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Fifth Year Blogiversary of Citizen of the Month

Today is my birthday. It is also the fifth anniversary of my blog, as I started Citizen of the Month on March 7, 2005.

While I enjoy my writing here, my greatest achievement with this blog is — getting to know you. I am proud of the weird assortment of people that have found their way here — essayists and photographers, geeks and knitters, religious Jews and Christian daddybloggers, somber artists and humorists, college professors and the unemployed, health fanatics and the heavily medicated, serious businesswomen and women who color their pubic hair blue, the popular and the not popular.

My lack of a niche IS my niche.

My writing was a bit off this year. I’ve had better years. But then again, you didn’t pay me much.

I am hoping for great things during my sixth of blogging… and in my new year of life. Things have been a little dark lately, and I would like to see more sunshine. In fact, I just found this amazing video that is opening my mind to new and exciting ways to further my blog success. I hope you enjoy it as well —

Thanks! xoxo

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