My blog friend, Communicatrix, is very concerned about the issue of Net Neutrality.

“You should write something about it,” she emailed me.

I have noticed that it seems to be an important issue among bloggers. Patry Francis just wrote about it, mentioning a recent PBS special with Bill Moyers about the issue.

Last night, I decided to read up on the issue, since I honestly knew very little about what it was all about.

From what I gather, internet providers want to make more money from consumers by creating a tier system on the internet similar to the one they already have with cable TV. You would pay one fee for basic service, but extra for easier access to the higher-bandwidth of more popular sites, much like you pay extra for HBO and Showtime.

Advocates of Net Neutrality oppose any changes because it would undermine the free flow of ideas. For example, what if only those who could afford a “special package” could search on Google? A three tier-system might look something like this:

Gold Service
can search on Google

Silver Service
can only search on MSN

Basic service
stuck searching on Barry’s Search Engine

No, I may lose Communicatrix as a reader, but I say “Net Neutrality, Phooey!”

So, poor people can’t search Google? So what! They can’t afford to eat in Ruth Chris Steak House either and I don’t see you complaining.

Yeah, I know:

“Neilochka, Neilochka. What has happened to you? Are you really so heartless? What about the educational value of the internet?”

I’m not being heartless. I’m being smart. Think about it. A three-tier system is perfect for personal bloggers like us. Just imagine this:

Gold Service
can read Dooce

Silver Service
can only read Blogography

Basic service
stuck reading “Citizen of the Month” and most of us

You understand now? A tier system will increase our readership ten fold! Think of all the poor people and the cash-strapped families who won’t be able to afford to read Dooce anymore, and can only read YOU!

Be selfish! Fight Net Neutrality!

(ok, you’re right Deezee — it is a serious issue. I am definitely for net neutrality. Imagine what would happen if our children got a better education based on how much money their parents could afford?! Oops.)

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This is from Bill Moyer’s special:

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