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The Master Plan


Sophia walks for her exercise.  Two weeks ago, Sophia  invited me to go walking with her.  What I didn’t know was that we were going to be walking for two and a half hours, all the way from Redondo Beach to LAX. 

After our journey through the South Bay, I was exhausted.   As a favor to me, Sophia said we should sit down and have some ice cream.

"What now?"  I asked, after finishing my pistachio ice cream cone.

"We walk home."

"No way!"

We ended up taking a taxi home.  It cost me thirty dollars.

On Sunday, Sophia invited me to go walking again.

"No way!" I said for the second time in two weeks.

"You’re sitting too much on your butt blogging.  It’s time for you to get out." 

I knew she was right. 

"OK, I have a plan." I said.   "We’ll drive both our cars to LAX.  We’ll leave my car there, and you’ll drive us back in your car.   We’ll take our long walk from Redondo Beach to LAX.   We’ll relax and have some ice cream, and then my car will be right there at LAX to take us back home again!"

"An excellent plan.  Let’s do it."

I drove over to Sophia’s place.  We took our two and a half hour walk to LAX.   I was exhausted, as usual.  We had our ice cream.    After our break, we walked to my car.  I bragged about my cleverness.

"Now all we have to do is drive back home.  I don’t know where you’re ever going to find another husband who’s as smart as I am."

Then I realized something.  We still a little problem.  I had left my keys back in the glove compartment of Sophia’s car.


  1. Hilary

    See, that’s why you need one of these cool thingies I bought, so you can put your keys on your shoe!

  2. Leese


  3. amber

    *Chuckles* Where indeed? Did you not have pockets? Really the walks will do you a world of good. I only walk about an hour a day (to work and back) but on my days off I do more and I love the free and cheap aspects of the exercise 🙂

  4. Neil

    Hilary, I’m not exactly sure where this goes on your sneaker, but I think I’ll order one for six bucks!

  5. Hilary

    You weave it through the laces, so it’s only good if your gym shoes have laces. I got mine at Sport Chalet, so try there before you order it online.

  6. lizriz

    That’s awesome. 🙂

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