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Lean and Mean

Teri Hatcher, Mischa Barton, and Nicole Richie at the "Save Atkins from Bankruptcy" gala in Beverly Hills.

(via digital kitten)


  1. Nicole

    Oh my god Nicole Richie looks like she is starving to death from anorexia. Man that is just disturbing.

  2. Slit

    More like the ‘Promote Breathatarianism’ Gala.

  3. estee


    that is all.

  4. leesepea

    Somebody hand them a bread roll, STAT!

  5. kate

    Damn. Nicole’s arm is freaking me out. All three of these women look emaciated.

  6. Anne

    And suddenly girls everywhere feel good about themselves. Hopefully.

  7. Tatyana

    Neil, you’re the master flatterer.

    Saturday award for best use of “visuals make text unnecessary” maxim – yours.

  8. mrsmogul

    Nicole is like the skinniest one there! I liked her when she had her chubby face!

  9. Jason W.

    Mischa is still pretty young, and Nicole’s wasting away is well documented, but geez, I thought Teri Hatcher had a more normal womanly body. What happened?

  10. Bill

    I once dreamed I was having sex with all three of these women. I woke up in the closet trying to have my way with a collection of hangers. I nearly put out an eye!

  11. Edgy Mama

    Uh, Dr. Atkins is dead. Should be “Save Atkins’ heirs from bankruptcy.”

  12. Rachel

    Oy. I can’t even look at the other two, so horrified am I by Nicole. That arm, that caved-in chest. Really awful.

  13. jenny

    I am sick to my stomach! What happened to having curves?! All this talk about “real bodies” coming back to the runway is crap! The media just perpetuates the weight issue, when will it end?

  14. a.m. griff

    I thought Nicole was way sexier when she had an actual body, you know, a natural looking one. This is sorta disturbing. Do men, and women, actually think this looks good?

    If the smile on that guy in the back is any indication then maybe the answer is yes.

  15. Tatyana

    Realised what that reminded me of…sorry for blasphemy.

    Couldn’t quickly find better photos, but you got my drift.

  16. introspectre

    There’s thin, and there’s healthy. Yeesh.

  17. Neil

    After seeing this post, Sophia called me over to watch last night’s Nightline, which had a story about the difficulty of women over size 12 to find clothing (or size 8 in Los Angeles). One of the most interesting tidbits was that the Gap doesn’t have plus-size items in their stores. OK, it’s a free country. They don’t have to. But what’s this?… they do have plus-size items online. So, why don’t they just sell these clothes in their stores, especially since they already have the product? I think the answer is obvious — they don’t want fat people in their store ruining their sexy image. Reminds me a little of keeping the blacks in the back of the bus, doesn’t it?

  18. amanda

    Nicole Ritchie is a horror show.

  19. The Moviequill

    no wonder salads in Beverly Hills are $45, the poor waiters got to make tips on something…

  20. modigli

    Mischa looks least frightful of all those ladies. But, just a question – Would we all be thinking Nicole looked so “horrifying” if she’d ALWAYS been so thin?

    Terri has never been an overly curvy, heavier woman (has she?) the way, I s’pose, Nicole used to be. And no one really has been targeting her on these comments. Yet, she looks equally skeletor-ific.

    I’m just saying — maybe we are all entangled in this when we judge the “former chubs” so harshly.

    And before you all attack me – yes, I think they all need to go eat a pork chop or two!

  21. Leesa

    I don’t think any of them look good. Are guys really attracted to skeletons with skin??

  22. ms. sizzle

    neil, what you said is right on about the gap. those fashionistas are fascists! i wonder if the gap ever stops to think there is a reason all the XLs are sold out while the size 0s are on the sale rack? hmmmm. that’s it, i am starting a revolution!

  23. yaya

    i think they all look fucking hot and your all just jealous..cmon like anyone would care if they were fat its an obsession bc we all think they are hot and you all are fucking afraid to admit it

  24. peaches

    i think they look great. too many fat people destroy our image of real beauty because were all desperatly trying to justify to our selfs thats its NOT good becuase secretly we want to be that thin….meh. thats what i think anyway

  25. yvne

    They are beautiful.

    I agree with Neil. Angelina, Eva Longoria, and Kate Hudson look just as skinny and yet the public adore them. It’s the celebs who used to be chubby then lose weight that get critisized.

    I’m not trying to be Dr. Phil or anything but I think it has to do with people’s insecurity about themselves. If a celebrity has always been skinny then it’s okay because “that’s just the way they are, I can never compare myself to him/her because I just don’t have those genes”

    But, if a slightly more curvy celeb loses the weight then it proves people’s much coveted theory that “they just don’t have the genes” to be false. (Of course with exception) Most people can in fact do something about their weight but are not motivated/strong willed enought to do it.

    Therefore, they project their anger on the celebrities who lost the weight.

    Otherwise why do people get so worked up when others lose weight? Why would they care so much and let it get to them?

    That’s just human nature.

    My 2 Cents

  26. Jeanna

    When your body is so skinny that you look like a bobble head doll, there is a problem.

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