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And the Winner is… Boules!

Thanks for all your suggestions for a sport for me.  Although I never heard of boules (or petanque) until today, I think it’s clear which sport is best suited to my personality.  My cholesterol has gone down just thinking about my first game.   Despite our differences over Iraq, the world would be a poorer place without French women to guide me through life. 







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  1. JasonW.

    I know favor this game over Olympic beach volleyball.

  2. JJ MacMillan

    Actually, I might just join also. Outdoors and all. Fresh air and whatnot. Yeah, probably will.

  3. Anne

    Always remember one thing: your wrist is your best asset in pétanque.

  4. Claven

    !les boules!

    Sorry I’m dying laughing right now. Tony Kornheiser has been calling the Washington Bullets “Les Boullez” since at least the 80s. The connotation of this nickname was that they were an incompetant bunch of losers. How about sticking with “petanque” as the name of your new sport?

    And its not too late…

  5. modigli

    HA! … My favorite is the 1970’s cartoon girls with the “Chez Fanny” sign in the background! Hahaha!

    I guess those French are really into BUTTS!

  6. Neil

    Mo — Of course they are. Don’t you remember that #1 hit rap song in Paris — I like Le Butts Grande.

    Claven — I thought you were joking! But he’s real. Wow.

  7. jamy

    Where do you find this stuff? It’s too funny! I’m delighted to know there is a sport where my “assets” would truly be appreciated.

  8. Aurorealis

    I’m not so sure that the previous post wasn’t merely leading up to this one. Did you stumble upon these photos before that post? I’m on to you, man. 😉

  9. modigli

    AHAHAH!!! …. How could I forget THAT song!???

  10. The Moviequill

    so if you win the lovely ladies will squeeze your boules…

  11. Amazing Anonymous

    too..much..temptation to pun..must fight..

  12. meme

    and What if I became a boules master??? Imagine that!

  13. Lauren

    Ok seriously, we could start our own cyber group of petanque players. August 27th, come to Nottingham for the petanque tournament. There’s a cute B&B next to my place for £35 a night.At the pub: BBQ, cheap beer. and I shall be hostess supreme.

  14. a.m. griff

    what a great sport, really, though it never looked so fun as it did just a moment ago. those pics make me want to go professional. can you go professional?

  15. Neil

    Lauren, I’m there if the women really come dressed like in those pictures.

  16. M.A.

    You’re brilliant, Neil. It looks like you’re going to get into a lot of trouble (the good kind) playing pentaque.

    Bon chance avec les boules et les femmes.

  17. Jason W.

    If Meme is playing it, I’ll definitely be a spectator!

  18. Melanie


  19. nanette


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