Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson in pajamas

All my life I’ve felt the peer pressure, the intense desire to dress like the “others.”   When schoolmates laughed at me for wearing Keds, I bought Adidas.    When I became a teenager, out went the Wrangler’s, on came the Levi’s.   My mother told me to put on a jacket and tie when had I had my first job interview with Manny, her accountant.   Ten years later, I was told by a Hollywood agent to trash the brand-new jacket and tie I was wearing because I looked too much like an accountant.

Yesterday, I came across an article in Blogcritics.org titled, “What Kind of Pajamas Do You Blog In?

Bloggers are always getting accused of sitting around the house in their pajamas spouting off opinions. I suppose this is because you can’t take the opinions of someone wearing pajamas too seriously. What these folks don’t realize is the glorious history of the pajama and the qualities which make it the ideal form of clothing for deep and penetrating thought.

Today, of course, I went to Marshall’s and bought myself like pajamas.

I actually haven’t worn pajamas since moving to Los Angeles.  They seemed so East Coast.   But I guess I have to follow the crowd…