Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds

In print and in movies, I frequently encounter the cliche about the nerdy kid, beaten up in elementary school, who grows up to become a phenomenally-successful entrepreneur.  Of course, he’s not really happy because he’s a jerk now, still having the insatiable need to humiliate his former bullies.

To put this myth to rest, I have my friend H here, who is visiting from New York. We went to school together. H was beaten up all the time by bullies.

Me: H, are you very successful now?

H:   No.

Me:   If you could, would you seek revenge on these bullies?

H:  Maybe.  (SIGHING)  But what can you do?

Me:  Have you ever encountered any of these bullies since elementary school?

H:  No…well, actually, indirectly I do know something about one of them.  He went to Queens College, became a teacher, and now he teaches my cousin’s son’s second grade class in Tucson.   How ironic is that?

M:  How does that make you feel?

H:  Good.  At least I know that asshole makes less money than I do.

M:  Here’s what teachers make in Tucson.

H:  (strong curse)

Another myth busted.   Not all nerdy kids beaten up in elementary school grow up to become successful entrepreneurs.