Have you ever noticed this Filter For Good widget in my sidebar?   I write once a week for a “green” blog, detailing my  journey as I become more environmentally aware.  There are other bloggers involved in this project, dedicated individuals who know what they are talking about when they write their weekly posts.   My role is to be the village idiot.   My posts tend to be about baby steps, and important issues such as “Recycled Toilet Paper:  Is is Soft Enough For Me Or Would I Rather Just Destroy the EcoSystem and be Happy with My Charmin?”

Today, I got an email from the find folks at Brita, who sponsor this blog, “requesting” that I take part in a meme this week.  I am supposed to list five “green” things that I have initiated this April, which is also now known as Earth Month.   Didn’t it used to just be Earth DAY?  Now it is a whole MONTH?   Why do all of our holidays get longer and longer?   Christmas also used to be one day, remember? — December 25.  Now the official shopping season starts on August 28th, when Rite-Aid starts decorating the Christmas aisle.

So, be prepared for my upcoming “green” meme, probably tomorrow.  I only mention this, because throughout the years, many of you have invited me to participate in YOUR delightful memes and, well… uh, I NEVER do them.   If I am so anti-meme, why am I choosing to do THIS meme?

Go back five paragraphs.  Notice that when I first mentioned this meme, I said  “I got an email “requesting” that I take part in a meme.”   Look at how I use “” around the word  “requesting.”   Have I told you that they PAY me to do this?  Can you see how this “request” is similar to the “favor” that Don Corleone might ask of the owner of a tiny Italian restaurant in Little Italy?

Don Corleone:  “Neiloni, my dear friend.  I have a favor to ask of you.  I realize that it is midnight and that your restaurant is closing, and that you want to go home and spend time with your family and watch American Idol, but I have a taste for some of that excellent lasagna that only you can make from scratch.  Would you do me a FAVOR and cook it for me?”

NOW do you understand why I am going to do this meme this week, when in the past, I have only spit in your face when you asked me to do your meme?

One more thing.  Remember the post I wrote a few days ago where I was all worried about the reciprocal nature of blogging. and most of you were all “stop worrying, Neil” and “we love you, Neil” and “it doesn’t matter if you ever read or comment on my blog because I will come here to read and comment on your blog no matter WHAT,  because blogging is not reciprocal and we don’t expect ANYTHING from you in return?”

I’m going to need to ask FIVE of you to do this meme.    Ha Ha  (nervous laugh)