Thank you for telling me your bra size.   38D.  You know who you are.

It was kind of you, especially since I didn’t complete my task of writing every single day for the month of September.

Knowing that you are a 38D doesn’t tell me much about you. I can only try to piece together a picture of you based on some of the knowledge I have of other 38Ds.




I imagine you to be a complicated woman, as complex as the controls of the 1940 P  38D Lockheed Aircraft.


You are a loyal friend, as dependable as each copy created by the the Komori System 38D Web Offset Press.


Your body makes men yearn to be close to you, to explore every inch of you, as they could with the 38D Ecolux LED Pocket Illuminated Magnifier.


Your voice is an erotic sigh in our ears, and men are eager to press their ear against your lips, much like ham radio enthusiasts once cherished listening to their Hallicrafter S 38D amateur radio receiver.


You passion drives men crazy, and when we are near you, we are constantly ready for battle, at full attention, like the fierce German Leichter Einheits Waffenträger 38D during World War 2.


You have boundless energy.  Together, we will drive all night, like the Diamond T Reo Model 931CN 38D.