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Jessica Alba Sex Video Revealed!


(Dave Matthews’ "Crash" plays in the background)

Jessica:  Take me, Bead Necklace…

Bead Necklace:  I love when you touch me… there.


Jessica:  You certainly are BIG… Bead Necklace.

Bead Necklace:  I’m sorry my loft is such a mess.

Jessica:  Your place could use a makeover, Bead Necklace.  Like actually putting your door on its hinges.  But you are so hot.


Jessica:  I love the way you caress me, Bead Necklace…
Bead Necklace:  Shhh… don’t talk…


Jessica:  That was amazing, Bead Necklace.   You really know how to satisfy a woman.

Bead Necklace:  You mind if I go outside for a smoke?

Jessica:  You’re not going to keep that videotape of our lovemaking, are you, Bead Necklace?

Bead Necklace: (LAUGHING)  Of course not.  

(via Jessica Alba in Entertainment  Weekly)

Screaming for Ice Cream



You know you’re getting older when you see these photos of the latest hot it-girl, Jessica Alba, and all you can think about is how much better gelato is than regular ice cream.  I was hoping "Gelatissimo" was in Los Angeles, but alas, I looked it up in Google and it’s in Sydney, Australia.  Another reason to visit Australia other than visiting the childhood home of Russell Crowe.

Yeterday I saw the Eifman Ballet ballet’s version of Anna Karenina at the Music Center and surprisingly, didn’t fall asleep.  Tonight, I’m going to the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre to see some Brazilian guitarists.   Tomorrow, I will go to Al Gelato on Robertson for their creme brulee gelato.  Take that, Sydney, Australia.

So far, the best ice cream I ever had was in Salt Lake City, where there’s nothing else to do.   Here’s’s choices for America’s Top Ten Ice Cream Parlors.  Where was your best?

I miss the Good Humor and Mr.Softy trucks of my youth.  I never hear their familiar rings in Los Angeles.  Did they ever have them in California?

Here’s a list of "the best" ice creams in Los Angeles.   Any additions?  

UPDATE July 5:  Another choice for best ice cream— Fosselman’s.

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