(photo via A Socialite’s Life)

This weekend is the annual West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, which is always a lot of fun.  And this year’s Grand Marshals are —  Paris Hilton and her mother, Kathy?  

Huh?  West Hollywood gays, are you out of your homosexual minds?

You mean there was no one available who actually did anything for the gay and lesbian community?  An advocate for gay marriage?  A doctor looking for the cure for AIDS?   Portia de Rossi

The official response:

“They are a very public mother and daughter team, and they know what it is like to be different — or what it is like when people don’t understand who they are,” said Rodney Scott, board president of the Christopher Street West, parade and festival organizer.

I see.  You mean "different" in that you both have more disposable income than the rest of us to buy expensive clothes, liquor, automobiles, and gay cruises (as seen in the official Gay Pride Parade advertising-packed glossy magazine I picked up at The Flower Tree on Santa Monica Blvd. while drinking a carrot juice)?