Three of my new online friends all have birthdays this weekend — Hilary, M.A., and Tatyana.  Is that just a weird coincidence?   I think not.  July babies are very popular.

I just did the reverse 9-month arithmetic in my head — July back to October — back to the moment when each set of parents finished their bottle of wine and headed upstairs earlier than usual.   There must be something in the brisk Fall air that spells romance and the urge for mating.  I’m always looking for an advantage in the dating game.  Is it possible that the leaves changing color make women horny?

Let me mark this on my calendar: 

I will most likely find a woman who wants to take me back to her apartment and repeatedly have her way with me — sometime between Yom Kippur and Halloween.  

Let’s hurry up and finish summer already and move into October!

Happy b-day — all three of you!