Dear Meg, Allison, and Bill Jr.,

Wasn’t that an amazing day?  I can’t stop thinking about it.  There were millions of people lined up Fifth Avenue, cheering so loud that it was deafening, like a rock concert.  And then the ticker-tape fell from the sky, like multi-colored snowflakes, littering the city streets. 

And it was all for ME!

You were all so proud.  I saw in your eyes.  Me — Bill Addison, your husband, your father — the first man about to make a solo trip to Jupiter!

I remember that day so vividly.  Don’t you?  I can’t believe that it was thirty eight years ago. 

Anway, not much new here.  The trip to Jupiter is still in progress.  It gets lonely at times, but then again, it’s only another twenty-seven years before I reach Jupiter, and then — who knows what I’ll find?!  Woo-hoo, party!!

I know these emails don’t reach you, but know I’m thinking of you!  I hope you’re all enjoying life.  Is Gramps still around?  I’m always looking at the family photo — the one we took at the Ticker-Tape Parade.  Whenever I sit down with one of my NASA food packets, I imagine you guys here with me, chowing down. 

I’ll never forget that Parade.


Bill (Dad)