Let’s see, Sophia’s step-father is in the hospital, I am struggling with my marriage, and I have work stress.  What can I do for a little relaxation?  How about I write a blog post where I present myself as a horrible person?!

Why did I write the last post?   Here’s the truth.   I’ve been sleeping in the same bed as Sophia, and we sometimes end up doing something called “the tushy-push,” where we end up sleeping back to back, our behinds touching each other.    Two nights ago, I thought about how much I missed sleeping with someone in bed — the human contact.    I thought about some past relationships, and the rollercoaster ride that we all go on, and about how much marriage has taught me about women.   I woke up and wrote the last post.    It’s a personal blog and this is a personal story.

I was a little uncomfortable writing this, but I figured most of you know me long enough now that I can create a fuller character.   You may be surprised to hear this, but I didn’t expect such an intense reaction.    I wasn’t going for controversy.   Who would want that attention?   If anything, I was stupid not to think about all the hurt that so many of you walk around with every day.  This event in high school always bothered me because I was so disrespectful, but we both moved on, and I learned to better relate to women in college.   This was a specific incident with a specific person, not something I did repeatedly.    Perhaps I over-dramatized the aftermath.  I don’t go around thinking about it all the time.   I’ve told other people this story, and it didn’t come off as dramatic, so maybe there is something to the WRITING of it that makes it so powerful.   Or maybe it was ME writing it, and it came off as unexpected.

I’m not sure you can make any generalizations from the story, as if I was an asshole in high school and a great guy now.   I’m the same as I was before, just more mature.  I really hope that I’m not judged on one post, or any post, which would only make me more timid about opening up and telling you true stories.   I can just as easily write funny stuff every day, but I figured I would take a chance on being real.