I spent this morning reading some new blogs and I noticed that many people were "passing a musical baton" to each other, asking for five songs that "meant a lot to them."  Maybe I’m just bitter because no one asked me, but I have an observation —

Why do the five chosen songs always seem to be obscure alt-rock songs most people have never heard of before?    Are these the songs that really mean the most to you or are you being as snobbish in your taste as any stuffy classical music fan that doesn’t listen to anything written after 1800?

OK, I understand that Dispatch or Modest Mouse inspired you in college, but surely you remember the pop song that was playing at the beach when you had your first kiss?  Some corny "slow dance" song from the prom?  Do I dare bring up his name — a Michael Jackson song?

I hate to admit this, but I even have a special place for the "Macarena."