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Kabbalah 101, sort of

I don’t trust anything I can’t understand.   Today, I did some searching for some information on Kabbalah because I’m still curious on why it’s so attractive to so many big-name celebrities here in Los Angeles.  I found a website in Israel that supposedly helps explain Kabbalah.

In one post, the writer of the website gives advice to singer/producer/activist  Bob Geldof.   In case you haven’t heard, Bob Geldof has arranged for huge concerts across the world next month as a repeat of 1985’s Live Aid concert.  These concerts will highlight the ongoing problem of global poverty and debt.

What message from the Kabbalah does this website’s writer have for Bob Geldof and the celebrity participants ?

Whatever the results are, the final result must come from a feeling of justice and equality in each and every person.  In a situation of equality and fair distribution someone can earn ten times more than someone else, but the distribution of such a salary will be received by the public as fair and equal, and no one will contest this. The feeling of justice and equality in the final situation is the solution for the human race, there is no situation better. The big answer, that will revigorate the nation and bring salvation to it and the world, will be an answer that comes from the feeling of holiness that will pervade, any other situation brings war, killing and destruction, and all the evil in the world. As long as humanity does not provide a solution for equal distribution it will go through many sufferings. And in the end it is the sufferings that will bring it to agree that it is better to reach equality and justice rather than die. When humanity agrees to equality and justice as the ultimate solution another question will arise, namely what is the best way to implement these values?

Ba’al HaSulam (the author of the commentary of the Zohar) directs his words over and over again to the same explanation, that even if a person determines out of his own good will to be in justice and equality, his desire to receive will not allow him to actually implement them. In order to establish a system of equality with just distribution a person must correct his will to receive. He must first correct his desire. Correcting the desire will allow man to live in justice and equality. The correction is only possible to attain by the light that restores man to his ideal state. The correction is only possible if the justice and equality come from an equality of form with the Creator. In these conditions man attains the world beyond, and justice, equality, security and success in this world.

Can someone translate this for me into regular English?   Is the author saying we need equal distribution or not? 

Is it possible that the following sentence helps explain why so many wealthy, over-paid celebrities respond to the message of the Kabbalah?

In a situation of equality and fair distribution someone can earn ten times more than someone else, but the distribution of such a salary will be received by the public as fair and equal, and no one will contest this.

I think many of our county’s CEOs would enjoy the Kabbalah, too.


  1. Josia

    Sorry I missed this – I would have been happy to respond – there are 2 kinds of kabbalah – the $$$$$ kind that everyone’s heard about – and the real kind that really doesn’t cost a dime and will hopefully become exposed to the world in the coming years.

    Yes – we need equal distribution but we will probably have to go through a lot more suffering until we realize that.

    People who study authentic kabbalah are completely aware that material objects tie us down and limit our advancement to where we are ultimately all heading.

  2. Neil

    Thanks for the comments, Josia. I’m all for learning about new things, so if I can find a book that clearly explains the basic tenets of Kabbalah without the gobblygook – written by someone reputable – I’d love to read about it. By the way, does a big screen TV qualify as a “material object?”

  3. Josia

    “By the way, does a big screen TV qualify as a “material object?” ”
    Totally! But if you start using it to watch broadcasts of the morning lessons from it’s ok 🙂

    All our books are available for free in e-book format directly from the homepage of – there is no need to submit any personal details – just click on the links to open the PDF’s. Michael Laitman’s books are also available on Amazon.

    You can also get all the basics on the site – but if you want to hear something really neat I recommend the audio version of Attaining The Worlds Beyond –

    There’s also a really active forum on the site – click on Community at the top of the page and then Kabbalah Community Room


  4. Neil

    Toda rabah, Josia. (thank you very much in Hebrew) I like your sense of humor.

  5. Josia

    Ya and you owe me BIG time because I plugged you in my Blogcritics post today

    I actually got the idea for the post from … your homepage!

    Later (English for Lehitraot)

  6. Neil

    What can I say, Josia? It was very nice of you to mention me as your foil. I’ll follow those links to learn more. There’s nothing good on TV so far this summer anyway, so I might as well get some spirituality into my life (or at least read about it).

    And Mazel tov on your new baby girl! I hope you don’t miss Montreal (one of my fav cities) too much living in Israel.

  7. Josia

    Miss Montreal? I am five blocks away from where our men meet every morning at 3:00am for the morning lesson – I used to shop in Manhattan, and ski in Colorado, but nowadays I have no desire to ever leave Israel again.

    My baby girl is a bundle of JOY – thanks.

    I’m really happy for you that you’re going to check out the links.

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