(in order of immediate importance)

  1. Write This Script and Send to LA
  2. Exercise More
  3. Read Kate Inglis’ Book
  4. Make A Lot More Money
  5. Visit My Friends
  6. Move in, Resolve Things, or Get a Divorce From My Wife
  7. Make Better Choices
  8. Put Up The New Masthead that Schmutzie Made For Me Two Months Ago
  9. Touch a Naked Woman
  10. Buy a Rice Cooker To Make Better Rice
  11. Floss Every Night
  12. Look for a Therapist
  13. Submit a Story to a Publication
  14. Decide To Live in NY or Los Angeles
  15. Get My Own Apartment in New York or Los Angeles
  16. Get An Agent in NY
  17. See More Theater
  18. Get Netflix
  19. Learn to Make A Really Good Noodle Kugel
  20. Visit the South
  21. Blog Better
  22. Learn How to Use All the Buttons On My Camera
  23. Attend BlogHer 2010
  24. Catch Up on Mad Men
  25. Add More Apps to My Iphone

105.  Spend More Time On Twitter