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A Study Says…

Don’t be fat because you will be seen as a lazy, low-performer in the office.

I’m not going to spend too much time analyzing this article for you. I read it three times, trying to understand why the logic of the piece made no sense to me. I would have more easily accepted the thesis if Penelope Trunk simply said that the skinny people of the world hate fat people, so we naturally discriminate against them in the workplace.  Instead, the author brings up SCIENCE, much like James Watson’s iffy “proof” that blacks aren’t as smart as whites.

From Penelope Trunk’s “The Brazen Careerist” at Yahoo! Finance

Before you get up in arms over how unfair it is to discriminate against people who are overweight, consider that there may be some rationale behind it. If you’re overweight, you’re probably not exercising every day. But regular exercise increases peoples’ ability to cope with difficult situations in the workplace and, according to University of Illinois kinesiology professor Charles Hillman, might even make people smarter.

And the same self-discipline we use to make ourselves exercise regularly and eat in moderation carries over into other aspects of our lives. This is probably why, in a study from Leeds Metropolitan University, people who exercise regularly were found to be better at time-management and more productive than those who don’t.

Exercise makes a worker more productive, and fat people don’t exercise, so they are “perceived” as lazy workers. But wait a minute — aren’t there fat people who are exercising? Aren’t there people who aren’t fat, like me, who are lazy as shit and rarely go the gym? The conclusion I got from this article isn’t that fat people are lazy, but that employers should require you to take gym classes as part of the job. Or that they should just hire Olympic gymnasts.

This article represents the worst type of career advice — give in to the irrational stereotypes of today, so you can “get ahead” to the detriment of the next guy who can’t get the fat off. There’s the winners (the skinny) and the losers (the fat). Don’t be “perceived” as the loser! And there is “science” now to explain away the status quo!

Remember when everyone thought that women were created to have babies and make dinner?

I’d like to see this author write a piece telling ambitious blacks to try to pass as “white” so they aren’t perceived as being “less smart.” After all, there is a study that backs this up. Who knows — it might help their career?!

I know I’m still thinking of becoming Christian to perfect myself (see previous post).

My Apologies, Steven Spielberg


I just read this post written by Jack at Jack’s Shack about how a growing number of employees are being fired from their jobs because of statements or opinions made about their workplaces.  It made me realize that I really haven’t been very smart since starting this blog.  Not only do I include my real name up on top, but now my mother is writing comments using her real name.  In the past couple of months, I’ve made fun of, andor insulted companies, babies, Mormons, bagel shops, and the city of New York.

In my last post, I even mocked the upcoming Indiana Jones film, which may hurt the feelings of Mr. Steven Spielberg himself — which is a real no-no here in Los Angeles.  That’s a shame because, one day, I’d like to work with the talented Mr. Spielberg, one of my idols.  I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances. 

Mr. Spielberg, the joke was in good humor.  I know Indiana Jones 4 will be a big success.  It wasn’t like I was making fun of "1941," probably your worst movie.  (Damn it!  Can’t I just shut up?!)

In his post, Jack gives this good advice to his fellow bloggers who may be worried about the effects of their blogs.

It is possible to blog from other places and to speak about the office, but you have to be careful with the details and specific information in your posts. Nothing profound there,  just common sense.

Smart.  Be careful with the details.  Be vague. 

I would now like to officially re-write my last post:

At a big gala for a sci-fi crazed movie producer with a beard,  our sources had a "close encounter" with another famous director/bearded guy, who said that the script for "Archaeologist Professor with the Hat 4"  is almost done.  A "witness" to the conversation said that the film’s leading man may have already chosen the woman who will be his love interest. So, who is it?   Details won’t be released for another "six days and seven nights," but we know right now.  So, what’s "the skinny?"   Well, after a few years of raising her adopted Chinese baby, Dan-Sing, she’s decided it’s time to return to Hollywood.  But don’t worry, mothers, she’s still very much in love with that "Dan-Sing baby." 

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