(photo via Meggiecat)

Here’s a great story about finding love:

Meet Paul Henry, a retired professor from Redding, California and Jen-Chi Anderson, a retired nutritionist from Carmel, California.  Both were nearing their eighties.  Both survived their spouses.  Both wanted to find romance and share their experiences with someone else.

They wanted to look for love, but didn’t know the right places. At their ages, the local dating pools had all but dried up. They were too old to go clubbing but too young to hit the convalescent scene. So they followed the leads of millions of souls, and cast their nets worldwide, on the Web. And soon the sweet tones of a modem heralded the beginning of their octogenarian affair.

They met face-to-face three months later and were living together within a year

"When you get up near 80," Henry said, "you don’t mess around."

According to the Pew Internet and American Life project, 27% of all American seniors are online, and the numbers are growing quickly.  

Note to senior men:  Coming up with a good profile is not easy.  Do not use that 1943 picture of yourself on the USS Washington for your current photo.  Women always know. 

Check out Paul Henry’s story at his website.

(story via Meggiecat, Paul Henry’s daughter)