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The Three Types of Personal Blogging Posts

I’m giving a little talk to a group in New York this afternoon on the “art of blogging” and it got me asking the question, “What is the essential core of personal blogging?”

After much pondering on the question, I whittled the entire art form — every single blog post ever written — down to three basic topics, or themes, and the typical responses to these posts from the readership-at-large.

Blog Post Theme #1 —

“This is why the OTHERS are WRONG.”   They act, speak, or think incorrectly, and I will tell you why.

Response from Readers to Blog Post Theme #1 —

“You nailed it. I’m sharing this on Facebook.”

Blog Post Theme #2 —

“This is why I am RIGHT.”  I work hard. I play hard. I am blessed with good luck.

Response from Readers to Blog Post Theme #2 —

You are AWESOME. I’m sharing this on Twitter.

Blog Post Theme #3 —

“This is my real life, unfiltered, warts and all.”

Response from Readers to Blog Post Theme #3 —

1)  “Crickets.”

2)  [HUGS]

3)  You’re one fucked up asshole.

4)  I am so proud of your strength and bravery in being so vulnerable online.  Unfortunately, I need to only surround myself with positive people, so I am unfollowing you everywhere.   Namaste.

5)  Thanks for voting for me for my 2013 BlogHer Voice of the Year blog post this year, which I will be reading in front of thousands, assuming you DID vote for me.  And even if you didn’t, it doesn’t really matter.  I can’t wait to see you and have you hear me read my post out loud! It’s so exciting, right?!  Check out my other blog posts at —

6)  Venetian blinds are an excellent addition to any abode. Your information adds much insight into my glorified research. Thank you for your good work! What is your favorite travel software to Belirus?

Screaming for Ice Cream



You know you’re getting older when you see these photos of the latest hot it-girl, Jessica Alba, and all you can think about is how much better gelato is than regular ice cream.  I was hoping "Gelatissimo" was in Los Angeles, but alas, I looked it up in Google and it’s in Sydney, Australia.  Another reason to visit Australia other than visiting the childhood home of Russell Crowe.

Yeterday I saw the Eifman Ballet ballet’s version of Anna Karenina at the Music Center and surprisingly, didn’t fall asleep.  Tonight, I’m going to the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre to see some Brazilian guitarists.   Tomorrow, I will go to Al Gelato on Robertson for their creme brulee gelato.  Take that, Sydney, Australia.

So far, the best ice cream I ever had was in Salt Lake City, where there’s nothing else to do.   Here’s’s choices for America’s Top Ten Ice Cream Parlors.  Where was your best?

I miss the Good Humor and Mr.Softy trucks of my youth.  I never hear their familiar rings in Los Angeles.  Did they ever have them in California?

Here’s a list of "the best" ice creams in Los Angeles.   Any additions?  

UPDATE July 5:  Another choice for best ice cream— Fosselman’s.

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