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Britney Spears at Kabbalah Center

The paparazzi were out in force as Britney Spears went to the Kabbalah Center on Robertson.  I’m much more interested in whatever is in the bag.   I didn’t know they have a bookstore.   Do they have Judaica?  Do they serve coffee and muffins in the bookstore (kosher, of course) or just Kabbalah water? 

Have any of my LA readers ever been to the Kabbalah Center?




  1. Jack

    They have a bunch of different things for sell at the center. They give Jews a bad name. I am not a fan of theirs at all.

    The Kabbalah center is just not cool.

  2. Marshall Cookus

    I am crazy about Britney, I really love her.

  3. Ashly Melberg

    I mean i really like Britney Spears i’m one of her fan….

  4. Stefania Rymut

    ha ha. Britney has just brought out another perfume. Surely she can’t wear all of them.

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