"You were amazing last night," she said, stretching in my bed.

"I was?"

"I love it when a man is so masterful.  When he takes charge.   Why don’t you do that more often?"

"You liked it?"

"I loved it.  I want you to do it again tonight."

"I really wanted to please you so much.  So, I took those chances."

"The way you took your time… everything so slow… and then you went "all in.""

"It’s how you win in a Texas Hold ’em game.  I took a hundred bucks from all those women.  Woo-hoo!  The second time in two weeks.  Maybe I’ll win tonight, too." 

"I was so impressed.  But you’re giving me back my twenty dollars, right?  Right?"

"Sure," he said, bluffing.