Normal guy who is A-OK

I need to take a deep breathe and make sure this blog does not fly off the tracks.   I’ve only been away from Sophia for two days.  We haven’t spoken yet, but I’m sure we will at some point this week.  I am not losing it.  I AM living with my mother, but it isn’t a Bates Motel type of thing where I “think” I am living with my mother.  In fact, here’s my mother to tell you herself —

Neil’s Mother:  Yes, I am Neil’s mother.  Despite what you may think, my son is a completely normal and well-adjusted man.   Don’t judge him by his irrational blog.  Even his penis jokes are mostly done in good humor.  But since we are on that subject, let me tell you, if it is anything like what his father had, any woman will be very lucky….

Neil:  Uh, thank you, Mom.

Neil’s Mother:  And I bet you he kisses well too!

Neil:  Enough, Mom.

I just want to reiterate.   I am a completely normal, stable, and confident person.  I do not intend to spill out my guts to you every night on my blog.   Life is going on.  I am writing this wonderful screenplay.  The sun is shining.   Everything is A-OK.

Have a nice day.