Dear Mom,

I know you read my blog every morning and I just realized that tomorrow, when you sit at your desk, turn on your computer, and start to read the next post — you will have no idea in hell what I’m talking about. 

YouTube?  Lonelygirl15? 

For this he went to college?

So, since you are already asleep and I will be asleep tomorrow morning, let me give you a brief explanation.

YouTube is a place where people put all sorts of crazy videos online, sort of like a homespun America’s Funniest Home Videos.   Like many things online, the age of most of the participants is 16. 

Now I had never even heard of Lonelygirl15 until this morning.   I was going onto Technorati (a resource for bloggers) to see if people were still searching for Suri Cruise as a subject of interest.  I wanted to know if my last “panda” post was old news already, so I could beat myself up for not publishing it LAST week when Suri Cruise was hot. 

Blogging is all in the timing.

While I was on Technorati, I saw that 9-11 was the #1 search of the day.  That made sense. 

But #2 was Lonelygirl15. 

“Lonelygirl15?  What the hell is that?  Some new girl band?”  I asked myself.

I’m sure you are as befuddled as I was.

Here’s an article explaining the phenomenon. 


Kids today!  They’re nuts…

Anyway, with Suri getting old, I immediately needed some “hot” topic to bring in the important “young” demographic to my blog.   I figured that by writing a “sexy” post about Lonelygirl15, I would show the kids that I’m “hip” to what they are doing.   After all, if I want advertising dollars, I’m not going to get it with the bunch of old fogies who usually read this site –  some of them are older than 25!

Anyway, Mom, now that you understand the background to the story, enjoy the next post!  We’ll speak later…