Gay author Bennett Madison is furious at his publisher, Penguin Books, because they have published the controversial and best-selling "The Truth about Hillary." He’s practically asking for a boycott of his own publisher.  (via Lusty Lady)

The fact that Penguin has chosen to publish THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY makes me very uneasy about being a Penguin author for several reasons. First of all, the fact that Penguin is (in theory at least) making money off of my work, and is now choosing to turn around and use the fruits of my faggoty labor to exacerbate the frightening homophobic tenor of today’s political discourse is, naturally, sickening. Furthermore, unlike Kitty Kelley’s brilliantly reported Bush biography, Walter Scott/Ed Klein’s book is full of lazy errors and straight-up falsehoods. It is damaging to the reputation of all Penguin authors to be part of the same shameful, disreputable group as someone who is clearly a hack, a liar and a poopslice. Finally, if there is a boycott of Penguin books, as has been suggested by some, my sales will be hurt. WAH! As well they should be. The fact is, I feel conflicted about asking people to buy my book when by doing so, I am asking people to support the current national pastime of using gay people as a punching bag.

The Truth About Hilary sounds like a lousy book, but a boycott?    Is the book really "using gay people as a punching bag?"  I’m sorry, but all the gays here in West Hollywood go to the gym so often that could easily beat the crap out of me.

Penguin also publishes the Mad Libs series, which has caused countless children to use obscenities in new and interesting ways.  Where’s the outrage there, Mr. Madison?