Last week, Nanette at Say it, Don’t Spray it wrote about the weekly showing of old movies at, of all places, a Hollywood cemetery.  That just sounded so weird that I had to go tonight (with Sophia, the wife I’m separated from for a year and a half, but that’s a story for another day)  to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s "North by Northwest."

First, we made the stop at Trader Joe’s and bought enough food to feed a family of eight (that is if they mostly ate California rolls, dolmas, hummus, and strawberry danishes).  Traffic was a mess (Hollywood Forever cemetery is at Gower and Santa Monica Blvd.), so we ended up parking on a side street.

Nanette mentioned that her fiance, Brent, might kill her for telling too many people about this event on her site.  Now I understand why.  It was crowded!

Even though it got a little cold and we spilled our wine, it was a lot of fun and everyone next to us was very friendly.  Part of me thinks it is a little disrespectful to show movies at a cemetery, but hey, it’s LA, and supposedly a good part of the money goes to renovating some of the artwork at Hollywood Forever cemetery.

Information about upcoming movies can be found here.

(the crowd gathers)


(Cary Grant)