(Spamalot, this season’s
most popular musical)

When I was a kid growing up in Flushing, my grandfather, who lived a few blocks away, retired and set out to accomplish his dream of seeing every single musical that opened up on Broadway.  One little catch, he was very frugal.    He was also a bit of a goniff.  He came up with a plan where he would wait outside the theater until intermission, then sneak inside when no one was looking at the tickets anymore.

The next day, he would come over and tell me all about the show.  Of course, he had only seen the second act.  So, I’m very knowledgeable about Broadway musicals from the last thirty-odd years — but only the second half.

That said, Sunday night is the Tony awards.  As Lawren writes:

You have no idea how pumped I get for the Tony Awards. Seriously folks, watch them. If you aren’t that interested in theater or musicals, watch anyway–you get the absolute best of every show–without having to sit through them. It’s a star-studded affair–you won’t be disappointed.

Keeping up with my family tradition, I will then be able to talk about one song of each musical.