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Not On Target


Having written about television commercials yesterday, I should admit that I like commercials.  My favorites are those produced for Target.  Created by the advertising agency Peterson Milla Hooks/Minneapolis ( I googled it), they’re hip, colorful, and fun.  They win all sorts of awards.

Yesterday, I went to Target to buy a wok.  The store wasn’t very exciting.  The lines was long.  The experience was only a notch better than going to Kmart.   Can a commercial be too clever for its own good?  I know dancing girls don’t show up when I drink a can of Coke, but I felt I was burned.  I was sold a Target experience, but it wasn’t there.  As much as I don’t like Starbucks, they do a good job at providing a "Starbucks" experience.   This should be something advertisers think about — when there is a big disconnect between hype and reality. 

Maybe I should look forward to the time when advertisers will be totally ignoring me.  By 50, you should be smart enough not to buy into the hype of advertisers. You should be wise enough to realize that life is too short to watch another Snuggles commercial.  Read a book, have sex, watch "American Idol" and skip the commercials with the Tivo.

Next time, I’ll go to Costco.  Even though Costco doesn’t have any trendy ads, at least they give out free samples of chili. 


  1. Richard

    Neil, if Target offered you the option of being serenaded by Jerry Lewis, personally informing you that “You’ll Never Wok Alone,” Target would have to PAY JERRY’S EXORBTANT SALARY, and the cost of your made-by-slave-labor-in-China wok might go up by a factor of $10,000 or so. People go to Wal-Mart and Target and Costco because they want one-stop shopping, big selection and low prices, not because they want bells and whistles.

  2. Neil

    Didn’t you see the photo that went with the post? Where was the girl in the bikini taking the shower? Where were the little K’s coming out of the shower? From the ad, I expected a little excitement with my wok.

    Note to self: Do not try to make any more French toast in a wok.

  3. Marie Soloman

    As funny as some Geico commercials are, I had to switch. They just aren’t the cheapest ever even though they claim they can save you money.

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