak your mind, your life will be in danger, and this again shows the unintelligense of some muslims.

    In my country you can easily get threatened/disrespected by muslim men/women (mostly men oc), these people have NO thankfulness, even though they might not be in this world if my country did not take them in. What happends here you would not see europeans do in muslim countries.

    Denmark continues to take in people from muslim countries who’s in danger, because Denmark is a warm hearted country.

    Some still live in year 1500, you really need to move on.
    It’s time to make some changes so you can keep on being known as a religion of peace.


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