(Important Update: This post was written last night.  Please disregard the information in this post, as BlogLux went out of business this afternoon)

In the past, I have avoided using my personal blog as a marketing tool, using my readers as a targeted demographic.  But my opinion has completely changed after I was pitched the concept of the BlogLux Network by the founder and CEO of this amazing service, Albert M. Miffler.

The BlogLux Network has a simple philosophy:  We are living in wonderful economic times, and bloggers are one of the most influential consumer groups.  With so many wonderful luxury items out there on the market, blog readers are constantly looking to “tastemakers,” sophisticated A-listers like myself, to help them make purchases from the growing American market for high-end goods.

In today’s great economy, it was impossible to say “no” to such an amazing opportunity, especially when I can share it with YOU, my dear blogging friends!

Starting today, I will be dividing my time between my usual posts AND articles written for my new role as a BlogLux Enthusiast.  Consider me your “Shopping  Maven,”, the ultimate influencer and luxurty item trend-setter who LOVES to connect with YOU.

Why do I want to do this for YOU?  Because YOU RAWK!!!  You are all high-achievers, comfortable with your disposable income — and consumers who want the best, expect the best, and demand the best!  Remember, we’re the ones with the purchasing power.  We run the show!

Did you just get a big bonus at work?  Making a killing on tech stocks?  Selling your home for a big profit during this booming market?   Are you looking for high-end furniture for your second home?  A diamond pendant for the wife?  A gold-encrusted Bugaboo stroller for the littlest “stock broker?”

When you think LUXURY, think BlogLux and Citizen of the Month.

Each week, I was showcasing the latest and greatest exclusive luxury item, hand-picked especially by me — for YOU.

I am incredibly excited by this unique opportunity. I LOVE to shop and network with my friends about the hottest consumer products, especially during these good times!

This week’s “Citizen of the Month” Luxury Pick:

The Cartier Ballon Bleu in 18k gold, with sapphire crystals and diamonds on the bezel and dial.

Only $46,000.   Contact me NOW!   They’re going fast…